Printing Basics - Page Setup
From your application, select File→Print
Select Properties
Page Size: Enables you to select the paper size
prepared by the application.
Output Size: Enables you to select the actual paper size to be printed on. If you select a size that
differs from the *Page Size+ setting, the document
is automatically enlarged or reduced to fit the
*Output Size+ setting.
Copies: Enables you to set the number of copies
to be printed.
Orientation: Enables you to select the print orientation with respect to the direction in which the
page is fed through the printer.
Printing Basics - Finishing
Print Style: Enables you to select between singlesided, 2-sided and booklet printing. Booklet printing
allows you to bind printed documents into a booklet
by printing 2 pages of a document onto each side of
the paper, such that they can be folded in half to
create a booklet (4 pages of a document are printed
onto one sheet of paper.
Finishing: When printing multiple copies, enables
you to set the order of pages and whether to staple
the pages.
Staple Position: Outputs the pages in the order specified
for *Collate+ or *Group+ stapled together. Clicking *Staple
Position+ enables you to set the position of the staple(s).
Printing Basics - Paper Source
Paper Selection: You can change the paper source method
depending on the page.
[Same Paper for All Pages]
Enables you to set the paper source or paper type for all pages.
[Different for First, Others, and Last], [Different for First, Second, Others, and Last]
Enables you to set the paper sources or paper types for each
of the pages indicated.
[Different for Cover and Others]
Enables you to set the paper sources or paper types for the
cover and other pages.
Required condition: Select *Finishing+ sheet → *Print Style+ →
*Booklet Printing+
Paper Source: Here you can specify the paper source used to output
your print. This is useful if printing on a select media through the Multipurpose tray.
[Insert Sheets]
Inserts sheets of paper between the specified pages. Click
*Insert Sheets Settings+ to configure settings relating to the
inserted sheets. Select the original paper from *Original Paper
Source+ or *Original Paper Type+.
[Transparency Cover Sheets]/[Transparency Interleaving]
When printing on transparencies, inserts paper sheets between each transparency. Select the paper source or paper
type for *Interleaf Sheets+ and *Transparencies+. Selecting
*Print on Insert Sheets+ prints on the interleaf sheets as well.
Printing Basics - Quality
Objective: Enables you to set a print quality mode that
matches the purpose of the document by simply selecting
a setting.
Color Mode: If available on the device you are printing to,
enables you to switch between color printing and grayscale
(black and white) printing. Selecting *Auto *Color/B&W++
enables the printer to automatically detect whether each
page should be printed in color or grayscale.
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