Cast Iron Panini Grill Series 15″ Panini Grill

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Cast Iron Panini Grill Series
15″ Panini Grill
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Main features
• Available in 3 different versions:
• top and bottom ribbed surface.
• top and bottom smooth surface.
• top ribbed surface and bottom smooth surface.
• Cast iron plates are covered by a vitreous enamel coating, making
them scratch and rust proof and ensuring hygiene. They are acid
and salt proof and resistant to oxidation.
• Stainless steel 430 construction
• Shock-proof heating elements 1.7 kW
• Mounted inside the plate for a perfect thermal conductivity
• Adjustable thermostat up to 570 °F
• Adjustable Timer built-in
• Self-balancing upper plate adjusts to different heights to halve
cooking times and double performance.
• Made of Stainless steel AISI 430 and the cooking surface is made of
a special cast iron treated with verified food enamel, this guarantees
hygienic conditions and high resistance to acids, salts and oxidation
• Dimensions: (H×L×W): 6.69″ × 10″ × 15″
• Approx. shipping weight—53 lbs
• ETL electrical and ETL sanitation listed. ETL Canada.
• NEMA # : 5-20P
• 2 year parts warranty, 1 year labor.
• Cooking Surface Dimensions: 10″ × 15″
• Top Plate shut-off switch standard.
Cast Iron Panini Grill Series
15” Panini Grill
602104 (DGR15)
602105 (DGS15)
602106 (DGSS15)
15″ Panini Grill, ribbed/ribbed
120 V/1p/60Hz
15″ Panini Grill, ribbed/smooth
120 V/1ph/60Hz
15″ Panini Grill, smooth/smooth
120 V/1p/60Hz
Item No. ___________________________________
Unit to be Electrolux Dito 15″ Panini Grill. Electrical characteristics to be 120 V SINGLE-phase operation. Thanks to its small
size, it is easy to handle and to position, offering as well a large
15″ cooking surface. It is available in two versions: plate L
(smooth) and plate R (ribbed) and mixed surface.
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Electrolux Professional, Inc.
3225 SW 42nd Street, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33312 • Telephone Number: 866-449-4200 • Fax Number: 954-327-6789
Cast Iron Panini Grill Series
15″ Panini Grill
Short Form Specification
Cast Iron Panini Grill Series
15″ Panini Grill
Front View
Supply voltage:
602104 (DGR15)
120 V/1p/60Hz – 20A
602105 (DGS15)
120 V/1p/60Hz – 20A
602106 (DGSS15)
120 V/1p/60Hz – 20A
Key Information
380 mm
• When the machine is delivered, the steel surfaces are
protected with a nylon anti-scratch film. This film has to be
Top View
• The insulating materials used during the manufacturing and
the residuals of grease due to the mechanical installation of
single parts, heat and produce smoke, for this reason, it is
necessary to start the machine at maximum temperature
for 15-20 minutes.
• Clean the Grill at least once a day and, if necessary more
500 mm
• All the machine parts that are in contact with the product
must be cleaned.
• Never clean the machine by means of compressed water or
water jets.
• Cleaning can be performed when surface is hot, scrape with
a metallic brush on the cooking grid several times.
183 mm
• Empty the grease tray.
60 mm
• It is advisable to perform these cleaning operations when
the Grill temperature is at the minimum so that the residual
grease that sticks to the grid can melt.
435 mm
• Do not pour water or other liquids on the Grill when it is hot,
because the changes of temperature can provoke their
EC = Electrical connection
Side View
Cast Iron Panini Grill Series
15″ Panini Grill
The company reserves the right to make modifications to the products
without prior notice. All information correct at time of printing.
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