Cobolt Speechmaster Talking Inside/Outside Thermometer Instructions

Cobolt Speechmaster Talking Inside/Outside Thermometer Instructions
Your thermometer has a large rectangular recess in the top half of the front face which
contains two digital displays. In the top left corner is a small recess housing the indoor
temperature sensor. The outdoor sensor is mounted in the tip of the length of cable
attached to the left side of the case. Below the displays is a speaker grill and a single
button used to obtain the temperatures. The case has a hinged stand on the back with
a recess at its lower end to enable it to be hinged out. There is a wire stay under the
stand which can be clipped into the stand to keep it extended. On the sides of the
case, below the level of the speaker, are roughened surfaces. If these are gripped the
lower section of the case can be pulled down to expose the controls. These consist of
the following:Top Left
VOLUME button. there are two volume levels plus speech off.
Top Second
HOURLY REPORT. Left for on, Right for off.
Top Third
Top Fourth
Top Right
Bottom Left
Bottom Second
Left-Centigrade, Right-Farenheit
Bottom Third
Bottom Fourth
Bottom Right
The unit can be wall mounted if required. In order to use the outside temperature
facility the external sensor needs to be passed through a window or mounted outside.
Time Setting
The time can only be set by someone with sufficient sight to enable them to read the
lower display as there is no spoken time announcement. Press the mode button once
- one beep will sound. Adjust the time with the HOUR SET and MINUTE SET buttons.
Select MODE 4.
Mode Setting
The thermometer has four modes, selected by pressing the MODE button. Each mode
is confirmed with an equivalent number of beeps i.e MODE 3 gives three beeps.
These modes only effect the displays - the speech always reports the inside and
outside temperature. MODE 1 shows indoor temperature on the upper display with
time on the lower. Mode 2 shows time on the upper display with outside temperature
on the lower. Mode 3 shows time on the upper display with alarm time on the lower.
Mode 4 shows indoor temperature on the upper display with outdoor temperature on
the lower.
Hourly Report
Selecting this on causes the temperature to be announced on every hour. The
announcements are not made between 9pm and 7am.
The alarm is set in a similar fashion to the time. There is no speech output so it can
only be set by someone with some sight. Select Mode 3. The alarm time will be
shown on the lower display. Use the HOUR SET and MINUTE SET buttons to set the
alarm time. Select MODE 4. Selecting ALARM ON (confirmed by two beeps) will
cause the temperature to be reported five times at the alarm time then repeated every
15 minutes for an hour. To silence the alarm press the TALK button on the front face.
Daily Min/Max
The thermometer remembers the highest and lowest indoor and outdoor temperatures
recorded for each day. Repeated presses of the DAILY MIN/MAX button will cause
these to be spoken in turn.
Manual Min/Max
The thermometer can record minimum and maximum temperatures during a set
period. Press CLEAR to start the recording period. Press MANUAL MIN/MAX then
the TALK button obtain the inside min and max temperatures since CLEAR was
pressed. Press MANUAL MIN/MAX and the TALK button again to obtain the outside
If the indoor or outdoor temperature exceeds 38 Deg C (100 DegF) or falls below 0
Deg C (32 Deg F) the unit will announce the indoor and outdoor temperatures three
2 x AAA batteries are fitted in the compartment on the back at the top. Slide the cover
up to open.
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