Amplifier Section Tuner Section Compact Disc Section

Super Micro Component System
AM/FM Stereo Receiver with 3-Disc CD Auto Changer
The D-M5 is a Super Micro Component System that lets you enjoy CD and tuner functions in a single unit. The CD section
features a 3-disc changer that lets you listen to music without interruption.
Since the three CD trays operate independently, you can change the disc in one tray while another disc is still playing. The
D-M5 packs high output power of 30 W + 30 W, and the audio circuitry is endowed with DENON’s renowned Hi-Fi technology
to produce a beautifully clean, spacious sound. The D-M5 also sports three types of timers that let you program the unit to suit
your lifestyle: ON/OFF timers turn the D-M5 on or off at the same time each day, and the Sleep timer can be set to turn it off
up to 60 minutes after bedtime.
Amplifier Section
Compact Disc Section
■ Robust 30 W + 30 W power output
Since the D-M5’s design prevents mutual interference
among the power amp ciruitry and audio circuits, the resulting sound is strong and clear.
■ Versatile Repeat Function For 3-Disc Changer
The D-M5 provides a wealth of Repeat options to take
advantage of the 3-disc changer. For example, you can set
Random Play or Repeat Play to include all discs loaded, or
use Program Play to hear up to 20 preset tracks from any of
the discs.
An SDB circuit is included to provide a rich bass sound
even at low volume levels.
■ 4-Mode Preset Equalizer (Rock/Pops/Classical/Flat)
Four different sound qualities to enrich different genres of
music are provided with the D-M5’s equalizer.
■ 3 Audio Inputs and 2 Audio Outputs
■ Subwoofer Output
■ Easy-to-Use Remote Control
■ Headphone Jack
Tuner Section
■ RDS (Radio Data System)
The D-M5 tuner features RDS, the FM broadcasting system
that is becoming increasingly popular in the United States.
Tuner with RDS reception capability are able to perform a
wide range of service for the listener.
■ AM/FM 40 Station Preset Memory Tuning
■ Auto Preset Memory
■ Everyday/Once/Sleep Timer
■ 24-Hour Clock
■ 8-times Oversampling Digital Filter
The D-M5’s 8-times Oversampling Digital Filter ensures that
the digital sound you hear is as pure and clear as possible
over the entire audio spectrum.
■ A wealth of Playback/Recording Functions
Playback functions include Random Play, 20-track
Programmed Play, and A-B Repeat. When combined with
the DRR-M10, editing work such as synchronized recording
is also possible.
■ Optical Digital Output Jacks for Direct Transmission
of Digital Signals
■ Auto Edit
■ Easy-to-Use Three Independent Trays
■ General
Power Supply : 230 V 50 Hz, 60 W
: 210 (W) x 146 (H) x 381 (D) mm
: 5.5 kg
DMD-M10 MiniDisc Recorder (Option)
Dimensions: 210 (W) x 95 (H) x 317 (D) mm
■ A Wealth of Easy-to-Use MD Editing Functions
The DMD-M10 gives you Program Move, that lets you move
a number of tracks together, and Undo, to cancel the most
recent operation. There is also Auto Rec Pause, that automatically puts the recorder in Rec Pause mode when you
load a blank disc, Disc Name Erase and Track Name Erase,
that erase the name of the disc or a track, and All Erase,
that lets you erase the entire disc all at once.
Of course, the DMD-M10 also provides all the basic MD
editing functions such as Divide, Combine, and Move. One
extremely handy function is Auto Disc Recovery, that lets
you restore most of the original recording time on the disc,
since frequent use of editing functions tends to reduce the
amount of available recording time even after using All
Erase. Auto Disc Recovery reorganizes the TOC (Table of
Contents) data and restores the disc close to its condition
as a new blank MD.
■ Pick Rec Function
While you are listening to a CD and want to record the track
you are hearing, you can use MD Pick Rec, that records the
track from the beginning.
■ CD-SRS, for One-Touch Recording from CD
The DMD-M10 includes the CD-SRS function that automatically starts the recording session at the same time the Start
button is pressed on the CD player, a convenient one-touch
■ Jog Dial, for Easy Entry of Title Data
Up to 100 characters, including letters of the alphabet numbers and symbols can used to enter disc names, track
names, artist names and other information for the MD. The
DMD-M10’s jog dial makes this process easy and quick.
■ Sampling Rate Converter (48, 44.1, 32 kHz)
■ 25-Track Program Play, Random Play, and Repeat
Play (One/All)
■ Auto Track Marking
■ Two Optical Digital Outputs and One Optical Digital Input
■ Enclose A Optical Digital Cable
■ Built-In Power Supply
DRR-M10 Cassette Deck (Option)
Dimensions: 210 (W) x 95 (H) x 310 (D) mm
■ Horizontal Loading Mechanism for Smooth, Stable
Tape Travel
The DRR-M10 employs a horizontal loading mechanism
with tray, an ideal design for the rotating system that forms
the heart of every cassette deck. Minute vibrations of the
cassette shell are minimized and modulation noise is
reduced, which, together with the stable tape travel, enable
recording and playback of a clean, high-quality sound.
■ Dolby HX-Pro
Dolby HX-Pro, to bring out all the true, clear beauty of the
music during playback. Dolby HX-Pro is provided in addition
to Dolby B and C noise reduction systems. Over-biasing in
the high range is prevented to ensure clear reproduction of
this powerful, dynamic component of digital sources.
■ CD-SRS, for One-Touch Recording from CD
The DRR-M10 includes the CD-SRS function that automatically starts the recording session at the same time the Start
button is pressed on the CD player, a convenient one-touch
■ A Wealth of Editing and Playback Functions
Synchronized recording with the D-M3 or D-M5/Auto Tape
Selector, for automatic detection of type of tape
loaded/Music Search, for skipping up to 16 tracks in forward
or reverse directions.
■ One-Touch Auto Reverse Operation
■ Music Search
■ Auto Tape Selector
■ Built-In Power Supply
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
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