Learning Birdbath™ - Fisher

Learning Birdbath
Please keep this instruction sheet
for future reference, as it contains
important information.
Requires three “AA”
batteries (included).
Adult assembly is required
for battery replacement.
Tool required for battery
replacement: Phillips
screwdriver (not included).
Blue tle
B i rd !
Or star
Battery Replacement
1.5V x 3
LR6 (“AA”)
Shown Actual Size
Battery Compartment Door
For best performance, we recommend replacing the
batteries that came with this toy with three, new alkaline
LR6 (“AA”) batteries.
• Locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the toy.
• Loosen the screws in the battery compartment door with a
Phillips screwdriver. Remove the battery compartment door.
• Insert three LR6 (“AA”) alkaline batteries, as indicated
inside the battery compartment.
Hint: We recommend using alkaline batteries
for longer life.
• Replace the battery compartment door and tighten the
screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Do not over-tighten.
• When lights or sounds from this toy become faint or stop,
it’s time for an adult to change the batteries!
Battery Safety Information
Batteries may leak fluids that can cause a chemical
burn injury or ruin your toy. To avoid battery leakage:
• Do not mix old and new batteries or batteries of
different types: alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or
rechargeable (nickel-cadmium).
• Insert batteries as indicated inside the battery
• Remove batteries during long periods of non-use.
Always remove exhausted batteries from the toy.
Dispose of batteries safely. Do not dispose of batteries
in a fire. The batteries may explode or leak.
• Never short-circuit the battery terminals.
• Use only batteries of the same or equivalent type,
as recommended.
• Do not charge non-rechargeable batteries.
• Remove rechargeable batteries from the toy
before charging.
• If removable, rechargeable batteries are used, they
are only to be charged under adult supervision.
Play and Sing Along!
• Locate the power/volume switch on the front
of the toy.
• Slide the switch to the desired position: off ;
on with low volume
; or on with high
• Slide the mode switch to either learning
or music mode
• When your child is finished playing with this
toy, slide the power/volume switch to the
Learning Mode
Slide the mode switch to the
position for
learning mode.
• Remove a shape-sorting veggie to learn the
colour and shape.
• Spin the bee for a fun sound effect and a tune.
• Press down on the baby and mama bird to learn
about sizes and colours.
• Press down on the “water” to learn counting and
hear a fun tune.
Music Mode
Slide the mode switch to the
position for
music mode.
• Remove a shape-sorting veggie to hear a fun
sound effect and a short tune.
• Press on the birds or water or spin the bee to
hear more fun tunes.
• Wipe this toy with a clean cloth dampened with a mild soap and water solution. Do not immerse this toy.
• This toy has no consumer serviceable parts. Do not take this toy apart.
Consumer Information
Questions? We'd like to hear from you! Mattel UK Ltd, Vanwall Business Park, Maidenhead SL6 4UB.
Helpline: 01628 500302.
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