SPECIFICATIONS 5-Call Master Station

5-Call Master Station
LED indicator
Station selector switch
OFF button
Voice volume
Call tone volume (under panel)
Door release
Talk button
Privacy button
The LEF-5 is a selective calling open voice style
master station with the capacity of up to 6 total
stations. The system can be designed to meet a
wide variety of needs, including any combination of
master and sub stations up to its maximum capacity.
Incoming calls from a sub or door station are
annunciated with a momentary electronic mono-tone
and an LED, remaining lit for approximately 20
seconds. Communication at the calling master is
press-to-talk, release-to-listen. Person at the
receiving station speaks hands free. The person at
the master station can selectively call and talk with
a person at any other sub or master station in the
system. The privacy feature on the master and
selected subs prevents eavesdropping from the
master station. A call can be received, but
communication back to the calling master will be
heard only after the privacy button is disengaged.
Master stations can be wall or desk mounted. Sub
stations are available in surface or flush mount styles,
with or without privacy. Outdoor stations are
available in surface or flush mount styles. Indoor
and outdoor vandal proof stations are also available.
• Up to 6 stations
• Fully intermixable system, including any number
of masters and subs up to the maximum capacity
• LED annunciation and momentary tone from
calling sub or door station
• Push-to-talk at calling master, with hands free
communication at responding station
• Large variety of sub stations, surface or flush
• Video door entry can be integrated
• Selective monitoring
• Privacy button to prevent eavesdropping
• Voice and call tone volume controls
• Selective door release
• LEF or LAF Series Master Stations
• LE-, LA-, or LS-series Sub/Door Stations
• BG-10C Chime/Music Adaptor
• PS-1225UL Power Supply
Available from A1 Security Cameras
www.a1securitycameras.com email: sales@a1securitycameras.com
The intercom system shall be of an open voice,
selective calling type with individual selector switches
for each station. Capacity shall be 6 stations, fully
intermixable with any number of master or sub
stations. Master station shall be simplex operation,
with hands free response from the called station.
Master station shall be equipped with station selector
switches, OFF button for standby mode, TALK button
for simplex operation, and PRIV (privacy) button to
block unauthorized monitoring. Door release button
(key symbol) shall allow for selective activation of
up to five (5) door strikes or maglocks through the
use of relays. Voice volume control shall adjust
transmit and receive volume at the calling master
station, and a call tone volume control shall be
located beneath the operation plate. An incoming
call shall be annunciated by a momentary electronic
call tone, and the corresponding station LED shall
light for approximately 20 seconds. The LED shall
not light if a master station calls another master
station. A tone shall be heard at the called master
while pressing the TALK/PRIV buttons on the calling
master. LEDs above selector buttons shall illuminate
when the station button is pressed at the calling
master. The Occupied LED shall light to indicate
that the system is in use, and the Off LED shall light
on the master station that has a station selected.
Master station shall be equipped with extra contact
terminals corresponding to each selector button,
capable of controlling remote devices, such as door
strikes, maglocks, lights, or camera systems.
Master station shall wall mount on a 1-gang box or
ring, or desk mount with an optional desktop terminal
box. Sub stations shall be available in the following
configurations: (1) surface or flush mount styles,
with or without privacy; (2) surface mount with three
call buttons, with or without privacy; (3) weather
resistant door stations in surface or flush mount
styles, mounted on or in standard 1-gang or 2-gang
boxes; (4) vandal proof sub station, indoor or outdoor
styles, with optional surface mount box.
An optional adaptor shall be available to provide
chime from up to three door stations, and provide
an auxiliary input to distribute background music to
all or selected sub or master stations in the system.
Power source:
12V DC, 300mA per station.
Use PS-1225UL
800mW @ 20 ohms (reception),
500mW @ 20 ohms (transmission)
Press-to-talk, release-to-listen at
master station. Hands free response.
Talk channel:
1 talkpath. Occupied LED when in use.
Up to 6 stations, intermixable
5 common wires (E, R, Y, +, -), plus 1
individual wire per station, looped.
1 add’l common wire (L) for door release.
Sub stations: 2 wires homerun in
single master system, or 2 common wires
(E, -), plus 1 individual wire per
station, looped or homerun.
Wiring Distance:
650’ w/22AWG; 1600’ w/18AWG
Select switch
extra contact rating:
Door release
button contact:
12V DC, 30mA (“K1~K5” terminals
for external device control)
30V DC, 100mA (resistive load)
RY-PA contact rating: 110V AC, 1A; or 24V DC, 1A
Speaker sensitivity:
Total Harmonic
Less than 5% at rated output power
Signal to Noise
Frequency Response: -3dB, 770-6800Hz.
(H x W x D):
8-1/8” x 7-1/2” x 2-3/16”
LEW-5 Desktop terminal box
4-3/4” x 2-3/4” x 1-3/16”
Wiring shall be multiple conductors with an overall
shield inside a single jacket, including five (5)
common wires, plus one (1) individual wire per
station in the system between masters. Add one (1)
common wire for door release. Maximum 12
conductors, not including “K” terminals. Add one
(1) wire for each station requiring external device
control. Wiring to sub stations shall be two (2)
conductors in a 1-master system, and three (3)
conductors in a system with two or more masters.
Manufacturer must have earned ISO 9001
certification for quality standards.
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Communications and Security
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Available from A1 Security Cameras
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