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WARNINGS: Hot fats and hot surfaces can cause severe burns. Use caution when operating the fryer. Do
not attempt to move the fryer filled with hot fat. Drain hot fat into metal containers.
See PROPANE SAFETY at the end of these instructions on how to hook up the propane tank and test the fittings for leaks.
Always use a top grade commercial liquid shortening or oil with a high smoke point and resistance to break
down. This will result in longer fat life and better tasting food.
Pour in shortening up to the fat level line stamped on the rear of fry tank.
VERY IMPORTANT: If solid shortening is used be certain the shortening is PRE-MELTED. If not, remove the rack
covering the heating tubes, cut the shortening into small cubes, and pack shortening tightly around the burner tubes making sure to
minimize air gaps. Melt the shortening by cycling the main burners on for 4 seconds then off for 30 seconds using the thermostat
knob and repeating until shortening is melted.
To start the fryer,
During frying the heating elements are energized periodically while the thermostat maintains the selected temperature.
Turbulence is created above the heating elements, while the sediment space beneath is comparatively undisturbed. Fat
expansion is approximately 15 % from room temperature to400° F.
CAUTION: Keep the fat level above the top of the elements at all times.
Whenever possible, drain and dry food before frying. Excessively moist food breaks down shortening, hydrolyzing fat and
releasing fatty acids. Such fats soon begin to smoke and their frying value is greatly diminished.
Load fry baskets uniformly to one half and never more than two-thirds of their capacity. Overloading always results in an
improperly cooked product. Save frying time by lowering baskets into fat immediately after amber pilot light goes out. At
this time fat is at the peak of the temperature cycle.
Allow foods to cook until done, or leave longer for extra browning. When food is cooked, lift baskets out of fat and
hang them on the basket supports to drain.
During slack periods, turn fryer off or at least reduce thermostat to 200° F. You will get much better mileage out of your
shortening that way.
High Limit Control If, due to a defective thermostat, the temperature of fat continues to rise; the high limit control
automatically shuts off the heating element. When this happens, the red pilot light on the control panel comes on. If the
high limit control should activate, turn off thermostat and allow fryer to cool. Then press red reset button on the back of the
control panel, set thermostat back to desired temperature and resume frying. If high limit control reactivates, stop using
and call Alexander Party Rentals at (206) 282-1987.
Turn off power, remove fry baskets, and wait for fat to cool to a safe handling temperature.
Raise heating element to half position to drain for a few minutes; then raise them fully upright until they lock in
Carefully remove fry tank (use gloves or pot holders) and drain fat into an appropriate container; do not use
plastic or glass containers for hot fat or oil.
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