Image: DME 0252-150, DME 0402-180
Thermoline Blood Storage Refrigerators
• New controller with 7” touch screen display
• Slideout aluminium drawers which have height adjustment
• Triple glazed door
• Auto Locked self closing door (can be password protected)
• Internal light
• BMS contacts to connect to a Building Management System
• Optional 7 day chart recorder
• Alarm setpoints of 2.5°C and 5.5°C
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Complies with the following standards:
• AS 3864-2012
• CEI EN 61010-1
• TGA Listed (ARTG 167698)
• ISO 13485 Medical Devices Standard
• CE Certified
Thermoline are now offering a new range of blood bank refrigerators. There are three models available ranging from 40 to
180 bag capacities. It is important to know that equipment used to store blood and blood derived products is subject to strict
regulations and therefore must be certified for use. These regulations are to ensure that all equipment features the correct
temperature control and monitoring devices, high and low temperature alarms plus temperature logging features so blood can
be stored and monitored safely.
The Thermoline blood storage refrigerators comply with all local and international ‘medical device’ regulations making them an
ideal option for hospitals and medical centres across Australia.
This range features the latest controller technology with a new 7” Touch Screen display and many unique functions including
an advanced defrosting feature that allows efficient defrosting cycles which reduces temperature variations and power
consumption. Alarm setpoints of 2.5°C and 5.5°C.
Anti-condensate Lockable Front Doors
All cabinets have an anti-condensate front glass door which is manufactured from triple thermal insulated glass. The door is
unlocked by pressing the key icon on the touch screen and can be password protected to secure from unauthorised persons.
When the door is opened, a micro switch automatically stops the circulating fan and turns on the internal light. A mechanical
key is supplied in case of power failure.
Advanced Defrosting System
These refrigerators feature an advanced defrosting system which is only operated when necessary and it not on pre-set cycle
times. This will reduce power consumption and increase stability and uniformity of internal temperatures.
ECT-F and DMLP Touch Digital Monitor
• Audible and visual alarm system for temperature deviations, open door, power failure, condenser and faulty conditions
• Safety thermostat against freezing and overheating
• SD card with front access: it can store 10 years of recording data and relevant documents such as manuals, spare parts lists,
videos regarding installation and most common operations
• USB port that allows downloading of data directly from the front panel
• Multimedia section with tutorial movies and service manuals, electrical drawings etc
• Dry contacts for remote connections
• Password for the turning on and off and door locking to protect from unauthorised users
• Battery backed up alarm and monitoring is powered by 8 x AA Nihm rechargeable batteries in case of power loss
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Solid Construction
The cabinet is constructed internally and externally from white colorbond steel, has rounded back corners and a dished bottom.
Heavy duty castors are used to keep the refrigerators stable when they are being moved. Cabinets constructed with stainless
steel internal and external are available at an extra cost.
These refrigerators use sliding aluminium drawers which allow for easy storage and retrieval of
blood products. The drawers are extractable on telescopic guides, are adjustable in height and also
have moveable dividers. Each drawer can be completely removed should more room be required
within the cabinet.
The base of the drawers is made with open wire mesh to ensure air circulation throughout the
cabinet is maintained.
7 Day Circular Chart Recorder
A circular 7 day chart recorder is available and can be connected
to a socket located at the rear of the refrigerator. Plugging into
this socket is a 2m long lead that allows the chart recorder to be
sat on top of the refrigerator or can be placed on a bench beside.
The chart recorder box has two magnets located in the base to
help keep it steady on a magnetic surface (such as the top of the
fridge). This is a simple option for those who wish to continue
with their current logging procedures.
Order Code: DME-TCR-115
Safety Features
Refrigeration overload protection
Over current protection
Bag Capacity
Capacity (litres) Temperature
External Dimensions
(WxDxH mm)
Weight (kg)
DME 0142-40
DME 0252-150
DME 0402-180
Thermoline Scientific have been manufacturing and distributing high quality laboratory and scientific testing equipment since
1970. Over this time, Thermoline has grown to be a leading brand in the science industry, with our equipment being used in
small and large Hospitals, Universities and Research Laboratories across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.
We’re proud to say that we are 100% Australian owned and operated.
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