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IIT MOBILEPRINT Mobileprint integrates with existing OTS printing system to enable user to print documents, images and email messages using email client or a web capable devices. This include smartphones, tablets, as well as laptops and desktop, regardless of their operating system. This mobile printing technology is part of Uniprint system by Pharos that is used for managing OTS printing system. This service is tied to the existing OTS printing system and your printing credits will be used for printing with Mobileprint. Mobileprint support Black & White and Color printing only. It does not support Plotting. This document is step by step guide to print using Mobileprint. Mobileprint Workflow Email Submission Client Email Server
OTS Release Station
Job Ready Confirmation
IIT User
OTS Mobileprint
User Releases Print Job
Web Submission OTS Printers
Mobileprint Web release
Prerequisites 
myIIT portal account Printing account with sufficient printing credits Mobile & tablet device (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile) with active email client. Mobileprint email address You will need to email your MobilePrint jobs to Supported Document Types The supported documents type that can be send for printing are listed below. Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook OpenDocument Comma Separated Adobe Rich Text format Test Files Image formats .doc, .docx, .dot .xls, .xlt, .xlsx, xltx, .xltm, .xlsm
.msg, .eml .odt, .ods, .ott, .odp, .odg, .odf
.cvs .pdf .rtf .txt .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .tif, .tiff
Page 1 of 14 Email Client Mobileprint has been tested on the following email clients:  Apple Mail (for iPhone and iPad). Mobileprint supports iOS 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x  Android versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.x  Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013  Google's Gmail  Microsoft Hotmail  Yahoo! Mail Print Submission There are two ways of submitting your print job through MobilePrint. 1.
Email Print Submission Web Print Submission Email Print Submission 1.
Compose a new email: You can submit a job by sending it by email to either in the email body or as a file attachment. You can also forward an existing email to MobilePrint. New Email Submission 2.
Forward Email Submission You can use the third party apps to open a documents and attach it to email (Application print submission). You can use the Photos App to attach files to be sent as email. We tested HopTo on iOS to attach documents stored in cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) to be sent as email. Below is the detais of using HopTo. Page 2 of 14 a.
Open HopTo, and connect to your Google drive. Connect Google Drive Log in to Google b.
Login to google drive, select the IIT google account ( or, Accept HopTo to Accept HopTo terms and policies. Page 3 of 14 c.
Once connected your Google Drive will show green bar with check mark. You can now browse to the document you want to print. Google Drive Connected Page 4 of 14 Browse to your document d.
Long press the documents and choose the email option to send your document as email to Long Press document to activate email option Page 5 of 14 Send email to 3.
Mobileprint will acknowledge the print job submission by sending you a return email showing a list of submitted documents. It also contains instruction on how to release the documents. If your email address is not recognized by Mobileprint (not yet registered in the system), you will receive an emailed response with detailed steps for registering your email account with Mobileprint (Refer email registration). 4.
Release documents (Refer Releasing print job). Email Registration 1.
First time users who submit documents to print via email will receive a reply email indicating that they will need to complete their email registration with MobilePrint. This email contains detail instructions on how to register an email address with MobilePrint. Page 6 of 14 2.
Clicking the “Click to register your email address” link opens the Mobileprint Web Release website. The user will be prompted to enter their myIIT portal ID and Password. 4.
The "User Profile" opens and shows the email address from which the user sent the jobs from and will automatically be added to the list of registered email addresses (click “+” sign). ??? The user receives a confirmation email to verify that they made the registration request to Mobileprint. Page 7 of 14 6.
The user clicks the confirm link within the email message, and will be immediately redirected to the Mobileprint Web Release website. Note: 1.
Email registration is required only once for each user account. If a user has submitted using the same email address, the next time the user prints, registration is no longer required. If you are required to register, please note that your first email job will not be processed during the registration process and you will need to resubmit that job. Web Print Submission Mobileprint enables users to upload document to Web Release website for printing without going through email print submission route. The details process of web print submission are explained under Web Release section. Releasing your job to a printer The job will be queued in the OTS Printing System for 48 hours and is ready for release. If you do not release it within the 48 hours the job will be automatically deleted. Users can release their queued print jobs using Web Release or Print Release stations. Web Release Web release is a web application that allows users to submit print jobs, release print jobs and check account balance. It can be accessed at Web release also offer the following feature which are not available when releasing a print job through print release stations: a. Enables users to submit their print jobs to the OTS printing system from their devices (mobile, PC, Mac). b. Release print jobs from any supported mobile PC or Web browser. c. User can preview how documents will look before printing d. Allow users to modify the job attributes (simplex/duplex, black & white or color, number of copies, 2‐
up) for MobilePrint submitted jobs at print time. The following section explains the detail steps for the web upload and release process. This section assumes that the user has all the required pre‐requisites as explained above. Fig web release page with login id 1.
Click on the hyperlink in the MobilePrint Notification reply email or Log on to the Mobileprint Web Release website ( from any supported web browser with your myIIT portal account. Page 8 of 14 2.
After you successfully login, you will see the list of submitted documents ready to print. It shows both the jobs sent via Mobileprint and those sent through IIT Remote printing package. It also shows your available printing balance. 3.
If you do not see your documents under job, then click the “Refresh” button to refresh the job list. Page 9 of 14 4.
You can also uploads documents to print by clicking the “Upload a document” button and browses to where the documents are stored, then click the “Refresh” button to add the document to the list. Choose document to upload Page 10 of 14 5.
Click Refresh You can now select the OTS printer to send your jobs by choosing it from the drop down list at the bottom of the screen. The printers are named according to the following convention: “Two‐Character Building Code_Room Number_Printer Type_Printer Number” (e.g., the black and white printer #2 located in Crown Hall Room # 001 is named, “CR001_BW_2”). Click “Print select a printer” Page 11 of 14 6.
Search for a printer There will be no printer selected the first time you print from a device. On a mobile browser, you will need to tap the Printer icon to open the search browser. On a desktop browser, the user has to click the Select a Printer dropdown list box to show all the available printers. If the desired printer is not on the list, you can search for it by typing the printer name. A list of all printers available are listed under Printers and Printing Release Station section. Mobileprint stores a record of recently selected printers during a logon session only. When the user logs off from Web Release, the cache of recently selected printers is lost. Page 12 of 14 7.
Once you select the job to print, you can also preview, delete, and change the documents options (e.g. Print in color, single‐sided, double‐sided) before printing. This can be done by clicking the specific document that you want to modify and then clicking the desired document option found just below the user name. Choose “Color” and “Both side” Preview Job Page 13 of 14 8.
You can check the cost of printing, check if the balance is enough to print the job otherwise you will not be able to print. Note: The Web Release interface shows both the jobs sent via Mobileprint and those that are sent by Remote Printing .Take note that you can change the attributes of jobs sent via Mobileprint only. It is not possible to change the document options of print jobs by Print Release Station. All MobilePrint jobs released using a print release station will be printed in Black and White. 9. Then click Print or Print All and collects the printed document(s). 10. After printing the document, it is recommended that you logout from the Web Release website by clicking "Logoff" from the User Profile name next to the Total Balance. Print Release Station To release print jobs from OTS printing Release Station follow the following steps. 1.
The user walks up to a release station Move the mouse around to activate the login screen. Login using myIIT username and password, Once you have logged in successfully, you will see your jobs in the print queue. You might not see all the jobs you sent because each location support certain types of printing (B&W or B&W and Color depending on the location). You can check the cost of printing, check if the balance is enough to print the job otherwise you will not be able to print. Then click Print and collects the printed document. The current list of print release stations can be found at Limitation 1.
Mobileprint will ignore email messages body that is less than 200 characters and it will be discarded. Third party applications: You can email a document directly for printing if the mobile app has email option. Dropbox creates secure links and send it as email rather than attaching the file to the email message and will not work with MobilePrint. To print your files from cloud storage providers like Dropbox you would need to open these files with a mobile app that supports attaching the actual file to email message sent to MobilePrint. We tested HopTo on iOS devices and it works well with MobilePrint. Each email submission supports a maximum of ten file attachments. Only the first 10 attachments will be processed and the others will be discarded by MobilePrint. Each user can submit a maximum of 100 email print submissions per day. You could notice a slight difference in color job charging between MobilePrint print jobs and directed printed jobs in OTS Labs because of a different charging mechanism used by MobilePrint. Based on the printing system load you could receive email message that the system is too busy. In this case please resubmit your jobs to MobilePrint or trying printing directly from OTS Labs. Questions If you have any further questions or issues using Mobileprint, please open a support ticket with the OTS Support Desk located at Galvin Library Upper Level or contacting them at, 312‐567‐3375 Page 14 of 14 
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