Color Digital Printer
Today’s business climate is forcing
many of us to change how we print. Your
customers, both internal and external,
are expecting you to meet their needs –
quickly and completely. You operate with
fewer resources and a smaller budget, yet
the range of services that are requested
of you are ever-expanding. So is the need
to generate new revenue streams. You
either try to leverage the equipment you
have or you get support from an outside
service. Either way, these options can
prove expensive and not always give you
the flexibility you need to get the job done.
Expect more, get more
Meet the DP40S Color Printer from Pitney Bowes. It’s
a new, cost-effective solution for printing on-demand
full-color documents and envelopes. It beautifully prints
anything from newsletters, letterhead, stationery, posters,
promotional pieces, business cards, flyers, and post cards
to envelopes – all on the same device. Whether you are
creating promotional mailing campaigns to generate
sales leads, building customer loyalty or need to promptly
communicate offers and news, this system will get the job
done quickly and efficiently with nothing less than great
What sets this printer apart is its ability to create personalized
documents or mailing pieces with eye-catching envelopes.
Brilliant 4-color, coupled with personalization capabilities,
will dramatically help increase the openability of your
promotional mail.
• One-stop print-to-mail solution to market your business
• Flexible capabilities and range of applications to print
on various types of stock
• Great for short print runs without having to “fire up”
the big machines
• On-demand print capability for high-impact printing
at low cost
Rich images – great price
Precise printer control
This high-quality color laser printer gives you so much
flexibility and versatility in the types of material you
can create. It does all this with High Definition Color
Technology up to 600 x 1200 dpi.
Your Pitney Bowes Digital Printer comes with iQueue™ printer
management software. This gives you complete command
over your printing operation:
Prints with incredibly sharp detail and rich color depth
• Save and recall frequently run jobs for faster set-up
Immaculate printing is ideal for intricate invitations, flashy
posters and ads, as well as promotional mailings and
dynamic envelopes
• Access library of predefined settings optimizing image
No need for high-quantity minimum orders
Consistent, superior color using low-cost individual
ink cartridges
• Meticulous control over independent CMYK color settings
• Easy-to-use set-up and jobs control with drag and drop
commands – create, load and print
• Proof, edit and preview jobs before printing
• Accepts creative output from most design software and can
print directly from one or multiple Mac or PC workstations
Power of teamwork
Unlike other printers, the DP40S likes
plain envelopes AND window envelopes.
The unique technology lets the operator
keep the temperature just right for
proper sealing and clean, crisp images!
In addition to a whole range of material, this versatile system
also prints promotional customer letters with corresponding
envelopes. When you team up the DP40S with Pitney Bowes’
SmartMailer, you’ve got the power of an A-list team.
• Save postage with postal coding and presorting capabilities
• Update, correct and print accurate address information
on envelopes
• Get the best postal discounts available and speed mail
through delivery
• Design software for mail pieces and envelopes
Conveyor/Stacker for
improved paper handling
Prints personalized
information at full speed
Fast color and b&w processing –
Up to 3,000 pieces per hour
Single-pass processing
saves time
Paper tray
holds 530 sheets
High-capacity feeder
holds 1,000 envelopes
or 5,000 sheets
Graphic LCD
display panel
for easy use
Print Quality
Print Speed
Color: up to 36 ppm (letter size)
Monochrome: up to 40 ppm (letter size)
Envelopes: 60 full-color #10 envelopes
per minute
Print Method
Laser Electrophotographic, single pass,
internal Adobe®, PostScript® controller
First Time Print
Color: 10.5 seconds from an idle,
ready state on plain paper
Monochrome: 9 seconds from an idle,
ready state on plain paper
Warm-up Time
Up to 85 seconds
Duty Cycle
Documents: 150,000 prints per month
maximum (letter at 5% coverage)
Envelopes: 500,000 #10 envelopes
per month maximum
Hardware and
Software Capability
600 x 1200 dpi
136 Adobe PostScript® Type 1 typefaces,
86 scalable PCL fonts, 1 bitmap font,
10 TrueType® fonts, OCR A/B, USPS
Paper Handling
High-Capacity Feeder
5,000 sheets 20 lb bond or 1,000 envelopes
Minimum: 3.875" W x 5.125" L
Maximum: 12.9" W x 47.29" L
Variable speed conveyor belt
Paper Weights
High-Capacity Feeder: 50 lb. text to
14 pt. cover;
Universal Tray: 50 lb. text to 80 lb. cover
Print Media
Plain paper, letterhead, glossy stock,
transparencies, coated, uncoated, linen
and card stocks, postcards, envelopes,
sheet labels
530 sheets 20 lb. bond
Minimum: 8.5" W x 4.13" L
Maximum: 12" W x 18" L
1 GB standard
Universal Tray
Operating System
Windows: Windows® XP Professional,
XP Home, 2003 Server, Windows 98,
98 SE, ME, NT® 4.0 Workstation,
NT® 4.0 Server (SP6 or later), Vista,
Windows 7, Citrix® MetaFrame®
Macintosh: Mac® OS 9 and higher
Power Source
120 (110 – 127) VAC; 60 Hz
Adobe PostScript 3, PDF v.1.4
Emulations: PCL® 5c, PCL 6, IBM PPR,
EPSON FXDirect PDF Printing (Windows
environment only)
92"W x 24.4" D x 18.2" H, with conveyor/
stacker and high-capacity feeder
192 lbs.
Printer Management
Printer Drivers, Color Correct Utility,
Color Swatch Utility, PDF Direct Print,
Profile Assistant, PS Gamma Adjuster,
Storage Device Manager, Admin
Manager/Quick Setup, LPR Utility,
Network Printer Status
Processor Type
PowerPC 750FX, 800 MHz
Interface Support
Standard: 10/100-TX Ethernet,
High-speed USB v2.0, Parallel
Printer Languages
World Headquarters
1 Elmcroft Road
Stamford, CT 06926-0700
Physical Specifications
Duplex unit: Paper weight 50 lb. to
80 lb.text;
Hard drive: 40 GB, job storage, spooling
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