Cut Off Saw

Cut Off Saw
Cut Off Saw
AgSafe Safe Work Procedure
1. A full face shield must be worn for eye protection at all times while
working with a cut off saw
2. Hearing protection must be worn at all times while operating a cut off saw.
A minimum standard will be insert ear-plugs. When operating a cut off saw
for long periods of time earmuffs will be worn.
3. Prior to starting the saw ensure that all of the guards are in place and
operational. Do not remove or tie off the blade guard for any reason.
4. Prior to starting any work ensure the immediate area is clear of slipping
and tripping hazards.
5. Do not operate the saw if the blade is worn down past the 50% mark.
Doing so can cause the blade to shatter and send small pieces flying in
different directions.
6. If using a gas powered cut off saw, prior to operating check for the
a) there is adequate gas in the tank
b) the gas cap is securely in place
c) the blade is securely in place
7. If using an electrical cut off saw, prior to operating check for the
a) the cord is not damaged
b) the cord is not causing a tripping hazard
c) the blade is securely in place
8. Upon completion of the job return the cut off saw to the storage area
therefor not causing a tripping hazard.
Please use the following Safe Work Procedures as a guideline to
building your own safe work procedures.
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