Rice Cereal Easiest Apple Sauce (using a food mill)

With Kayte Young. Barefoot Herbs, Bloomington, In
Rice Cereal
1/4 c. rice powder (brown rice ground in coffee grinder, blender or food processor)
1 cup water, or more. using 2 cups will work well to create a liquid consistency.
1. Bring liquid to boil in saucepan. Add the rice powder while stirring constantly.
2. Simmer for 10 minutes, whisking constantly, mix in formula or breast milk and fruits if
3. Serve warm.
Homemade Baby Cereal may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 72 hours maximum.
As with thawing frozen homemade baby cereal, you may find the texture changes.
Simply warm the baby cereal and then add liquid of your choice, as needed, to
reconstitute to a texture your baby prefers.
You may freeze homemade cereal. You would use the ice cube tray method (or
whatever method of freezing you currently use) as you would for other baby food purees.
It tends to be easier to grind and then store the uncooked grains and simply cook a day's
worth as you go. You may find that when you thaw the cereal, it becomes rubbery and
does not reconstitute well. Some people have great luck with freezing and thawing
cereals. Try freezing a few portions and see how it works for you.
Easiest Apple Sauce
(using a food mill)
Fresh apples (preferably local)
1. Loosely chop apples, removing any bruises. Don’t bother to peel or core.
2. Cook apples in a saucepan, with enough water to prevent scorching. Stir frequently,
and cook until apples are quite soft.
3. Run apples through a food mill, on the finest setting. This will remove peels and
seeds, and will create a uniform texture.
4. Serve.
Note: Applesauce is a dish the whole family can enjoy. Consider making large quantities,
from local apples, at the height of apple season in the fall. Can them, and enjoy your
homemade applesauce all winter.
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