Page 1 RARP TCP/ IP Address Assignment Quick Install Card Xerox

RARP TCP/ IP Address Assignment Quick Install Card
Xerox Document Centre 240/255/265 LP/ST
Before You Start
b) On the keypad enter 1111 or the
4. Enter the Network Setup menus.
a) Wait for the screen to refresh and
press the Connectivity and Network
Setup button.
b) Wait for the screen to refresh and
press the Network Setup button.
Enable TCP/IP printing.
b) Press the Protocol and Media button.
c) Press the Enable button. Once
Configure the RARP server with the TCP/
IP information you want assigned to your
pressed the Physical Media buttons
will appear. Select Ethernet or Token
Ring. Press Save to retain the settings
and continue.
Connect your Document Centre to the network with the appropriate cabling.
d) Press the Dynamic Addressing
Enter the Tools pathway.
a) Press the Access ( )button.
c) Press the TCP/IP Options button.
a) Press the TCP/IP Settings button.
Go to the printer and...
page from your printer. Verify the
Document Centre printer TCP/IP
information was assigned correctly by
the RARP server.
remainder of the data entry.
Go to the RARP server and...
a) Obtain the Configuration Report
c) The Touch Screen will be used for the
TCP/IP Address
Subnet Mask
Consult the documentation supplied with your
RARP server software to verify what TCP/IP
information it is capable of supplying.
printer to reset and receive the TCP/IP
information from the RARP server.
current password. Press the Enter
button when finished. If your printer is
an ST model press the Go to Tools
button, otherwise skip to the next step.
If your printer is equipped with a Token Ring
interface, prior to connecting your printer to your
network, use the Token Ring Quick Install
Card supplied to set the Ring Speed and Source
Routing settings for your environment. Then
return to this card and follow the instructions.
RARP servers vary in the information that they
return to the host computer requesting service.
Your Document Centre can retrieve the following
values from a RARP server:
7. Wait a MINIMUM of 7 minutes for the
button. At the next screen select
RARP and press Save.
Press the Exit Tools button.
For assistance, contact your local Xerox Customer Support Center:
USA: 1-800-821-2797
Canada: 1-800-939-3769
Page 1
b) Repeat Steps 3a-5a then go to step 8.
Set the Broadcast Address (skip steps 8a8c if you do not wish to use a broadcast
a) Press the Broadcast Address button.
b) The broadcast address can be
calculated this way: Perform a logical
OR of the IP address and the
complement of the Subnet Mask.
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