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Shannon Doe
English 110
Evaluation (Final Draft)
Chi Straighteners
Which one is the “hottest?”
A few curly Q’s, a kink, and that unforgivable frizz
just will not stay matted to your head at 7:00 o’clock in the
morning. The bouncy waves seem to say “let us fly,” when all
you want is the straight, luxurious hair of the girl sitting next
to you on the bus. Luckily for many teenage girls and even
adult women, a new invention has hit the shelves of many local beauty salons. The Chi
straightener is a new quality straightener that will not only make other girls envious, but will
keep your hair feeling light, shiny, and straight all day long. The Chi has stronger heat than older
style straighteners and a new ceramic plate. Although pricey, it is well worth it when adding a
warranty to the product.
When attempting to straighten the toughest kinks, a hotter plate manages to always get
the job done. The new invention gets considerably hotter than any other straightener on the
market today. The Chi straightener can reach temperatures of up to one hundred and ninety
degrees Celsius which is equivalent to three hundred and seventy-four degrees Fahrenheit. Not
only does this product reach high temperatures, but it also stays at those temperatures for an even
heat distribution to the hair. Many people may ask themselves, is this product really safe if it can
reach heats up to three hundred and seventy-four degrees? As long as a customer follows the
instruction manual inside every box the straightener should not cause any damage. Beside this,
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many new Chi straighteners are adding another quality to the straightener. Once the straightener
reaches max temperatures, the straightener will flick off until it has cooled itself down. After
this, it will then flick back on and the customer can return to managing their hair.
The Chi straightener also reaches high heats in a little under twenty five seconds, whereas
a Revlon straightener can take up to sixty seconds to fully heat. Revlon straighteners along with
many other Wal-Mart or Target straighteners tend to lose the heat and need time to recharge.
Although many Revlon and Vidal Sassoon straighteners come with heat settings from one to
twenty-five, the heat is no where close to a Chi straightener. The straighteners that do add a
panel for settings are good for customers with a wave to their hair. They do not need to apply as
much heat in order to straighten their hair. In cases such as this, a cheaper straightener may be a
wiser purchase. Although many of the products never say the actual heat their product can reach,
after being a faithful hair straightener myself and having tested many different products, it is
quite apparent that the cheaper straighteners never reach max heats such as a Chi. For customers
with too much frizz and crazy curls, a Chi’s heat can straighten even the toughest and kinkiest
Many girls in Liedman Hall interviewed about the use of their straightener (either Revlon
or Conair) declared the product left their hair dull, frayed, and damaged. These are not common
traits females wish for when discussing their hair. That is why the Chi straightener is one of the
best straighteners to own. Not only does it have incredible heat, but also ceramic plates.
According to Folica, an online beauty store, “Ceramic plates will seal the cuticle, repel humidity,
lock in color and retard fading, and ensure heat penetration of the silk molecules to the hair.”
What this means is that the ceramic plate is healthier and less damaging to a females hair. Most
Revlon and Vidal Sassoon straighteners still use a copper coil plate, which causes the hair to
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damage more quickly and also dry out faster. The
straighteners that do advertise a ceramic plate tend
to be a cheaper version of the Chi. The ceramic is
less smooth and tends to snag and pull at the hair of
the customer. Even though at the beginning of the
day a Revlon may have your hair straight, once the
hair and outside weather make contact frizz and
curls are likely to reemerge. The strength of the
plates is not as well developed as the ceramic plates of a Chi. Along with ceramic plates, the Chi
also has a smaller plate. The plate usually ranges anywhere from one inch to an inch and a half
wide. Females with curly hair tend to need a smaller straightener to ensure the roots of the hair
are being straightened just as much as the hair’s end. The older Revlons have plate sizes of two
inches or larger. However as the demand for straighteners rises, many cheaper straighteners have
begun to size down the plates of their product. Even when the plates of the Revlon straightener
are smaller, the edges are still ninety degree angles. The Chi straightener has curved edges that
promise no snagging and also allow customers to flip out the ends or curl the ends under if that is
how they wish to style their hair. Although other companies have begun to use a ‘ceramic’ plate,
Chi still has the strongest and most reliable ceramic plate.
Even with its many outstanding performances, a Chi is still much pricier than a Revlon or
Vidal Sassoon straightener. A Chi straightener can range anywhere from one hundred to two
hundred dollars, whereas a Revlon or Vidal Sassoon straightener can be purchased for twenty to
thirty-five dollars. Although the price may seem ridiculously high, the quality of the Chi
outweighs the pricey purchase. A higher quality straightener has a longer life expectancy than
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most Revlon straighteners. When interviewed about her straightener, Ashly Lowdermilk claimed
her Conair straightener broke four times in one year. In this case, a person might want to invest
the extra money for a better quality straightener. This may save numerous amounts of trips to the
store for a new, lower quality, straightener. Also, the Chi straighteners come with warranties of
one year up to a lifetime, depending on the brand of the Chi. This means that if the product
breaks, and the receipt has been saved, one can simply trade in the broken straightener for a new
one. If your warranty is one year, you have one year until that exchange runs out. My
straightener has a lifetime warranty which means that I paid one hundred and fifty dollars for a
straightener that, no matter how many times it breaks, I am guaranteed another one for free!
Another economic advantage is that a Chi straightener uses only twenty-five watts of power. It is
a sure energy saver, which many parents do not mind for the sake of their power bill. Revlon and
Conair straighteners can range anywhere from one hundred and seventy watts to two hundred
and fifty! Talk about the power bill sky rocketing just from one beauty product! Do yourself a
favor and save yourself the extra trips to buy a new straightener every month, the endless beauty
appointments you will need to make to recolor your hair and treat your hair for dry damaged split
ends, and just pay the extra amount for a real quality straightener.
A Chi straightener is hotter, has a more powerful ceramic plate, and although costly, the
quality is much better. It is safe to conclude that any girl would love to walk out of her house on
a humid day and know that even though the weather may not be in her favor, her hair is. No curls
will pop, no frizz will show. Customers can feel wonderful about their shiny, strong, and
luxuriously straight hair all day long, thanks to the new invention that has any straightener fiend
thanking the producers of such an amazing product.
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