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The TW Steel Canteen Automatic takes its energy
from the movement which your watch makes on your
wrist. The longer you wear the watch, the longer it will
store the movements in the form of energy.
The maximum reserve amounts to approximately 40
hours. This means that the watch shows the time for
up to 40 hours when it is not worn. If you do not wear
the watch for some time, or if you start to use the
watch again, you can also wind it up by hand to get
it started. Do this as follows: unscrew the crowncap
anti-clockwise. Turn the small crown clockwise and you
wind up the movement.
! Remember that a few turns are enough, and do
not overwind the watch. Then screw the crowncap on
the crown clockwise.
wind up the
the date
The Canteen Automatic has a
rapid date adjustment. This rapid
adjustment works as follows: You
unscrew the crowncap by turning it
anti-clockwise. You then pull out the
small crown with one click. When you
have reached this position, you can
move the date by turning it clockwise.
Then press the crown towards the
case. Next screw the crowncap on
the crown by turning it clockwise.
! We strongly advise you not to
change the date between 22.00 and
02.00 h. as it can damage the date
You unscrew the crowncap by turning
it anti-clockwise. You then pull out
the small crown with two clicks. This
must be done carefully. By turning the
crown, you can now set the desired
time (please note that the second
hand stops, when you start turning
the crown).
Then press the
the time
crown towards the
case and screw the
crowncap on the
crown by turning it
TW Steel uses the best materials and
carries out strict controls before the
watch leaves the factory.
The way in which you wear or treat
your TW Steel will determine whether
the appearance of the watch is
maintained in the future, or whether
it will deteriorate. In order to enjoy
wearing your TW Steel as long as
possible, we include a number of tips:
If the watch comes into contact with
hard or corrosive materials, this can
cause damage, which, if it occurs
regularly, will become clearly visible in
the form of scratches.
Your watch should be cleaned
with a soft cotton cloth that is not
impregnated with any cleaning material.
Absolutely no cleaning materials
should be used. It is advisable to
regularly polish your watch with a soft
cotton cloth. The watch is a precision
mechanical instrument and should be
treated as such. Adjusting the time or
date, opening or closing the crown or
crowncap, should not be done roughly,
but carefully.
• Miyota Automatic movement
Cal. 8215 with shock absorber
• 21 jewels
• Reserve energy 40 hours
• Winding component runs on ball
bearings with 21.600 A/h
• Date indicated with rapid adjustment
• 10 ATM water resistant
• Case and clasp: solid stainless steel (316L)
• Deviation allowed of app. 20-30 seconds per day
• Deviation can be influenced with the positioning
of the watch. You can place the watch:
- 1: date dial side up
- 2: 6 o’clock side up
- 3: 9 o’clock side up
- 4: 3 o’clock side up
Please find out yourself what works
best for your watch.
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