The Sicore ANPR camera system /mobility
The Sicore ANPR camera system
Setting new standards in automated vehicle recognition
The compact, lightweight Sicore cameras
can be mounted on
virtually any roadside
equipment installation
What exactly is Sicore?
Sicore is a fully integrated (embedded)
camera that automatically recognizes
number plates and thus uniquely
identifies each vehicle. For this purpose,
Sicore captures front or rear views
of the vehicle. The integrated image
processing software automatically scans
the stream of incoming images for
any vehicle and its number plate.
If desired, the camera transmits the
results of the reading process, including
the associated images, to a downstream processing system. Commercially
available interfaces are used for
communication. Infrared illumination
allows Sicore to operate by night as well
as by day. The camera can be mounted
on all roadside installations such as
sign gantries, posts, bridge railings
or other.
Possible applications:
• Travel time measurements
• Tolling systems
• Parking and access control systems
• Security applications
• Section speed control
• Identification of hazardous
material signs
Public / private network
traffic control system
Back office
Sicore is easy to
integrate because the
data are transmitted
via FTP or FTPS
(FTP over SSL)
Sitraffic Concert
Who knows how to read
any type of script can also read
any number plate
Siemens can look back on more than
30 years of experience in developing and
manufacturing systems for automated
optical character recognition. In more
than 40 countries around the world,
our systems automatically read postal
addresses, providing efficient solutions
for the complex problems of postal
automation. Thus it comes as no surprise
that Siemens, as one of the global
market leaders in this technological area,
can offer also an outstanding solution
for automated number plate recognition:
For a wide range of
traffic engineering applications
The enormous potential of automated
number plate reading systems has
only just started to be made use of. With
its exceptionally wide range of possible
applications, Sicore offers many advantages. Of course, for each country the
actual implementation is adapted to take
the national data security regulations
into account.
Security applications. In many areas it
is a question of security to identify all
vehicles entering certain premises and
to monitor closely when they leave again.
Sicore is the tool of choice for such
Section speed control. Measuring
the average vehicle speed for an entire
road section often proves more effective
in making drivers comply with speed
limits than conventional speed checks.
Only vehicles that take at least a defined
period of time to travel from point A to
point B have been driving at or below the
permitted speed. Sicore can take over
the automated number plate reading
and matching needed for this advanced
method of speed control.
Additional vehicle data.* For traffic
control applications it is usually of considerable value to record not only number
plates and average vehicle speed, but also
other individual vehicle data. A simple
software upgrade allows Sicore to reliably
identify vehicle class (passenger car/truck)
Tolling systems. The exact knowledge
and accurately measure instantaneous
of when and where a certain vehicle was
speed without an additional detector.
traveling makes it possible to precisely
Sicore can collect this information for
calculate road usage fees – without OBU.
every single vehicle and thus provide the
Sicore will collect all required data for you. traffic management system with very
valuable supplementary data.
Travel time measurements. Data about
current travel times is an important
Identification of hazardous material
tool for traffic control measures and road
signs. If the system knows exactly which
user information. Sicore can be used
type of material is being transported by
to carry out such measurements at any
a hazardous goods truck, the appropriate
desired interval, providing truly accurate
safety and security applications can
and up-to-date data.
be activated and the right intervention
measures triggered in case of an emerParking and access control systems.
gency. Sicore reliably collects and provides
Storing the car’s number plate together
the required data.
with the parking ticket code will effectively prevent car theft from car parks
Full data privacy protection
because the exit barrier will only open if
The Sicore software uses powerful
the parking ticket presented matches
algorithms for anonymizing number plate
the number plate. Sicore reliably records
data, ensuring full compliance with
every single vehicle.
data privacy regulations.
The anti-glare
sun shade and a highpower infrared
illumination system
ensure an optimum
recognition performance under
all light conditions
* Available as of the end of 2011
Benefits that are setting
completely new standards
Sicore has a whole range of outstanding
features that provide benefits for every
user and any type of application. In a
nut-shell: With Sicore, there is now a commercially available system that sets a
completely new benchmark in terms of
efficiency, reliability, user-friendliness and
Fewer cameras, lower costs
Sicore can be used to monitor up to two
lanes simultaneously – and even differ­ent travel directions – because Sicore
recognizes also a vehicle’s rear number
plates. This reduces the number of
cameras required, considerably lowering
the capital expenditure needs.
Maximum recognition rate
even for high travel speeds
The integrated Siemens recognition and
reading technology reaches recognition
rates of up to 98 percent – for vehicle
travel speeds of up to 250 km/h (155 mph).
The generic algorithms allow the parallel
recognition of number plates from
many different countries. This high data
quality minimizes post-processing and
further increases the overall cost effectiveness and profitability of the solution.
This camera is able to
reliably read the
number plate even of
a vehicle traveling
at 250 km/h (155 mph)
The high performance level is reached
at night just as well as during the day
since the infrared LEDs ensure optimum
illumination of the detection zone.
Extended service life
with 24/7 availability
The robust Sicore system components
are designed for a long service life.
As they require virtually no maintenance
except for periodic cleaning, they can
be operated around the clock. No fan
is needed for the absolutely dependable
operation of the cameras at ambient
temperatures between –30 °C and +60 °C.
Even for the infrared illumination unit,
which in other camera systems is often a
critical component, we have achieved
an extended service life because Sicore
works with extremely short exposure
times. In connection with the intelligent
shutter control, this significantly reduces
the wear on the unit.
Easy to install, easy to operate,
easy to integrate
A Sicore camera is connected via a single
main cable for power supply as well
as data transmission. Thanks to its wide
detection zone, often one Sicore system
is sufficient – no tedious mechanical
adjustment of several camera systems is
necessary. The web-based user interface
makes system operation very userfriendly. Via the remote access function,
the user can monitor the cameras’
operational status and set the freely
configurable parameters. As the camera is
equipped exclusively with standard hardand software interfaces, Sicore can be
easily and seamlessly integrated into an
overall traffic management system.
The Sicore ANPR camera system:
Key advantages at a glance …
• Easy installation
• Extended lane coverage
(2 lanes, up to 7 m)
• Excellent recognition performance
for vehicles speeds of up to 250 km/h
(155 mph)
• Recognition rate of 98 percent
• Largely maintenance-free
Sicore can be
easily incorporated
in sign gantries
supporting traffic
control devices
The user interface is
well structured
and self-explanatory,
featuring a clear
and unambiguous
Knowing about
the hazardous goods
being currently
transported through
a tunnel and how
best to handle them in
case of an emergency
is an important
safety factor
Passenger car or
truck? Sicore always
knows the difference,
zooms in or out
accordingly …
...and selects
the picture detail that allows optimum
number plate
Sicore features
and technical data
Lane width covered
3.5 m
Detection zone
5 m to 30 m
10 m to 35 m
Day- and nighttime operation
Highly sensitive camera with integrated infrared LED illumination
(spectral range not visible for humans)
Shutter control
A high-performance algorithm automatically adapts the shutter time
to varying weather conditions. No special settings required during
initial startup.
Max. vehicle speed
Up to 250 km/h (155 mph)
Video trigger
Stand-alone operation with automated number plate identification,
no external trigger necessary
Number plate recognition
and recorded results
Industry-leading Siemens ARTreadTM recognition engine
for outstanding performance.
Result record contains:
• Number plate string (optionally hashed)
• Confidence level of read result
• Travel direction
• Instantaneous speed
• Time stamp
• Country of origin (based on number plate syntax)
• Vehicle class
• Hazardous material sign
IR black/white overview, number plate detail,
optional color overview screen, all images JPEG compressed
Search lists
System maintains two search lists with up to 1 million entries.
If the detected number plate matches a data set in the list, certain
predefined actions can be triggered.
Evidence recorded
The recognition result data and the evidence images bear an
electronic signature and a time stamp
Data privacy protection
• Hardware-based integrity monitoring using TPM
• TPM signature for result data
• Anonymized number plate data
• Integrated Firewall
• Result record encryption
• Secured software upload
(only software with a Siemens signature can be uploaded)
Operational modes
• Online – in connection with a downstream processing system
• Offline – optional internal flash memory for storing the recorded
data for later analysis
Video surveillance
Live video via web-based user interface,
or image transfer to downstream system
• Remote setup via web-based user interface using
a standard internet browser
• Configuration file update (optionally via downstream system)
Software updates
Remote update via web-based user interface
or command-based interface
Chromized, powder-coated aluminum housing with rubber gaskets
provides sealed, rugged enclosure with optimal heat dissipation
Front window
Optically active front window for efficient, optimal illumination
of the detection zone
Anti-glare sun shade
Minimizes the stray light factor and protects the camera against
overheating by direct sun radiation
Via two metal-sealed connector sockets,
with metal covers for protection when not plugged in
Temperature range for operation –30 °C to +60 °C
Protection class
IP66 – no ingress of dust; splash-proof, protected against powerful
water jets from any direction
Designed to withstand harsh environments
Expected service life
The extremely short shutter time of the infrared illumination
system allows for an especially long useful life and maintenance-free
185 mm × 210 mm × 386 mm (W × H × D)
including anti-glare sun shade
5.7 kg
RAL 7004 (signal gray)
Infrared sensor
CMOS 752 × 480 pixels or CCD 1624 × 512 pixels
Camera for
color overview screen
CMOS 752 × 480 pixels, synchronized with IR camera,
color images (option); depends on ambient light for color operation
Frames per second
Adaptive, up to 20 frames per second
Optical system
C-Mount 2/3“, f = 9 mm, 12.5 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm;
the focal length defining the operating distance is factory-set
150 infrared LEDs, wave length = 850 nm, pulsed operation
Integrated CPU, based on Intel Atom or Core 2 Duo (option),
fanless operation
Internal clock, synchronized via external NTP time server;
additional GPS time signal (option)
Operating system
Power supply
17 to 26 V DC, 25 W (typically)
10/100/1000 Base-T
Serial interface
RS232, RS485
Relay output
24 V/20 mA relay driver with overload protection
Trigger input
Optically isolated, with overload protection, 1 mA driving current
Modem (option)
Integrated tri-band modem GPRS/EGPRS (900/1800/1900 MHz)
More information
for enhanced safety
The new generation of Sicore cameras
not only reads number plates, but can also
collect additional information that will
help make our roads a much safer place.
With a high degree of accuracy, Sicore
identifies Passenger cars and trucks, …
Wherever a ban on truck through-traffic
has to be enforced automatically,
Sicore is the camera system of choice.
Sicore distinguishes between passengertype vehicles and truck-type vehicles
and combines this classification with the
recognized number plate in a single
data record. Extensive tests have proven
the classification rate to exceed 95 percent accuracy on average. To enable such
a high recognition rate, Sicore has been
equipped with a whole range of neural
networks “trained” to recognize a variety
of vehicle pictures.
... Hazardous material class
and handling, …
In an emergency it can be literally of vital
importance to know which hazardous
materials are currently being transported
on a critical road section, for instance
in a tunnel, and how they must be
handled in case of fire etc. This is another
application for which Sicore camera
systems have been designed. They can
detect hazardous material signs on trucks
and read the Kemler and UN codes.
Then the Siemens control center system
searches the respective data base for
the required plain-text information.
... Number plates from many
different countries …
Every country uses its own number plate
layout and syntax. Working with a
data base containing country number
plates, Sicore is able to read any number
plate and allocate it to its country of
origin. This is an indispensable feature for
toll schemes involving different fees
for domestic and foreign vehicles.
... and even wrong-way drivers
Sicore cannot only read number plates,
but also distinguish travel directions. If a
vehicle approaches or moves away from
the camera contrary to the pre-defined
preferred direction, the system can
trigger an alarm and transmit the required
pictorial evidence in real time. This
allows the early detection of wrong-way
drivers – with the resulting enormous
gain in safety.
Sicore reads the
number plate, the
country code and the
hazardous material
sign, including Kemler
and UN codes. In
the back office, all
data are displayed for
easy analysis
Facts and figures
about Sicore:
For the technical
details of our Sicore
camera system,
please unfold page 6
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