TARCO® Windy Series

Windy 100
Windy 400
Air Handling Capacity
16,000 - 22,000 CFM
24,600 CFM
Suction Housing (10 Gauge)
1/4” Thick A.R. Steel
1/4” Thick A.R. Steel
Replaceable Liners
Replaceable Liners
30” or 33” Diameter Fan
36” Diameter Fan
T-1 Steel Construction
T-1 Steel Construction
6 Blades – 3/8” T1
6 Blades – 3/8” T1
3/16” Convex Back Plate
3/16” Convex Back Plate
47” Diameter
56” Diameter
46” High & 14” Wide
53” High & 16” Wide
Power Transmission
4B Grip Notched Power Band
5V Grip Notched Power Band
Hydraulic Hose Boom
2-Way (Standard)
2-Way (Standard)
Trailer Lighting Package
John Deere Diesel Engine
4045T: 80 HP @ 2500 rpm
4045T: 99 HP @ 2500 rpm
Hose Size
16” Diameter
16” Diameter
Paint Colors
Yellow or White (Standard)
Yellow or White (Standard)
Special Paint (Optional)
Special Paint (Optional)
Suction Impeller
Suction Case Size
Other sizes and dimensions are available, please consult with your TARCO® representative.
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Trailer mounted vacuum leaf loaders
outfitted for your seasonal needs.
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The Windy Series® vacuum leaf loaders, manufactured by Fort Miller FAB3
Corp., are trailer mounted vacuums designed to efficiently collect leaves,
4-Way Hose/Boom Assembly
---------------------------------------Suction Hose
8” Heavy Duty
16” Hi-Flex Clear Urethane
litter, grass and other road side debris from parks, parking lots, curbs, sidewalks and stadiums.
With many options to choose from, this durable, cost-effective
our other TARCO® brands. Standard features include: rugged
equipment is available in two base models and can be tailored
body construction for durability and extended life, operator
with the desired features to fit your operational needs.
and equipment built-in safety mechanisms, grip notched
power belt drive to protect engine and PTO life and John
All Windy Series® vacuum leaf loaders are manufactured to
Deere diesel engine powered to ensure premium performance
the same high Fort Miller FAB3 quality specifications as all
and reliable local service.
36” Wide Full Swiveling
Curb Shroud
The housing is constructed of 10 gauge
steel and furnished with ¼” thick replaceable liners. Liners are abrasion resistant
steel and are slip in design. The backing
plate and cover plate are constructed from
7 gauge steel. A clean-out door is provided
in the suction housing with a safety shutdown switch.
Suction Assembly: The heavy duty rubber
intake hose is 16” diameter, has a quick
disconnect coupler and an engine kill switch
if not properly connected to the housing.
The hose connects to a steel suction nozzle,
which prevents bending or kinking.
The T-1 steel constructed six (6) blade
suction impeller is driven by a grip notched
power band thereby protecting the engine
and PTO from shock loads imposed on the
suction impeller.
Hydraulic Hose Boom: The standard 2-way
overhead boom with spring support, pendant control is hydraulically operated to
raise and lower the boom. Equipped with
16” diameter x 10ft long, heavy duty rubber
suction hose. The 4-way hydraulic boom
utilizes a gear driven pump with central
hydraulic system. Operator controls the
4-way boom with a remote joystick control
to hydraulically move the nozzle up, down,
left, right. Equipped with 16” diameter x
10 ft long, heavy duty rubber suction hose.
The discharge is constructed of 10 gauge
steel and mounted in the center of the
trailer for efficient loading. The assembly
is 17” in diameter with a 45° and 90°
discharge angle.
Belt Drive)
Hydraulic Hose Boom
The Windy Series is available with either 4B or 5V
power bands. Sheaves and bands are completely
enclosed for safety. Windy Series leaf loaders are
exclusively belt driven.
The Windy Series offers various selections of
hydraulic hose booms to fit customers needs.
The standard 2-way electric over hydraulic hose
boom can be upgraded to the more maneuverable
4-way boom or the precision 6-way boom.
36” Wide Full Swiveling Curb
Shroud w/Pavement Plucker
Detachable 36” Curb Nozzle
(4-Way Boom Only)
---------------------------------------Hydraulic Parking Jack
(Must Have 4-Way Boom Option)
---------------------------------------Skid or Hook Lift Mount
---------------------------------------Fluid Coupler Transmission
---------------------------------------Hydraulic Surge Brakes
--------------------------------------Spare Wheel and Tire Mounted
--------------------------------------LED/Strobe Trailer Lighting Packages
---------------------------------------Drivers Side Pickup
---------------------------------------Hydraulic Parking Jack
---------------------------------------Ball Hitch
---------------------------------------Special Paint
--------------------------------------Leaf Box
(Sold Separately or as Package)
--------------------------------------Discharge Assembly
---------------------------------------Drivers Side Pickup
16” x 14” Steel with 45° Angle
17” x 14” Steel with 90° Angle
--------------------------------------Digital Control Panel
--------------------------------------John Deere Turbo Diesel
JD 4045T 85 HP @ 2500 rpm*
JD 4045T 115 HP @ 2500 rpm**
JD 4045H 125 HP @ 2400 rpm**
Tier 4 engines available upon request
Other engine manufacturers available upon request.
Windy 100 only.
Meets Tier III emissions standards.
** Windy 400 only.
Powered exclusively by a John Deere diesel
engine featuring a counter-balanced crankshaft for smooth operation and replaceable
wet-type cylinder liners, which provide excellent heat dissipation. The engine is fully
enclosed and mounted on rubber isolators to
absorb vibrations. It comes equipped with a
battery, secondary radiator screen, 30 gallon
fuel tank with sight gauge. All engines meet
Tier III emission standards.
Formed from ¼” thick steel plate and supported by structural channel cross members.
The axle and springs capacity is rated at
6,000 lbs. Fitted with radial tires, electric
brakes with break away actuator, telescopic
tow bar and height adjustable manual crank
parking jack with castor wheel, pintle hitch
and safety chains. The lighting package
includes all required DOT lights, red/white
reflective tape and two 4” diameter amber
flashing lights rear mounted.
Engine Controls: All controls are rubber
mounted. The standard offering includes
analog tachometer, hour meter, ammeter,
oil pressure and temperature gauges and
murphy safety shutdown system.
Leaf Box
Leaf boxes are optional and available in various
capacities (8 feet long /9.3 cubic yards through
14 feet /16.5 cubic yards). Package systems are
available upon request.
Engine Control Panels
The Windy Series Leaf Loaders are equipped with
an analog control panel (left) or a digital control
panel (right), dependent on engine size.
Suction Shroud
The Windy Series offers in place of a hydraulic
hose boom a fully adjustable suction shroud.
The optional suction shroud can be easily adjust
in height, suction width, rotate and easily store to
the drawbar for transport.
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• Leaf Loaders
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