Updating the ScreenBeam Firmware

Updating the ScreenBeam Firmware
Updating the
This chapter details the procedures to upgrade the ScreenBeam firmware. The first
section details updating the ScreenBeam firmware if you are using ScreenBeam
with a Windows 7/8 computer; the second explains how to update the firmware on
the ScreenBeam Display Adapter if you are using Miracast or WiDi.
Updating Firmware on Windows 7/8 Devices
This section explains how to update your ScreenBeam firmware if you are using
both the ScreenBeam Display Adapter and Transmitter with a Windows 7/8
1. Make sure that ScreenBeam is disconnected. Then, right-click on a profile
from the main ScreenBeam window and select “Check for updates…”
Updating Firmware
2. Another window appears, checking for available updates.
3. The check completes, and displays whether an update is available. If there
is, click Update now.
4. The Display Adapter’s firmware update is performed first.
ScreenBeam Wireless Display Adapter Kit
5. The firmware is transferred to the Display Adapter. Do not power off the
Display Adapter during this transfer.
6. Once the firmware transfer is complete, the Display Adapter reboots. If
there are more updates available for the ScreenBeam application, click Next.
Updating Firmware
7. The ScreenBeam application update setup files downloads.
8. When the download is complete, click Update to upgrade the installer and
follow the onscreen instructions.
The Display Adapter’s firmware has been updated, as well as the Screenbeam
ScreenBeam Wireless Display Adapter Kit
Updating the Display Adapter Firmware Only
If you are using ScreenBeam with a Miracast or WiDi device, use the following
procedure to update the Display Adapter’s firmware.
1. Download the latest ScreenBeam firmware for SBWD100A.
2. Extract the “install.img” from the zip file.
3. Copy “install.img” file to a USB flash drive in its root directory.
Note: Do not use a portable USB hard drive. Use a USB flash drive only.
4. Plug the USB flash drive into the USB port on the ScreenBeam Display
5. Unplug the Power connector from Display Adapter.
6. Press and hold the Reset button on the Display Adapter with the tip of a
7. While holding the Reset button, plug the Power connector into the Display
Adapter and wait.
8. When the Upgrade message appears on your HDTV screen, release the
Reset button.
Note: Do not power off or remove USB flash drive while the Display
Adapter is upgrading.
9. Wait until the upgrade completes and then remove the USB flash drive.
The ScreenBeam Display Adapter’s firmware is now upgraded.
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