MultiView AK1000 PDP 1000 foot Cat5 Receiver for Pioneer Plasma

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MultiView AK1000 PDP
1000 foot Cat5 Receiver
for Pioneer Plasma Displays
Expansion slot receiver enables a
“box-free” digital signage solution
MultiView AK1000 PDP
Magenta Research, manufacturer of the dynamic signage industry’s highest-performance video-over-Cat5
distribution systems, has introduced a long-distance Cat5 / UTP receiver for Pioneer plasma display panels.
The new high-resolution Cat5 receiver, the MultiView AK1000 PDP, may be plugged into the expansion slot of
the 43” and 50” Pioneer models PDP-434CMX, PDP-504CMX and
PDP-505CMX. The MultiView AK1000 PDP permits the Pioneer
plasma display panels to interface directly with Magenta’s MultiView
transmitters, distribution and switching gear, enabling them to be located
1000 feet (305 meters) away from the video source. Maximum resolution at 1000 feet is a specified 1920 x 1440
@ 70Hz refresh (display-dependent), ensuring compatibility with current and future displays as resolution
The MultiView AK1000 PDP exclusively provides “Keep-alive Power” and serial capability, enabling the user to
turn on and control the display remotely using Pioneer’s compatible PlasmaTrol software. Audio jacks are
standard and MultiView AkuComp™ integrated skew compensation, to accurately compensate for inherent cable
color skew effects, is an option.
Up to ten plasma panels may be daisy-chained using the included auxiliary RJ-45 jack (see “Link Out” in product
photo). Rather than having to associate every Cat5 receiver to a Cat5 transmitter, the chaining feature saves
cabling, installation and hardware costs by allowing up to ten receivers to be associated with one transmitter. Another advantage is that the displays at each receiver will be synchronous, important when multiple displays are in
sight at the same time.
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Magenta Research Tel: 860.210.0546
Fax: 860.210.1758
AK1000 PDP 5/06
Benefits of MultiView™ AK1000 PDP:
AK1000PDP Sample Layout
• Certified by Pioneer
• Ideal, integrated Cat5-based solution for remote placement of Pioneer plasma display panels in dynamic signage
• Plasmas can be up to 1000 ft. (305m) from source
• Combine with MultiView PCI card transmitter for clean
“box-free” solution
• Transmits two-way serial (to remotely control plasmas)
plus high-definition video over a single Cat5 cable singular
Cat5 cable
• Cat5 / UTP cable is inexpensive and easy to pull
• Pioneer software-compatible
• Daisy-chain or combine with other MultiView products
to distribute multiple sources to hundreds of displays
AK1000 PDP Connectors
Video compatibility: RGBHV, RGsB, YUV, NTSC, PAL
Video resolution: Maximum 1920x1440 @ 100 ft. (305m) @ 70Hz
refresh rate
Audio compatibility: Line-level combined L&R
Serial compatibility: Bidirectional, ported to plasma display
via card connector
Connectivity: Single RJ45 input, VGA output to Pioneer Plasma, RJ45
Link Out for daisy-chaining (up to 10 receivers), L/R RCA jacks (or
internal Pioneer 7W amplifier) for audio output
Dimensions: 11.9” (30.2 cm) wide x 5.75” (14.6 cm) deep x 1.0”
(2.54 cm) high
Weight: 0.6 lbs. (0.27 kg)
Skew Compensation: Compatible with Magenta AkuComp™ skew
compensation module (optional)
Operating / Storage Temp. 0 to 40°C / -20 to 60°C
Approvals: CE, FCC (Class A)
Compatible Transmitters:
· MultiView UTx (#4003212);
· MultiView UTx 232 (#4003230);
· MultiView PCI (#4003246);
· MultiView T4 (#4002959);
· MultiView T4A (#4002960);
· MultiView T5 (#4002941);
· MultiView T5A (#4002960);
UTP Distance Compensation: Coarse distance setting: two ranges selected via front panel with two LED indicators; Fine distance setting:
front panel control, infinite variability for each range
Magenta Research is the undisputed leader in the adaptive distribution of audio/visual signals over Cat5 cable. Over eight years, Magenta has developed the highest-performance, most
flexible video-over-Cat5 product line, the MultiView Series. The company utilizes patent-pending RepliSync™ and complex, state-variable signal EQ technologies to enable UXGA video
distribution at 1,500 feet (457m) and QXGA video at 1,000 ft. (305m). MultiView Series transmitters, receivers, switchers and distributive systems have been installed in a large variety of
A/V applications, especially dynamic signage for airport, retail, fast food, museum, casino, theatre, courtroom and corporate applications. Based in New Milford, CT, Magenta utilizes a
network of international distributors, manufacturers representatives and resellers to market its enabling technology worldwide.
Magenta Research
Tel: 860.210.0546 Fax: 860.210.1758
AK1000 PDP 05/06
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