SMART SensTM Tension Monitoring Tool

SMART SensTM Tension Monitoring Tool
Prevent Pump-Off, Stuck Tools and Expensive Fishing Operations
Maintaining safe cable tension downhole is challenging in lateral wells because
surface cable tension measurements do not account for friction effects in the highly
deviated sections of the well. The SMART SensTM cable tension monitoring device is
specifically designed to reduce the risk of fishing operations during pump-down in
extended lateral wells.
If the cable tension is too high: pump-off can occur when the weak-point limit
is exceeded.
If the cable tension is too low: the tool string may begin to stick/slip, with the
erratic tool string motion increasing the risk of cable damage or pump off.
The SMART SensTM provides a real time cable tension and compression
measurement which gives the operator increased control.
Minimizes fishing risk
Compatible with commercial perforating systems
Compact, low maintenance design
No field calibration necessary
Operates up to 350°F and 20k psi
Monitors tension up to 10,000 lbf
Measures compression up to 2,000 lbf
Measures head voltage and temperature
Uses standard 1-5/8” Acme Connections
Communicates real time with the Warrior Acquisition System
Dry Load Cell provides accurate, temperature and pressure compensated
tension measurements without the need for oil compensation
API RP-67 compliant
SMART SensTM Tension Monitoring Tool
Measurement Specification
Tension Range
10,000 lbf
Compression Range
2,000 lbf
5 lbf
Sampling Rate
10 Hz
Environmental Specification
Pressure Rating
20,000 psi
Temperature Rating
350º F
Axial Shock
2000g, 0.25ms
Max Tensile Load
100,000 lbf
Mechanical Specification
Outside Diameter
2.75 in.
Make-up Length
2.20 ft.
33.5 lb.
Upper Connection
1-5/8 in. -6 ACME Pin
Lower Connection
1-5/8 in. -6 ACME Box
Electrical Specification
Max Pass Through Voltage*
600 VDC
Operating Voltage*
20V to 50V
Current Draw
20 mA
*Polarity is configured to be compatible with perforating switch system used.
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