Instructions for extracting espresso on the Gaggia Carezza, v0

Instructions for operating the Gaggia Carezza espresso machine
v0.1 (Oct. 2007, Joshua Parks & Eugenia Tam)
Notes: Dan bought us a nice espresso machine, hurray! To maximize our joy on this machine, we
have also ordered a conical burr grinder, a milk frothing pitcher, and a Brita water filter. By the end
of the week, we expect to have the capability to make excellent espresso as well as lattés and
Instructions included:
• How to extract espresso
Instructions to be added:
• Grinding beans
• Frothing milk
• Using ESE espresso pods
• How to get hot water for tea
How to extract a (double) shot of espresso:
A shot is usually defined as 1-1.5 oz., and a double shot as 2-2.5 oz. I would imagine that you would
almost always want to extract two shots of espresso, either a double shot for yourself or two
(simultaneous) single shots to enjoy with another person.
1. Check the water level of the reservoir on the right side of the machine. If
it is low, then fill up the reservoir with filtered water either by directly
pouring into the reservoir or through the top of the machine.
2. Turn on the power. The red (on) indicator should light, and if the
machine has not been on for a while, the green (ready) indicator
should remain dim.
3. Prime the machine. This step is always recommended, particularly for the first use of the day.
It gets the pump ready, puts water into the boiler, and gets old water out.
a. Position the frothing wand, and place a cup underneath.
b. Turn the knob on top of the machine counterclockwise, as to
open the path from the boiler to the steaming wand.
c. Turn on the brew switch. Water should begin to stream out of
the wand. We want to take out ~4-6 oz. of water. Note:
Incidentally, if the machine is ready (green indicator on), then
this is a nice method to obtain hot water for tea (though
bubble tea should be avoided, as instructed by Dan).
d. To stop flow, turn off the brew switch, and rotate
clockwise the knob on the top of the machine. Set
aside the cup.
4. Take out the portafilter by rotating the handle to your left. Be careful. The
brew head has been heating the portafilter, so it should be hot!
5. Find your favorite espresso-ground coffee beans. When in doubt, you can’t
go wrong with can of Illy.
6. Use the scooper to place two scoops of coffee into the portafilter. The Gaggia-provided scoop
adheres to the rule of 7 grams per shot of espresso.
7. You do not want to extract espresso out of random fluffy stuff that
looks like the above. We need to do some tamping. This can make or
break an espresso. Fear not, and take this tool.
8. Begin by using the tool to just tap things down to make a reasonably flat surface.
9. Then, apply decent pressure to tamp the coffee, making a clockwise motion (say ~1/4 turn).
10. When you’re done, it hopefully looks something like this.
11. Now lock the portafilter back into the machine (it may take some effort), and insert a cup/shot
glass/tazze of your choice under the portafilter nozzles. If you are making two single-shots,
put a glass under each nozzle.
12. Make sure that the green (ready) indicator is on, and press the brew button to extract espresso.
Examine the contents during the extraction process. You should see a steady flow, which turns
a light golden brown only towards the end. Turn off the brew switch to halt extraction.
13. Your espresso should resemble the following, laden with a complex crema. If it does not look
like this, then do not drink it; you have been cursed by the espresso gods.
14. Feel free to add your favorite condiments (e.g. sugar, splenda, etc.)
15. Clean up!
a. Take out the portafilter, and restore it to a clean state
b. Clean the brew head. Caution: it will be hot.
c. Take the water used during priming and pour into canister below.
d. Power off the machine.
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