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• Unplug the appliance and wait until it has fully cooled down before cleaning.
• To clean the heating plates and the body of the straightener, use a soft dry cloth.
• Never use detergents or abrasive products.
• Never immerse the straightener in water or any other liquid.
Please note: the straightener should always be switched off and unplugged whilst cleaning.
Always unplug the appliance before storing it.
• Put the appliance in a safe place and let it cool down.
• Do not wind the mains cord round the appliance.
This product is guaranteed free from defect in material and
workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of
purchase, except as noted below.
This product guarantee does not cover damage caused by
mis-use or abuse, accident, the attachment of any unauthorised
accessory, alteration to the product, or any other conditions
whatsoever that are beyond the control of VO5. This guarantee
is effective only if the product is purchased and operated in
the UK. A product that requires modification or adaptation to
enable it to operate in any country other than the country for
which it was designed, manufactured, approved and/or
authorised, or repair of products damaged by these
modifications, is not covered under this guarantee.
VO5 shall not be responsible for any type of incidental,
consequential or special damages. All implied guarantees,
including but not limited to those implied guarantees of fitness
and merchantability, are limited in the total duration of 3 years
from the original purchase date.
Replacing the plug (model ST-241 only)
If the plug on this appliance is damaged, it can be
replaced with a BS 1363 plug, fitted with a 5A BS 1362
fuse. Only use a 5 amp fuse with this appliance.
Care must be taken when changing the plug. If in doubt,
contact a qualified electrician.
To obtain guarantee service on your product, mail the unit
post-paid, along with your dated sales receipt (as proof of
purchase) to the Service Centre at the address below.
Upon receipt, we will repair or replace, as appropriate your
product and return it to you, post-paid. Guarantee is solely
through our Service Centre. Service of this product by anyone
other than our Service Centre voids the guarantee.
This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.
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Tel: 01732 354 828.
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heat defence
Professional Ceramic Ionic
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Thank you for purchasing the VO5 Heat Defence Ceramic Ionic straightener. This, like all of
the VO5 Advanced Styling Tools range, is built with high quality craftsmanship and comes
backed by our 3 year guarantee.
Rest the straightener on a smooth, flat surface.
Insert the plug into a 230V mains supply.
Switch the appliance on by pushing the ON/OFF switch (A)
into the ON ( I ) position.
4 The LED light (B) goes on to indicate that the appliance is
5 To open the plates, pull out the slide lock (D).
Caution: the heating plates reach a high temperature
during use. Take care not to touch these plates and avoid
contact with the skin.
6 To adjust the temperature, use the variable heat control
dial (C).
Caution: if you have thin or fragile hair, choosing a too high
setting could damage or even burn your hair.
7 For the best results, use the hair straightener on clean, dry
and tangle-free hair.
8 When straighteners are heated to required temperature,
place a small section of hair between the straightening
9 Close the plates together and move the straightener slowly
downwards through your hair, keeping the plates firmly
closed together.
10 Repeat this process until the desired effect is achieved.
Read these instructions for use carefully before using the appliance and save them for
future reference.
• Plugs should always be fitted in accordance with the wiring instruction diagram shown.
Always ensure the correct rating of fuse is used when replacing. If in doubt, consult a
qualified electrician.
• Disconnect from plug socket when the product is not being used or when cleaning.
• Do not leave the product switched on while unattended.
• Close supervision is necessary when being used near or by children. However it is not
recommended that this product should be used by children.
• Do not reach for an appliance that has fallen in water or other liquids. Switch off at the
mains and unplug it immediately. Keep dry - DO NOT operate in wet or moist conditions.
• Never insert pins or other metallic fasteners into the appliance.
• Do not allow this product to be immersed in water or come into contact with any other
liquids at any time.
• This product should not be used in a bathroom.
• Do not use near basins or other vessels containing water.
• Do not operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being
• To avoid the hazard of being burnt do not let the heated surface come into close contact
with the skin.
• Please ensure that the product does not become covered at any time, or operate on
material or fabric surfaces.
• This product is designed for use at home to deliver professional styling results.
• Do not wrap the supply cord around the product after use.
• In the event of the supply cord becoming damaged, stop using the appliance immediately
and unplug from the mains supply.
• This straightener has been fitted with a safety auto shut-off - should it overheat, the
power to the straightener will cut off.
ON/OFF switch
LED light
Variable heat control dial
Slide lock
Straightening plates
Ionic Switch
Ionic ports
VO5 have combined ceramic and Tourmaline ionic technologies to ensure smooth, shiny results.
Using the Ionic function:
11 In order to use the Ionic generation, push the Ionic switch
(F) forward, into the ON position.
12 By activating this switch, the Ionic ports (G) will be exposed
and the straightener will begin to produce negative ions.
13 When you are finished, you can de-activate the Ionic
generation by pushing the Ionic Switch (F) backwards. The
Ionic ports will then retract back into the straightener housing.
As you straighten your hair, the Heat Defence Professional Ceramic Ionic Straightener
generates negative ions which reduce static electricity and smooth the outer layer of your
hair cuticle to leave your hair looking and feeling soft, smooth and shiny.
The straightener includes:
• thicker 3mm plates for even heat distribution – resulting in less hot spots and less
damage to hair
• true ionic generation for less frizz & more shine
• extra wide and long ceramic coated plates for faster straightening
• ultra fast 20 second heat-up, with a maximum temperature of 230°C.
The extra long 3 metre power cable gives you flexibility, making it easier to reach the most
awkward mirror.
For more information on the V05 haircare range, along with step-by-step tips on
straightening and styling your hair, visit www.VO5StylingTools.co.uk
14 When you have finished with the straightener, push the
ON/OFF switch (A) into the OFF ( 0 ) position and ensure
the LED light (B) goes off.
15 Unplug the appliance after use and let it cool down before
16 Once plates have cooled, close straighteners and push slide
lock (D) back into place.
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