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15-pin HD & 3.5mm Stereo Audio Micro Cable
Kramer’s MGMA series are micro sized highperformance cables for computer graphics
and audio with slim molded 15-pin HD and
3.5mm connectors at both ends. These
micro coax cables are thin and flexible and
excellent choices for connecting computer
graphics video and audio signals between
computers or video scalers and plasma,
LCD or other popular display technologies.
Quality Construction - Constructed using micro coax conductors and outer diameter of 6.0mm (0.236in). The 15−pin
HD connectors are specially designed with a small profile to fit any high density installation and all 15 pins are
passed through the cable. The audio leads are 61.0cm (24in) long at one end and 20.3cm (8in) on other end.
Multiple Applications - Ideal for video presentations, home theater and any installation in tight spaces. Use these
cables with our table solutions for your comfort and efficiency.
All Pins Connected for DDC2 and EDID Support.
Varied Selection of Lengths - Available in versions of 0.9 to 7.6m (3, 6, 10, 15 and 25ft).
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