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Case study
Technology leader
strengthens security
HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, HP Printing Security Advisory Services
provide review, recommendations for more secure environment
•Build on MPS foundation to gain continuous
improvement in enterprise security
•HP Managed Print Services
•HP JetAdvantage Security Manager Software for
comprehensive policy-based print security
•HP Printing Security Advisory Services for
comprehensive review and recommendations for a
more secure printing environment
IT matters
•Establish policy-based, centralized control over
more than 2,000 devices in the global print
•Strengthen information security with HP Access
Control secure pull-printing authentication
software for more than 100,000 users
•Add software solution for secure printing with
mobile devices
Business matters
•Strengthen information security
•Power continuous efficiency gains through ongoing
optimization, streamlined workflows
“HP is recognized as one of the
very few leaders in the industry
that have the security capabilities
required for a global print
– Global Print Manager, leading technology company
Silicon Valley is the hub of U.S. technology companies
recognized for fostering innovation. The efficiencies of MPS
are helping the company enable continuous improvement in
enterprise security. With information security a top concern
of corporations worldwide, this company is strengthening its
print security. It engaged with experts at HP for an HP Printing
Security Advisory Services comprehensive review to assist
with developing a cohesive printing security strategy and
recommend solutions.
Customer at a glance
Global print infrastructure of technology innovator with more than 100,000 users
•HP JetAdvantage Security Manager software for comprehensive, policy-based print security
•HP Access Control
HP services
•HP Managed Print Services
•HP Printing Security Advisory Services complete review and recommendations for a secure
printing environment
Case study | Client descriptor
Supporting this technology leader is a
worldwide print infrastructure of more than
2,000 HP LaserJet and PageWide printers used
in every facet of the business. Nearly a decade
ago, the company engaged HP MPS to help
gain control over its print environment. With
HP MPS, the company is now able to customize
solutions for security and document workflow.
With information security a top concern of
corporations worldwide, the company is
strengthening its print security not only from
traditional vulnerabilities—such as sensitive
documents left sitting on print trays—but
also new vulnerabilities that come with digital
HP Printing Security Advisory Services
The company engaged with experts at HP
for an HP Printing Security Advisory Services
review to assist with developing a cohesive
printing security strategy and to recommend
solutions. HP JetAdvantage Security
Manager Software supports the strategy
with a streamlined, policy-based approach
to securing and helping maintain the security
of printing and imaging devices. The global
print manager says that HP is in a position of
strength with strong security solutions and
advisory services.
Print users access devices with personal
identification numbers (PINs); one way to
access a printer is with a simple badge swipe.
Pull printing, meanwhile, enables users to send
a print job to the network, and then release
and retrieve it from any enabled device—
decreasing the risk and waste of unclaimed
documents. Secure pull printing is provided
by HP Access Control Secure Pull Print, which
controls the authentication process.
The technology leader relies on its HP MPS
relationship to remain at the leading edge of
innovation, with transformative solutions and
service offerings.
According to the global print manager, only
a full suite of HP solutions could enable
what its users can do today. The company’s
relationship with HP demonstrates what you
can accomplish when you have a vision, write it
down, segment it into projects, and go after it
in collaboration with the right industry experts.
The Global Print Manager concludes, “HP is a
proven leader in the industry that maps very
well to our needs.”
Learn more at
Secure pull printing with user authentication
is the best practice for the company today.
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