1. Identification of the USB port Windows XP / Vista

Teckna GX-12
(white colour)
Serial N°: 513xxxxx to 815xxxxx - see label under device
If connecting to a USB port a USB > Serial converter is necessary
(see original CD).If lost you can download this driver on:
1. Identification of the USB port
Windows XP / Vista
1. Connect the printer to the computer and turn it on
2. Open the Device Manager to check which VCP port (COM port) is used:
(Start Control Panel System Hardware Device Manager)
2. Double-Click on Ports (COM & LPT)
3. Check the number of the USB Serial Port
used by the printer (COM4 in our example)
Windows 7-8
1. Connect the printer to the computer and turn it on
2. Open the Devices and Printers menu (Start Devices and Printers)
3. Double-click on the USB <-> Serial icon (or press right button of the mouse > Properties):
4. In the Hardware tab check which Port your printer
is connected to (COM4 in our example)
IMPORTANT NOTE ! If you unplug the printer care to connect it back into the same USB port
because each port has its own identification path!!
2. Installing the Printer Driver
1. Download the ELTRON driver from www.seagullscientific.com and execute
3.- Follow instructions from the Wizard :
Install printer drivers
Rename the printer : Teckna GX-12
Select Eltron LP2742
and the COM port you noted in # 1
3. Setting the Printer Driver
1. Open the Printer Manager
XP - Vista : Start > Control panel > Printers and faxes
Win 7 :
Start > Devices and printers
Win 8 :
Settings > Control panel > Devices and printers
2. Click with the right button of the mouse on the Teckna (or Eltron) printer icon
3. Open the Printing Preferences window and set tabs as below:
Page Setup
Stock Name: User (101,6mm x 101,6mm)
Orientation : Landcape
Dithering : None
Media Type : Continuous
Extra Feed : 10,0 mm
Darkness : 5 (see below)
Print Speed : 50.80mm/sec
Click on Apply > OK
3.1 Set Speed & Darkness
Quality of prints depends on the material (paper, polypropylene, PolysatTM,etc....) and on the print ribbon
you use. Darkness (temperature of the printhead) is expressed by a scale of densities (0 > 15). Setting
the temperature (darkness) too low causes a pale print. Setting the temperature too high can cause
damages to the print head because the print film then melts on it. Differences may occur from one printer
to another. The following values are average settings for some Teckna materials and print films.
SuperGold – Metal’X
Polysat, PolyClear, SuperSilk
50,80 mm/sec.
38,10 mm/sec.
38,10 > 50,80 mm/sec
38,10 mm/sec.
10 > 13
Matt Gold – Black KFN
Polysat, PolyClear, SuperSilk
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