Product Description Oregon Scientific WMR968 Wireless Solar

Product Description Oregon Scientific WMR968 Wireless Solar
Product Description
Oregon Scientific WMR968 Wireless Solar Powered Weather Station is a long range
and sophisticated - yet affordable weather monitoring system designed to meet the
needs of both amateur and professional weather enthusiasts!
This wireless weather station includes updated solar-powered sensors that extend
backup battery life.
Easy to install and operate, the wireless weather station consists of the main console
with touch-screen LCD display; anemometer; self-emptying rain gauge; and a
thermo-hygro sensor.
The weather station also displays barometric pressure information in numerals with
pressure history in a bar chart format.
Featuring graphical weather forecasting, a state-of-the-art touch-screen console, solarpowered sensor units, weather alarms, backlighting on the main console for easy night
viewing and much more, this weather station supports up to seven remote instruments
and is powered by a 12-volt AC adapter with backup batteries.
Add either WeatherView 32 Basic or Home Edition software and a cable to connect
to your personal computer and you're ready to record and store accumulated weather
data and customize it to meet your individual needs!
With a typical wireless sensor transmission range of more than 300 feet
(unobstructed), this weather station from Oregon Scientific offers you flexibility and
accuracy, all in one stylish and affordable package!
 Wireless weather station provides reliable information at an economical price
 Attractive black plastic console looks great on desktops or tables and is also
 Displays and monitors more than 20 weather conditions
 Easily viewable LCD display screen
 Instruction manual included
 Wireless weather station includes thermo-hygrometer with barometer, solarpowered self-emptying rain bucket and anemometer
 Features latest updated solar sensor technology
 Provides weather forecasting based upon electronic barometric pressure
sensing with large graphical icons (sunny, cloudy, etc.)
 Display console is backlit for easy night viewing
 Rain gauge records up to nine-day history and is powered by a solar cell and
battery backup
 Includes digital calendar clock with crescendo and snooze alarm functions
 Measures wind speed on display compass up to approximately 125 mph, wind
direction and chill. Wind chill temperature range is -61.6 degrees F (-52 C) to
140 degrees F (60 C)
 Measures indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity. Indoor and outdoor
humidity displayed as from 2 to 98 percent
 User-selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius format
 Effective wireless transmission range is more than 300 feet (line-of-sight)
 Outside remote sensor temperature range is -4 degrees F (-20 C) to 140
degrees F (60 C)
 Measures inside temperature from 23 to 122 degrees F (-5 to 50 C)
 Console displays time in 12 or 24- hour format and also day, date and month
 Barometric pressure displayed in numerals with pressure history in bar chart
 Accepts up to three additional THGR122NX or THC268 remote sensors
 Compatible with software for PC through a RS232 PC Serial Port
 Console powered by an AC adapter with battery backup (4 AA batteries
required but not included)
 1 year manufacturer warranty
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