Keyboard, mouse and audio switch
is an advanced multi-platform keyboard,
mouse and audio switch. It allows up to four computers to be
Key features
▪ 4 channel keyboard, mouse and audio switch
controlled from a single keyboard and mouse and will mix or switch
▪ Audio switching or mixing
four audio sources to one pair of powered speakers. It is designed
▪ SaverSync™ for synchronized screen savers
for professional use in mission critical applications where reliability
▪ Support for smart cards
and security are paramount.
▪ Link multiple K4u+ switches to control extra
computers from single keyboard and mouse
Any combination of USB, PS/2 and legacy Sun format computers can be
connected to the
If required, the
also supports PS/2 keyboards. Users
can switch channels using mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, the optional K4
controller, or the intuitive Mouse Point® system. The
provides intelligent
management of screen savers, and optional hardware support for Smart Cards.
The K4u+ is specifically designed to enhance system security by preventing
channel cross-talk or key-stroke recording. Unlike cheaper less reliable switches,
▪ Share a channel between two K4u+ switches;
two users control a single shared computer
▪ Support for 5 button mouse & wheel mouse
▪ Hot-plug port for USB peripherals
▪ ‘Feature connector’ port for optional features
▪ Multi-color front panel LED status indicators
▪ Robust metal case
K4u+ firmware can be upgraded at any time (remote scheduled updates are
Channel changing
supported), ensuring you always have the latest features and best performance.
▪ Via keyboard, mouse, or optional K4 controller
With 20 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of KVM switches, the
▪ Via Mouse Point® - automatic channel changing
K4u+ is the very best available. If you need a totally reliable, completely secure
▪ Auto skip unused channels (active sensing)
(Tempest level B) keyboard and mouse switch for a mission critical application,
Easy configuration and maintenance
the Amulet Hotkey
is the only safe option.
▪ Supports any combination of USB, PS/2 and
legacy Sun® computers
▪ Flash programmable; remote scheduled
firmware updates via USB link
▪ Configured by DIP switches on underside of case
▪ Can be powered from attached computer
▪ Enhanced security - designed to prevent
channel cross-talk and key-stroke recording
▪ Tempest level B secure versions available
K4u+ front panel
K4u+ rear panel
solutions you can bank on
EMEA Sales
+44 (0)20 7960 2400
The hot-plug port (K4u+ front panel) lets you connect a USB peripheral such as a
printer, camera, or memory stick to an attached computer. The K4u+ provides a transparent
connection through to the attached computer. This connection can be fixed to a specific computer
or switched by the user between computers. When a device is connected to the hot-plug port, the
N America Sales
+1 (212) 269 9300
corresponding computer detects the device and, if possible, loads the associated drivers.
Where corporate policy insists screen savers remain active even when computers are
attached to switches such as the K4u+, this can adversely affect workflow. If the keyboard and
APJ Sales
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+61 431 930 884
Defence and Security
Head Office
Amulet Hotkey Ltd
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Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 6TQ, UK
+44 (0)1626 837900
mouse remain switched to a single computer for long periods, other attached computers are left
idle causing their screen savers to activate so vital data is no longer visible. SaverSync prevents this
problem by ensuring screen savers on attached computers only activate when keyboard and
mouse activity on all channels through the K4u+ stops for a given period.
The K4u+ is available with hardware supporting common smart cards and
associated USB readers. The K4u+ manages the card reader connection to the attached computers,
simplifying the login process. Contact Amulet Hotkey Sales for details.
This device plugs into the K4u+ and provides
a simple alternative method of changing channels. It has a
simple illuminated switch for each channel and is small
enough to sit on or near the keyboard. Available as an
Technical Support
Europe: eurosupport@amulethotkey.com
N America: ussupport@amulethotkey.com
K4 Controller. Sits next to keyboard.
option to special order.
allows users to switch channels from one
computer to the next by dragging the cursor to another
screen. Mouse Point is easy to set up - a configuration
utility lets you quickly specify how a user’s screens are
arranged - and works with single or multi-headed
workstations. For Windows computers only.
The K4u+ is not a video switch, so
Mouse Point. Drag to change channels.
monitors must remain connected to the computers. To
show which monitor is currently being addressed by
keyboard and mouse, optional LED indicators below each
monitor illuminate to show which monitor has focus.
Available as a special order only; subject to minimum order
quantities and extended lead times. Contact Amulet
Hotkey Sales for details.
Focus Indicator LEDs below monitors
Mouse Point configuration application
12V 125 mA external power brick
(Switch only) Less than 5W
4 x 6-pin Mini-DIN socket
4 x USB type B
4 x 3.5 mm Stereo audio socket
Towards greener computing
6-pin Mini-DIN socket Note: PS/2 mouse not supported.
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4 x type A
K4u+ Datasheet 2.2 June 2015
1 x 3.5 mm stereo audio socket
1 x USB type A USB 1.1 support
1 x 9-pin Mini-Din socket
Via USB or 1 x D9 socket
1.4 Kg (3.0 lbs)
3 Kg (6.5 lbs)
Conforms to relevant parts of EN55024, EN55022 and FCC Part 15b
TEMPEST level B versions available by special arrangement.
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