Lee Valley Tools - Delta Throat Insert (3-3/4" x 13

Lee Valley Tools - Delta Throat Insert (3-3/4" x 13
Delta Throat Insert (3-3/4" x 13-3/8")
The following instructions were provided by the manufacturer.
*Fits: Delta and other saws with a 3-3/4" x 13-3/8" opening.
Disconnect saw from power source before fitting or removing insert.
Always wear safety goggles.
Be sure blade is not in contact with insert before switching on.
Do not attempt to tilt the arbor while the blade is in the insert! The blade will bind,
causing severe damage and possible injury! For bevelled cuts, a separate,
dedicated insert must be prepared. Pre-set the angle and then proceed as
instructed below.
Insert must be securely clamped down with a board before plunging blade up
through it to cut kerf.
If using blade stabilizers, check clearance before raising blade.
Installing and Fitting Your Insert
Lower the blade completely.
Place insert in table with pin at rear and starter pocket located over blade.
Run levelling screws down until insert is stable and flush with table top.
Back out side adjustment screw and front end adjustment screw to achieve a fit
that is snug yet removable.
If the insert will not go down flush with table top because it is resting on top of
blade, then raise up using levelling screws until insert is sitting steady slightly
above table top. This should provide adequate clearance for blade.
Splitter: If your saw has a splitter, you'll need to cut a slot at the rear of the insert
to accommodate it. Trace the outline of the slot from your original metal insert and
cut with bandsaw or hacksaw. Leave the bridge between the splitter and the blade
slot as thick as possible.
Cutting the Blade Slot (Kerf)
Check that insert is fitted properly and that blade is clear. Using a stick, reach
under the table and rotate the blade manually to check for blade clearance.
Fully cover the insert with a board and clamp at each end to the table saw top.
Reconnect power to saw. Switch on. Slowly and cautiously raise blade up to cut its
way through the insert. Keep hands off of table top, stay clear and wear
goggles. Raise blade to maximum height at this time.
Lower blade, turn off saw and remove board. Your insert is now ready for use!
Important Tips for Use
Only recommended for use with carbide-tipped cutters.
Dado Blade — Use same procedures outlined above, but use additional caution
due to excessive material being machined from insert during the slotting
Under certain conditions your saw blade may generate an undesirable scraping
noise. Planer type blades and/or excessive arbor run-out and/or blade distortion
may be causing intermittent contact with insert slot. To remedy this, remove the
insert and slightly widen the slot using a file or sanding paddle.
Ideally, a separate insert should be used with each blade, dado stack, or angle
setup. This will ensure a true "zero-clearance" effect and give you maximum
benefit from your inserts.
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