3-in-1 cleaning system

3-in-1 cleaning system
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3-in-1 cleaning system
Please read and keep these instructions
getting the best from your
new 3-in-1...
If your cleaner isn’t performing as well as it
should, please check
• Shampoo feed
If the shampoo/water solution is not feeding through check that the
shampoo tank is filled and the shampoo tube is connected to both the
machine and the shampoo tank, see page 10.
Only use defoaming shampoo. A bottle of shampoo is supplied,
additional shampoo can be purchased by calling the above
replacement parts number.
• Accessories
Some accessories must be stored inside the tank when you unpack
the machine, please check and remove before first use.
• Filters
It is important that the cartridge and foam filters are cleaned regularly
or replaced to allow air through the appliance.
• Blockages
Check the nozzle, tubes and hose for blockages.
• Dustbags
If using with the dustbag it is important to replace them, otherwise the
performance of the cleaner will be impaired.
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Page 2
Important safety
Dangerous substances
The use of any electrical appliance
requires the following of common sense
safety rules.
Primarily there is danger of personal
injury and secondly danger of damage to the
appliance and property. These are indicated
in the instructions text by the following two
WARNING: Danger of personal injury
IMPORTANT: Damage to the appliance
In addition we offer the following
essential safety advice.
Other safety considerations
Do not use or keep this product outside
when it is raining.
Do not store the appliance near hot
ovens or heating appliances.
Mains lead
Do not allow the mains lead to become
strained or run this appliance over it.
If the electrical cable becomes damaged
the complete cable assembly must be
replaced. Do not attempt this task
yourself, contact Goblin using the
helpline number.
Children do not understand the dangers
associated with operating electrical
appliances. Never allow children to use
this appliance.
Never use the appliance to vacuum hot
ashes, broken glass, sharp objects or
Never use in the presence of explosive
liquids or vapours.
Never pick up inflammable or poisonous
liquids such as petrol, copier toner, or
other volatile substances.
Never pick up acids, asbestos or
asbestos dust.
Never use in the presence of explosive
liquids or vapours.
Never pick up hot or glowing ash, hot
cigarette ends, hot coals or any other
similar items.
Never use the appliance without the filter
Always disconnect the appliance from the
mains supply after use or prior to
cleaning or servicing.
The appliance should never be left
running unsupervised.
Never modify the cleaner in any way.
Repairs to electrical appliances are only
to be undertaken by trained personnel.
Unprofessional repairs can be dangerous
for users.
Use only genuine Goblin spare parts and
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Page 3
How does your
cleaner work?
When using this appliance outdoors it
should be additionally protected by a RCCB
(Residual Current Circuit Breaker).
Please check that the supply voltage
details given on the rating plate (located on
the side of the motor housing inside the
tank) are in accordance with your electricity
If the socket outlets in your home are not
suitable for the plug supplied with this
appliance, the plug should be removed and
the appropriate one fitted.
WARNING: The plug removed from
the mains lead, if severed, must be
destroyed as a plug with bared flexible
cord is hazardous if engaged into a live
socket outlet.
Should the fuse in the 13 amp plug
require replacement, a BS1362 13 amp fuse
must be fitted.
Wet and dry vacuuming usage
A heavy duty motor is located on top of
the waste tank. The powerful vacuum lifts
dirt and liquids through the hose which settle
in the bottom of the tank. This arrangement
protects the motor from liquids. A float shutoff valve cuts off the suction when the waste
tank gets full of liquid.
A long-life cartridge filter is used when
picking up dry waste to prevent fine particles
being blown back out again. Paper bags can
also be used for easier disposal.
Your Wet & Dry may sound louder than
smaller conventional cleaners. This is normal
for a heavy duty motor, designed to provide
power and long life.
Tip: Do not press down when cleaning let the powerful suction do the work.
Shampooing usage
Water, mixed with a cleaning solution, is
pumped deep into the fibres of a carpet via
the shampoo nozzle. The water can then be
sucked back into the waste tank along with
the dirt and grime dislodged by the cleaning
solution. Water can be pumped up to 2
metres above the machine so that stairs may
also be shampooed.
Your new machine is a tough, powerful
and extremely versatile Wet & Dry vacuum
cleaner and carpet shampooer. In addition
to normal household cleaning it can be
used for:
• Liquids: spills and leaks, blocked sinks
and soakaways, floods, ponds and
cleaning out chest freezers after
• Bulky waste: sawdust, wood shavings,
plaster, sand, grinding dust, nails, screws,
broken glass, soil in the potting shed.
• Shampooing: carpets, chairs, sofas
and seats.
These instructions first cover wet and dry
usage, first section of this booklet; then how
the shampooing facility, second section of
this booklet.
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Page 4
Wet & dry vacuuming usage
1 Release the tank latches and lift off the
motor housing as shown D.
2 Remove any parts stored for transit inside
the tank.
3 Turn the tank upside down. To fit the
wheels, slot a bolt through the centre of a
wheel, push the bolt into the hole on the
side of the cart and secure by inserting a
screw B1.
4 Now fit a hub cap B1. Do the same for
the other wheel.
5 Push the 2 castors into the holes and
press firmly B2.
6 Refit the motor housing ensuring that the
switch is positioned above the inlet as
illustration A. If the motor housing is
fitted in any other position the latches will
not lock.
• Press the middle and not the bottom of
the latch to lock.
7 Assemble hose, extension tubes and
nozzles as required, see A. Insert the
hose end into the tank inlet and twist to
Waste tank
Motor housing
Power switch
Tank latches
Hose end
Carrying handle
Curved handle
Extension tubes
Floor nozzle
Hub cap
Exhaust filter flap
Cable storage hook
Cardboard collar (on paper bag)
Tool storage cart
Cartridge filter
Foam filter
Foam filter locking plate
Crevice tool
Upholstery tool
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Page 6
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Page 7
Power controls
Dry usage
IMPORTANT: The cartridge filter must
always be fitted when not picking up liquids.
Failure to do so may cause damage by
allowing dust and larger particles into the
motor (and invalidation of the guarantee).
To clean the filter, remove it and brush
the grooves with a soft brush, ensuring you
don’t damage the surface. Proper
maintenance will give it a much extended
This is a simple to operate rocker switch.
IMPORTANT: Do not leave pump running
Vac on
Pump on (shampooing only)
Wet usage
Cartridge filter
When picking up liquids, the foam filter
should be used. Remove the cartridge filter
from underneath the motor housing. The
foam filter should be pushed up against the
base of the motor housing and secured by
use of the foam filter locking plate. The
locking plate is inserted beneath the foam
filter and rotated clockwise until it locks into
position E2. Refit the motor housing.
IMPORTANT: Always switch off and
unplug from wall socket before removing or
replacing the filters.
Your cleaner features a removable heavy
duty cartridge filter, designed to filter both
large debris and fine dust. The cartridge filter
will be one of 2 types and will already have
been fitted in place under the motor housing
E1. Type 1 is simply pushed firmly into
place. Type 2 is a looser fit and has a locking
nut to hold the cartridge filter in place simply position the filter and twist the locking
nut clockwise.
Usage type
Cartridge filter Ó
Foam Filter 
Paper bag Ï
Never use the paper
bag for wet pick-up.
Wet pick-up
(large volumes of
liquids, floods, spills,
blocked drains).
The paper bag is
recommended for
extra hygiene and
convenient disposal
of fine dust. The
foam filter can be
used in conjunction
with the paper bag
but should never be
used alone for dry
Dry pick-up
(Household use,
wood chips,
sawdust, soil,
sanding debris).
Wet and dry pick-up
(Combination of both
but not large volumes
of liquid).
Always use the
cartridge filter for
combination pick-up.
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Page 8
Float shut-off
When the waste tank is full of liquid the
float shut-off valve G automatically cuts off
the suction which is indicated by a higher
pitched noise from the motor. If this occurs:
1 Turn the motor OFF.
2 Switch off and disconnect electrical
supply by removing the plug from the
wall socket.
3 Raise hose to drain liquid back into the
4 To minimise any back-flow of liquid keep
hose in raised position until emptied.
Your cleaner may also be used to blow
debris instead of vacuuming. To use the
blower facility remove the exhaust filter
holder as described under ‘Exhaust filter’.
Insert the hose end into the semi-circular
location at the back of the cleaner. The hole
in the hose end must be pointing to the right.
Twist to secure F.
IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to remove
the float as this is important for safe
Switch off and unplug the cleaner from
the mains supply. Unclip and remove the
motor housing D. Empty the waste tank or
bucket (if used) and refit motor housing.
If the cleaner overturns during use turn
the motor off, return to upright and wait until
the float falls free.
Crevice and
upholstery tools
Exhaust filter
The crevice tool Ú can be used for
difficult to reach areas.
The upholstery nozzle Û is ideal for dry
vacuuming sofas, chairs and stair steps.
In addition to the cartridge filter your
cleaner also has a filter fitted to the exhaust.
This is housed in the exhaust filter holder.
To access the filter remove the exhaust
filter holder by inserting your fingers into the
bottom of it and pulling C. The filter can
then be removed and cleaned by either
gently tapping or rinsing in water.
Once dry, the filter can be put back in the
exhaust filter holder. This can then be
replaced by first locating the bottom into
position, and then pushing the top firmly
until it clicks into position. Ensure that the
exhaust filter holder has been fitted securely
otherwise it may come off during use.
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Page 9
Dust collection
Cable storage
When not in use, the cable can be stored
by wrapping it around the section above the
exhaust filter flap and the cable storage
hook at the back of the cleaner I.
When collecting dry material, your
cleaner can be used with or without a paper
dust collection bag. Using a bag makes for
easier collection and disposal and should be
fitted as shown H.
With the hose end removed, slide the
cardboard collar on the collection bag into
the slots inside the waste tank and push the
bag so that it fits around the outside of the
tank. Bend the top of the cardboard collar
back along the crease to allow easy fitment
of the motor housing. Refit the hose end and
then the motor housing. There is no need to
remove the cartridge filter. Replacement
bags are available.
• Do not use a bag for picking up nails,
broken glass or other sharp objects as
these may cause it to tear.
• Do not use a bag for wet pick up.
• Dust collection bags cannot be used
when the bucket is fitted inside the tank.
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Page 10
Shampooing instructions
Remove the cartridge filter from
underneath the motor housing (see
‘Cartridge Filter’ in the Wet & Dry section). Fit
the foam filter in its place.
IMPORTANT: The foam filter must always
be fitted when you are shampooing.
The filter should be pushed up against
the base of the motor housing and secured
by use of the foam filter locking plate. The
locking plate is inserted beneath the foam
filter and rotated clockwise until it locks into
position E2. Refit the motor housing.
Slide the coiled shampoo tube and hose
and extend to full length. L. Fit one end of
the shampoo tube into the main housing
connector 35 and the other end into the
shampoo nozzle jet 36 .
In addition to the components previously
mentioned under the ‘Wet & Dry’ section, the
following will be used when shampooing:
 Foam filter E2
Ò Foam filter locking plate E2
Ù Clean water tank
ı Filler cap
ˆ Filter
˜ Feed pipe
¯ Cleaning solution
˘ Water inlet
33 Shampoo tube
34 Shampoo Nozzle
35 Tube connector
36 Shampoo jet
37 Upholstery shampoo nozzle
To shampoo press the rocker switch to
the II position, the pump will be activated
and water and cleaning solution will be
forced down the shampoo tube.
For best results, carpets to be
shampooed should be vacuumed first using
the standard floor nozzle.
After following the assembly instructions
in the wet and dry section, remove the filler
cap from the clean water tank and add up to
3.5 litres of water. Warm water may be used,
but never hot. Add cleaning solution to the
water following instructions on the bottle J.
Replace the filler cap ensuring the filter is
on the end of the feed pipe (using without
the filter may damage your machine and
invalidate the guarantee). Fit the clean water
tank into the tool storage cart. Push the
nozzle on the other end of the feed pipe into
the water inlet K.
Ensure the bucket is fitted inside the
waste tank. It is possible to shampoo
without using the bucket although it is far
simpler to empty dirty water when the
bucket is used. Fit the hose end into the
waste tank after the bucket has been
IMPORTANT: Do not switch the pump on
when there is no water in the clean water
tank - this will damage the pump.
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Page 11
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Page 12
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Page 13
Preparing to use
shampoo nozzle
1 Ensure that the shampooing attachments
have been correctly assembled as shown
2 Check that there is water and cleaning
solution in the clean water tank.
3 Remove furniture from the room to
be cleaned, or move it away from the
cleaning area.
4 Position the shampoo nozzle at a point
furthest away from the vacuum cleaner
where you intend to begin cleaning.
5 Plug in and press the rocker switch to the
II position.
6 Apply shampoo to a strip of carpet and
then switch the rocker switch to I to
vacuum away the shampoo and the dirt.
The upholstery shampoo nozzle is ideal
for cleaning sofas, chairs, stairs and car
interiors. O
It can be attached directly onto the
The shampoo tube fixes in the same way
as the floor nozzle. N
It is advisable to empty the dirty solution
after each tankful of water and cleaning
solution has been used.
1 Switch off the machine and remove the
plug from the mains.
2 Lift up the hose so that any dirty water
remaining will drain back into the waste
3 Remove the hose end from waste tank.
4 Remove the motor housing and lift out
the bucket by the handle.
5 After emptying, refit the bucket and
reassemble the machine.
Cleaning tips
Position the vacuum cleaner near the
doorway to the room, extend the hose
fully and work backwards towards the
doorway. This avoids walking over the
cleaned carpet until drying is complete.
Work on a strip at a time. Apply shampoo
and then vacuum away with backwards
and forwards strokes before moving onto
the next strip. M
For particularly dirty patches, move the
shampoo nozzle backwards and forwards
over the area so that the brush in the
shampoo nozzle scrubs the carpet.
Avoid over wetting and, if necessary, pass
over the area using suction only.
For heavily soiled areas, it is advisable to
repeat the cleaning process.
Do not walk over newly cleaned carpet
until it is fully dry.
Do not replace furniture until the carpet is
completely dry.
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Page 14
• The transparent shampoo nozzle can be
cleaned by removing the four screws so
that it can be taken apart. Wipe with a
damp cloth. When re-assembling, ensure
the screws are firmly tightened.
• If water and cleaning solution fails to
come out of the shampoo nozzle, check
the following:
- is the rocker switch in the correct position?
- is the clean water tank empty?
- is the feed pipe connected to the water
- is the tube connector attached to the
shampoo jet?
- is the correct shampoo being used?
Prior to storage the following steps
should be taken:
1 Empty the bucket and reassemble as
described under ‘Emptying’.
2 Remove the shampoo nozzle and, using
the end of the extension tube, suck up
some clean water so that the inside of
the tubes and hose are cleaned.
3 Empty the bucket once more and wipe
4 Remove the foam filter and rinse under a
tap. Either refit the foam filter or, if the
cleaner is to be used next for dry pick up,
refit the cartridge filter.
5 Empty any solution remaining in the clean
water tank. This may then either be refitted into the tool storage cart, or stored
elsewhere so that tools may be stored in
the cart.
If you have any difficulty with your
appliance, do not hesitate to call us. We’re
more likely able to help than the store from
where you bought it.
Please have the following information
ready to enable our staff to deal with your
query quickly:
• Name of the product
• Model number as shown on the
underside of the motor housing (inside
the tank).
How to get the
best from your
shampoo system
• Always use AquaVac or Goblin cleaning
solution. This contains the right amount
of cleaner and defoamer.
• Only fill the clean water tank as directed.
• Do not over wet the area being cleaned. If
this occurs pass over with suction only.
• Do not walk on carpets or replace
furniture until fully dry.
• Clean out the tanks, bucket, hose and
extension tubes after use.
• Do not leave solution inside the tank
when not in use.
• Never use a cleaning solution without a
defoaming agent included.
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Page 15
Your two-year
If for any reason this item is replaced
during the two-year guarantee period, the
guarantee on the new item will be calculated
from original purchase date. Therefore it is
vital to retain your original receipt or invoice
to indicate the date of initial purchase.
To qualify for the two-year guarantee the
appliance must have been used according to
the manufacturers instructions.
It is important to retain the retailers
receipt as proof of purchase. Staple
your receipt to this back cover for future
Please quote the following information if
the product develops a fault. These numbers
can be found on the base of the product.
Model no.
Goblin shall not be liable to replace or repair
the goods under the terms of the Guarantee
1 The fault has been caused or is attributable
to accidental use, mis-use, negligent use or
used contrary to the manufacturers
recommendations or where the fault has
been caused by power surges or damage
caused in transit.
2 The appliance has been used on a voltage
supply other than that stamped on the
3 Repairs have been attempted by persons
other than our service staff (or authorised
4 Where the appliance has been used for hire
purposes or non-domestic use.
5 The guarantee excludes consumables such
as bags, filters and shampoo.
6 Goblin are not liable to carry out any type of
servicing work, under the guarantee.
Serial no.
All Goblin products are individually tested
before leaving the factory. In the unlikely
event of any appliance proving to be faulty
within 28 days of purchase it should be
returned to the place of purchase for it to be
If the fault develops after 28 days and
within 24 months of original purchase, you
should take the appliance to your nearest
service agent. A list containing details of
your nearest service agent is included with
your appliance but please contact the
helpline quoting model number and serial
number should you require further
assistance. Repair or replacement of the
product is subject to the exclusions set out
below (1-6).
If you suspect a fault, follow the simple
checks detailed below before returning the
appliance or calling the helpline.
• Check the dust bag and filters for
• Check the hose and tubes for blockages.
• Check the plug is firmly in the socket and
the supply is switched on.
• Make sure the socket is working by trying
another appliance.
This guarantee does not confer any rights
other than those expressly set out above
and does not cover any claims for
consequential loss or damage. This
guarantee is offered as an additional benefit
and does not affect your statutory rights as a
• This guarantee is valid in the UK and
Ireland only.
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Page 16
For additional information on Goblin products www.morphyrichards.co.uk
Goblin products are intended for
household use only
Goblin has a policy of continuous
improvement in product quality and
design. The Company, therefore,
reserves the right to change the
specification of its models at any time.
The After Sales Division,
Registered address,
Goblin, Mexborough,
South Yorkshire, England, S64 8AJ
Helpline (office hours)
UK 0870 060 2604
Republic of Ireland 1800 409119
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