Preferred™ Series Thermostats

Preferred™ Series Thermostats
Programmable and Non-Programmable Comfort Controls
Bryant Delivers Comfort Wh
A Tradition of Comfort
Less Than 1" Thick
(Actual Size Shown)
Bryant® has treated homeowners to
higher standards of indoor comfort since
1904. We've earned our reputation
through hard work, thoughtful craftsmanship, commitment and dedication.
We've applied our years of experience to
new thermostats representing the finest
the industry has to offer. They combine
state-of-the-art technology with the ease
of use you've come to expect from
Bryant home comfort products.
LCD Display
Ultra-Slim Design
Expansion Port
The impressive Preferred™ Series thermostats feature a unique, ultra-slim design that
blends beautifully with any décor.
Programmable and non-programmable
models are available. With a sleek profile
and a large, easy-to-view display featuring
backlighting, either thermostat is an
attractive - yet functional - addition to
your home.
The Preferred Series thermostats use
exciting new technology that makes it easier
than ever for you to keep your home comfortable with the touch of just a few buttons.
And while these thermostats are designed
to be as smart - and smart-looking - as any
of the other electronics in your home, both
the programmable and non-programmable
models offer comfort options to fit the
busiest - or simplest - lifestyle.
Programmable and Non-Programmable Models
Optional Accessory:
First of its kind ExP™ - Expansion Port - technology
lets you use a digital memory card to program
your thermostat on a personal computer with a USB
port. Follow the on-screen instructions, insert the
card back into the thermostat, and you're done!
It won't surprise you to discover that the
programmable model is the most sophisticated thermostat available today. Even the
non-programmable model offers three Touch
‘N’ Go™ one-button settings that provide the
power of a programmable thermostat in a
non-programmable version.
The Preferred programmable thermostat
offers a range of powerful programming
options and features for your home comfort.
It provides the optimum blend of sophistication and quality with flexibility and ease of
use. The result is a thermostat that gives you
the maximum amount of control over your
home's comfort settings and the time of day
linked to them. Homes with humidifiers
installed as part of the heating and cooling
system can also use this thermostat to
automatically monitor and control humidity
settings. The thermostat even reminds you
when to change or service filters, humidifier
pads and UV lamps (when installed).
The non-programmable model uses the
popular Touch ‘N’ Go settings to give you the
power of a programmable thermostat without
the extra programming steps. It can also
monitor humidity settings when those
components are installed so your home
enjoys maximum comfort levels year-round.
here Few Others Can
Peace of Mind
To the original owner, the Bryant Preferred™ Series
programmable and non-programmable thermostats are each
covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty.* Ask your
Bryant dealer about optional extended warranties,
which may include labor.
*Warranty period is 5 years if not registered
within 90 days. Jurisdictions where warranty
benefits cannot be conditioned on registration
will automatically receive a 10-year parts limited warranty.
See warranty certificate at for complete details.
Optional ExP™ Accessory
The Bryant Preferred Series programmable thermostat provides for an
optional ExP™ - Expansion Port - feature
that allows you to use a digital memory
card to program the
thermostat on a computer.
Remove the dual port
digital memory card from
the thermostat and insert
it in your computer's USB port. Follow
the onscreen instructions to program
temperatures, the corresponding time,
Touch ’N’ Go™
and the day of the week. You can even
schedule your thermostat to remind you
to change your furnace filter, the UV
light or humidifier pad. When done,
simply reinsert the card back
into the ExP port on the
thermostat. It will automatically transfer the settings on
the card to the thermostat.
You can also program the thermostat
without using the ExP card just as
quickly and easily.
Thermostat Comparison Chart
All configurations are permanently stored on thermostat memory
*Available on T6-PRH and T6-NRH models only
Ideal for applications where lifestyles do not follow a fixed
schedule. Three Touch ‘N’ Go™ buttons - home, away or sleep tell your non-programmable thermostat where you'll be. The
thermostat adjusts your home's temperature accordingly. This
helps you enjoy maximum energy savings throughout the day. It's
the preferred solution when
you want different comfort
settings for different lifestyle
situations, but don't want a programmable thermostat. Establishing
the temperature settings for each of the three comfort options is as
easy as touching a few buttons. Use the three settings whenever
they work for you, at any time of the day. It's that easy!
Programmable Thermostat Features
Use a digital memory card to program your thermostat
on a computer.
The Preferred Series model lets you program each day
differently - or the same. It's maximum flexibility with
minimum effort.
Set the time range according to your schedule's
demands so your home is always at the temperature
setting you want. Configurable to 4 or 2 time periods.
Preferred™ Series Models:
T6-PRH Thermidistat™ Control
T6-PAC Air Conditioner
T6-PHP Heat Pump
Use the thermostat to control your home's humidity
levels. Integrate your humidifier into your system
during winter and enjoy dehumidification during
Save money on heating and cooling costs when
you're away from home by using the vacation
programming feature. At the end of your vacation
period, the thermostat will return to its programmed
settings so you are comfortable when you return.
No more guessing about when to replace your
furnace filter, humidifier pad, or UV lamp. The
thermostat reminds you.
Large, backlit display shows indoor temperature,
outdoor temperature and current time without
screen clutter.
Non-Programmable Thermostat Features
The three Touch ‘N’ Go buttons let you tell the thermostat
if you're home, away, or asleep with a single touch. It's
like having a programmable thermostat without doing
the programming or following a fixed schedule.
Use the thermostat to control your home's humidity
levels when your heating and cooling system includes
a humidifier. Integrate your humidifier into your system
during winter and enjoy dehumidification during
Backlighting can be configured to stay on constantly
or only when buttons are touched.
Large, backlit display shows indoor temperature and
current time without screen clutter.
Preferred™ Series Models:
T6-NRH Thermidistat™ Control
T6-NAC Air Conditioner
T6-NHP Heat Pump
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