PROFORM 400 lbs. Gas Can Scale (part no. 67646) Main features

PROFORM 400 lbs. Gas Can Scale (part no. 67646) Main features
PROFORM 400 lbs. Gas Can Scale (part no. 67646)
Main features and parts
1. Aluminum weighing pad with LCD display control unit.
2. Backlit LCD Display.
3. Capacity of 400.0 lbs. (181.50 kg.)
4. Recorded max weight per session feature.
5. Display unit operates with battery power (4 AA).
6. Display measures in lbs. and kg.
LCD display control unit
Operating instructions
1. Carefully open the display unit battery door, insert 4 AA batteries into the battery
pack and close the door.
2. Power on the scale by pressing the On/Off button. Wait until the display shows all
3. The display reading will automatically Tare to show 0.0 lbs. if there is weight on the
scale during power on.
• Press Tare button to zero the display if it does not show 0.0.
4. The scale is now ready to take a measurement.
5. Optional Feature: Press the Function key to switch the display between Peak
(showing “PEAK”) mode and Normal (showing “BAK”) mode. In Peak mode the
display will show the recorded maximum weight measurement for the session.
Normal mode displays the current actual weight on the scale.
6. Press the Backlight button to turn the LCD backlighting feature on and off.
7. Press “On/Off” on the display unit to power off the scale.
If the display shows “L Bat”, replace the batteries.
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