X3/X2/X5(DR)/O5RW FAQ`s

Section X5(D/DR) & 05R/W
Question When I play my X5/X5D, there is no sound even though the correct
connections are made to the amplifier or headphones.
You will often find that this is because the Local Control (Local Mode) in Global Mode
is switched off.
- Press the ‘Global’ button, located at the left of the screen.
- Press ‘PAGE +’ until Screen ‘2A’ appears.
- Press ‘? Cursor’ to arrive at Page ‘2B MIDI GLOBAL Local’
- On the lower right of the screen, ‘OFF’ will appear and will be flashing
- Press ‘Yes’ located in the right of the screen to change ‘OFF’ to ‘ON’.
- Press ‘PROG’ located at the right of the screen, and play a note to test.
Section X5(D/DR) & 05R/W
Question When in Combi Mode, I can hear no sound, although I can hear sound
when in Program Mode or Multi Mode, and the correct audio connections are made.
This is usually because the Global MIDI channel has been changed from MIDI
channel 1. All of the Combinations, when the X5/X5D leaves the factory, have, in
fact been set to play when the Global MIDI channel is set to channel 1. This can, of
course, be changed, but it does have to be changed for each Combination.
To set the Global MIDI channel to 1:
- Press the ‘Global’ button located to the right of the screen.
- Press ‘PAGE +’ until Screen ‘02A MIDI GLOBAL - CH/NOTE R’ appears.
- On the lower left of the screen, you will see a number flashing. Use the ‘YES’ and
‘NO’ buttons to reset this number to ‘1’.
- Then press the ‘Combi’ button and play the keyboard to test and confirm.
Section X5(D/DR) & 05R/W
Question When using an external sequencer, with the X5/X5D or 05R/W in Multi
Mode, I want to use sounds other than the sounds in the GM Bank. How do I do this?
The X5(D/DR) & 05R/W responds to program changes, as most other modern synths
do, which effectively selects one of 128 sound programs in any individual bank. The
X5(D/DR) & 05R/W has two banks of sound programs (A,GM) and therefore needs
someway of selecting between these two banks. Therefore it also responds to Bank
Change Messages, which are formed from two previously undefined Control Change
(C.C.) messages, one for the Most Significant Byte (MSB) and one for the Least
Significant Byte (LSB). The C.C. for MSB is ‘0’and the C.C. for LSB is ‘32’. (Please
note that these Bank Change Messages still need to be combined with a Program
Change to make the Bank Change valid.)
The following table shows how the X5(D/DR) & 05R/W responds to Bank Change
cc00 cc32 Prg Ch Bank
00 00 00-99 A
56 00 00-127 GM
62 00 00-15 GM
62 00 16-23 GM
62 00 25
62 00 32-39 GM
62 00 40-47 GM
62 00 64-71 GM
62 00 26-31 GM
62 00 48-55 GM
Also, make sure that the Program Change Filter in Global Mode is set to ‘ENA’.
- To do this:
- Press ‘Global’ to the right of the screen.
- Press ‘Page +’, until Screen ‘02A CH/CLOCK’ will appear.
- Press ‘? Cursor’ twice, to arrive at screen ‘3C FILTER1’. In the lower left of the
screen, make sure that ‘PROG:ENA’ is displayed.
- If ‘PROG:ENA’ is not displayed, use the cursor buttons to make the PROG variable
flash, then use the ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ buttons to change the value to ‘ENA’.
You can actually indicate the bank change in a single number with most softwarebased sequencers. This is achieved by multiplying the MSB by 128 and adding the
decimal value of the LSB. Hence, if the MSB is '56' and the LSB is '0', then to get the
Bank Change number, you would multiply 56x128=7168 then add '0' (LSB) which
would =7168 (incidentally the Bank Change message for the normal GM bank.)
Section X3
Question I've got a lot of unfinished work on X3 format floppy disc and was
wondering which of the more recent and new Korg machines (if any) the disks are
likely to be compatible with?
Answer The only keyboards that are compatible with the X3 are: The X3R (rack
unit) X2, N364 and N264. Saving in SMF format may have helped you out
Section X5(D/DR) & 05R/W
Question I've forgotten how to do a complete factory reset on our X5D keyboards.
Can you refresh my memory please?
Answer All you have to do is go into Global Mode and press 'Page +' until you get to
screen '05A'. Then make sure that 'Pre-A All' is showing and cursor to the right to
make 'OK' flash. Then, press 'Yes' or 'Value ^' twice, to reset the machine.
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