Walking Fit Pedometer
P-110 Panic Pedometer
The Walking Fit Pedometer comes with instructions on how to operate the pedometer, but just in case if you need a
refresher, here are some of the key points to remember about the pedometer and how to operate it.
Setting the Clock
Press MODE until the time appears on display
Press and Hold SET until the hour flashes
Press RESET until the correct hour is displayed;
then press SET.
Wait for minutes to start flashing
Press RESET until the correct minutes are
displayed; then press SET.
The level of sensitivity can be changed on the back on
the pedometer by toggling the white switch between
two levels.
Wearing Your Pedometer
Hold open the belt clip and slide the pedometer onto
your belt or the top of your pants or skirt. It should fit
snugly and above the knee. It should be positioned as
close to the center of your thigh as possible.
Setting Up Your Pedometer
Viewing Your Results
• To record your distance, you will need to set your
stride length.
Once you put on your pedometer it will automatically
begin counting your steps, distance, and calories.
Repeatedly press the MODE button to cycle through
the pedometers modes.
Finding Your Stride Length
• Your stride length is the length of one of your steps
– measured “toe to toe”.
• Walk ten steps with your normal stride and measure
the TOTAL DISTANCE in inches.
• Divide the TOTAL DISTANCE by ten and that is
your stride length!
Setting your Weight and Stride Length
Display Modes
• STEPS-TODAY: Counts steps taken since last reset,
reset daily to count each day’s steps.
• DISTANCE: Shows the total distance you have
walked or jogged since last reset.
• CALORIES: Shows amount of calories burned since
last reset.
• Press MODE button until step counts appear (right
after CLOCK).
Resetting Your Pedometer
• Press and hold SET button until screen displays LB
and INCH setting (numbers below LB will flash)
• Press RESET to input your weight; then press SET.
• Reset your pedometer daily.
While displaying STEPS, or ACTIVITY TIME,
press and hold RESET button for at least 2 seconds
to reset all of these to zero.
• Wait until the numbers below INCH flashes.
• Press RESET to input your stride length; then press
SET. Setting the Sensitivity
Replacing The Battery
When the display starts to dim or goes blank it is time to replace your battery. To replace, unscrew the battery cover
and replace with 4 new 1.5V batteries.
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