Cotton Candy Machine Model : SSR120

Cotton Candy Machine
Model : SSR120
Thank you for purchasing this cotton candy machine. Each unit has been
manufactured to ensure the safety, reliability and ease to use. Before use,
please read these instructions carefully and keep the manual for future
When you use the machine, basic precautions should always be paid attention
to, including the followings:
Read all instructions before operating this appliance
1. DO NOT touch the hot surface. Use handles or knobs.
2. To protect from electric shock do not immerse cord, plug or any part of this
unit in water or other liquids. 3. Close supervision is necessary when this appliance is used by or near
children 4. Unplug the appliance from outlet when not in use and before removing
parts for cleaning 5. DO NOT operate any appliance with a damaged cord or plug or if the
apparatus has been damaged in any manner. Return the appliance to the
nearest repair shop for examination or repair. 6. The appliance manufacturer does not recommend the use of accessory
attachments, this may cause injuries. 7. Do not use outdoors. 8. Do not let the cord hang over the edge of table or counter. 9. DO NOT place on or near a hot gas or electric burner or in a heated oven. 10. Extreme caution must be employed when moving the appliance 11. Do not leave any unit unattended while in use or when plugged in to an
outlet. 12. The heating element in the center can get hot. Avoid contact until cool. 13. The marked electrical rating of an extension cord should be at least as
great as the electrical rating of the appliance. 14. Keep hands away from the machine when it is in the ON position and
spinning. 15. NEVER use near water 16. Never use abrasive sponge or cloth as it will scratch the surface. 17. Never leave any unit unattended while in use. 18. Never place anything other than the intended sugar in the machine 19. Unplug the unit from the wall outlet when not in use and when cleaning 20. Do not operate this appliance with a damaged cord or plug or in the event
that the appliance ever malfunctions. 21. DO NOT put in dishwasher 22. Keep out of reach of children. Never use liquid sugar, it is extremely hot and can cause severe burns!
Thank you for your purchase of this cotton candy machine.
Take care of your machine by following these instructions and precautions
You can use a variety of flavored sugar; to add some flavor and color, mix a
pinch of your favorite sugar. Imagine the variety of flavors you can do.
Your cotton candy machine is already assembled. Follow the instructions
below to clean the unit in warm water and to rinse and dry thoroughly.
The machine consists of main unit, bowl, extraktorenhet. Figure E
NOTE: Cotton Candy is made of heated sugar. The machine converts the
sugar to the liquid, then forced the fluid out of small holes in the extractor on
the device
It is very important that the unit is cleaned thoroughly after each use.
If not, the holes get clogged and the sugar will not be able to get the candy.
1. Make sure the unit is disconnected and has had time to cool before
cleaning 2. After cooling, remove the fan head by pulling it straight up. Lock the bowl
by turning clockwise and remove. (Figure B & C & D) wash well in warm
water, rinse and dry 3. Use a damp, non-abrasive cloth or towel to wipe and clean the outside of
the unit. After cleaning the bowl, put it back to the base and make sure it is locked in the
right position. Align the metal tabs on the base unit with the plastic tabs on the
bowl counterclockwise to the LOCK make sure it is securely attached and
locked in position. To remove, turn clockwise (figure D).
Now you are ready to enjoy tasty, fluffy cotton candy.
First, find a stable surface near an electrical outlet before starting. 1. Plug in the unit at the OFF position 2. Turn the unit to ON position and allow it to run for at least 5 minutes. This will allow it
to warm up. Then switch to OFF. 3. Measure level tablespoon of sugar with the measuring spoon supplied.
Pour sugar into center receptacle (Figure F). Switch to ON position. (Figure G)
4. The machine will spin the sugar. You collect on the paper cone by spinning
the cone, as it circles the bowl ... just like at the carnival! 5. When you can visually see the cotton candy web, begin to collect the cotton
candy on the cone by holding the cone vertically. Rotate the cone with your
fingers while you circle the bowl. Once cotton candy has collected on the
cone then hold the cone in a horizontal position over the extractor head
while still rotating the cone with your fingers. Continue turning the cone with
your fingers while the cone is in the horizontal position and moving from
side to side to make sure you are collecting all the cotton candy.(Figure H)
6. Turn the unit OFF when all the sugar has been dispensed. Once the
extractor head has come to a complete stop, you can pour another
measure of sugar in the extractor head and begin again. The cotton candy
should be flowing more quickly as the unit has been sufficiently warmed up.
For optimum results- Be sure to turn unit ON and allow it to run for at least 5
minutes before starting. This allows the unit to properly warm up before
beginning to actually spin the cotton candy. Only add sugar to the extractor
head when it has come to complete stop. Never use ingredients other than
pure granulated sugar. This will cause clogging. DO NOT overfill the sugar
Make cotton candy at home-just like at the carnival!
Perfect for children's parties and celebrations
Loose parts are dishwasher-easy to clean
Size: W x D x H (cm)
Drive: 28 x18.5cm
Inner Carton: 31x18x31cm
Export Carton: 32.5 x56 x32.5 cm
N.W./G.W.: 5KG/6KG
number per export carton: 3
EAN/ITF: 7394195176118 / 47394195176116
Power supply:220V-240V 50HZ
Power consumption: 500W
This symbol on the product or in the instructions means that your electrical and
electronic equipment should be disposed at the end of its life separately from
your household waste. There are separate collection systems for recycling in
the EU.
For more information, please contact the local authority or your retailer where
you purchased the product.
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