Sartorius Combics Pro The new terminal with more application

Sartorius Combics Pro The new terminal with more application
Sartorius Combics Pro
The new terminal with more
application performance
turning science into solutions
Combics Pro – it’s basically better
Operation of the Combics Pro terminal is very
straightforward. Color-supported, clear texts
for operator guidance are a visibly new
feature, and new programming approaches –
for non-programmers as well as professionals
– are a highlight as well. Take our word for it:
EHEDG won’t be able to find fault with our
hygienic design.
Programming made
easy – in high-level
language (IEC61131)
or via graphic
elements. Programs
will work even without well-established
programming skills.
Find your way around
without losing time –
you’ll have complete
control of all the
operating elements,
and all results are
displayed in a large,
clear readout.
Quality housings begin
with a quality material: IP67-rated stainless
steel. The housing is
designed so that there
are no “dirty corners”
and the terminal can
be easily and reliably
You’ll always find
the right interface –
whether in the
network or for pointto-point connection.
It’s your choice.
The four elements of the new Combics Pro terminal
Hygienic design in accordance
with HACCP and EHEDG
Simplest programming via
clear, graphic symbols
Intuitive prompts for operator
guidance via the large color
You know what level of quality
you require in production – we
know that your processes have
to run flawlessly. The best is
just good enough to avoid
errors that have wide-reaching
Worldwide programming
support available at all times
We’ve taken all the requests
and demands that we’ve gathered and analyzed in the past
and implemented them in the
new Combics Pro. In the
process, we considered how a
premium terminal today should
– and can – prove leadership
quality in the premier league.
No matter what your individual
requirements and demands are,
Combics Pro is “completely” in
its element in every case.
Service Plus
– Wherever questions arise,
whenever you need service,
we’re nearby… all over the
– Support provided during
and after startup
– Support for connection to
higher-ranking systems
– Programming provided by
Sartorius (engineering)
Electronic features
– State-of-the-art processor
– Built-in fail-safe power
– Optional 24V power supply
– Integrated verifiable memory
– 2nd internal scale function
– Up to 62 additional external
scales can be connected
into creating a simple programming structure. For those users
with less programming experience, programs are created via
graphic function modules –
step by step. Programming in
high-level language (IEC61131)
is just as transparent. Editable,
prefabricated Sartorius software modules are additional
components in a clear-cut
structure – with the objective
of making work easier and
more reliable.
Effective immediately, our field
representatives are available to
demonstrate this terminal to
you. With its top performance
features, it has certainly earned
first place in the premier
league. The new Sartorius
Combics Pro is waiting for you!
Fully graphic
of programs
More application
Programming cannot and
should not be viewed as a book
with seven seals. That’s why
we’ve put considerable effort
Software | applications
– Data memory for databases
– Programs are flashed into the
EPROM, not burned in
– Simple, consistent operating
philosophy for all applications
– Standard application programs available, e.g., Count
(counting, checkweighing,
totalizing) or Batching (manual recipe, automatic batching), or Phase (manual recipe,
automatic recipe and batching, with connection to the
Batch-management system
– Software tools (Power Tools)
for configuring printouts,
loading programs into the
terminal, transferring and
editing databases, storing
data on the PC, remote operation on the PC and simple
translations of text shown in
the display
Clean terminal
– AISI 304 stainless steel, IP69K
protection rating
– Alphanumeric keypad with
scratch-resistant overlay that
keeps its shape
– Hygienic design without
corners or edges
– Cable glands (direct plug-in
connectors possible)
– Can be installed in a control
Power Tools
As soon as you’ve installed and
started up the Combics Pro
terminal, you’ll have highperformance function packages
at your fingertips. It’s your
guarantee for a smooth start
and operation that is free of
Handling Pros
– Simple, intuitive prompts
for operator guidance in the
language of your choice
– Clear organization of keys
and controls so that you can
find your way around fast
– Large color display enables
clear viewing of weight
readouts and information
– High-contrast, backlit,
graphic display
– 20 mm | 35 mm-high weight
readouts can be clearly seen
at greater distances
– Color bar graph display
(yellow | green | red)
– Large keys featuring highcontrast labeling, positive
click action and acoustic
– Modular interface technology
with digital and analog input
and output
– RS-232C, RS-485, and RS-422
serial interfaces
– 6 interfaces can be connected
– Connection for PS/2 keyboard
comes standard
– Bar code scanner can be
– Can operate in a network
– Ethernet (TCP | IP and
– Profibus DPV1 | Interbus |
You can choose from:
FlashIt – for real-time updating and extension of the terminal controller software
SNLE – for creating reports,
labels and more
VNC Viewer – for operating
the terminal via a PC
poEdit – for changing all text
displayed on the user interface
ConfigureIt – for backing up
data and ensuring operability
AccessIt – for creating and
editing terminal tables on
the PC
Digital input|output
Ethernet (TCP|IP and
Analog input|output
RS-232C, RS-485 serial
Connection for
PS/2 keyboard
Can be connected
in a network
Bar code scanner
can be connected
Profibus DPV1|Interbus|
Color graphic display with
320 + 240 pixels, backlit, 20 mm digits
plus status icons, bar graph
Data interfaces
Bidirectional RS-232C,
Ethernet and PS/2 installed
as standard equipment
Digital non-reactive interface
In accordance with EN45501
Additional data interfaces
Optional (2 + A/D converter,
RS-232C, RS-485, RS-422, analog
inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs,
Interbus, Ethernet, DeviceNet)
Housing material
Protection rating in accordance
with 60529
AISI 304 stainless steel
Front plate: IP67
Back panel: IP30, IP69K available
as an option
Dimensions (width + depth + height) 377 + 260 + 145 mm
Temperature range
–10°C to +40°C
Power supply
100–240 VAC (–15/+10%),
48–62 Hz, 14.5 W/19 VA
Power cord length
Net weight (approx.)
3.8 kg
In accordance with EN61326+A1
Class A (IEC61326+A1)
Immunity to interference
In accordance with EN61326+A1,
industrial areas (IEC61326+A1)
Electrical safety
In accordance with EN61010-1
(IEC 101-1), EN60950 (IEC 950)
Order no.
Application Kits
Phase application kit: for manual and
automatic batching and recipe management,
with S88-Interface for connection to the batch
management system ProBatch+ (for Combics
Pro the option E6 (OPC-Server) is automatically
delivered additionally, free of charge
Counting application kit: checkweighing,
totalizing, 6,000 product memories,
10,000 tare memories
Batching application kit: manual recipe,
automatic recipe, material-, recipe and order
data base, enhanced report function
Electrical accessories
Bar code scanner; with power cord,
120 mm scanning width YCC03-BR02 adapter
cable required
Cable junction box, stainless steel, for connecting
up to 4 weigh/load cells in a platform or for
external installation PR 6130/64S
I/O relay module for 12 relay outputs and
6 inputs PR 1613/20
Other accessories
In-use dust covers (pack of 2)
Cable gland for cables with diameters of 4.5
to 9 mm, IP67 protection rating, M16 +1.5
Application software
Interface modules
Analog/digital converter, incl. grounding plate,
Internal Alibi memory (license), PR8901/81
OPC server (license), PR1792/13
Power Tools, PR8001/01
Sartorius NICE Label Express software for flexible
configuration of printouts on a PC and transfer to
the operator terminal or scale
Serial interfaces, (RS-232C/485), PR5510/04
1 analog output/4 analog inputs, PR5510/07
BCD-out open emitter, PR5510/08
Plug/socket set to connect platforms
to the indicator
BCD-out open collector, PR5510/09
IP69K kit
6 control inputs/12 control outputs, opto/opto,
Kit for installation in a control panel
Ethernet, 10M baud, PR5510/14
Front plate for flush mounting
Profibus, PR1721/31
Stainless steel wall retainer
Interbus, PR1721/32
Floor-mounted column, height: 1.1 m
DeviceNet, PR1721/34
Stainless steel floor-mounted column,
height: 1.1 m
CC-link, PR1721/35
Printer and printer accessories
Mechanical accessories
Base for installing the floor-mounted column,
stainless steel (4 bars)
Verifiable strip/label printer with thermal direct
print head; accommodates paper widths up
to 60 mm, with external 100–240-volt power
supply, power cord required: YCC03-D09M6
Retainer for bar code scanner; for attachment
to floor-mounted column, bench stand,
or complete scale retainer
Verifiable strip/label printer with thermal
direct print head; accommodates paper widths
up to 108 mm, with external 100–240-volt
power supply, power cord (EU+US); can only
be used with the flexible printout configuration
function; power cord required: YCC03-D09M6 YDP12IS-0CEUV
Verifiable strip/label printer with thermal
direct print head; accommodates paper widths
up to 108 mm, with external 100–240-volt
power supply, power cord (EU+US); can only
be used with the flexible printout configuration
function; power cord required: YCC03-D09M6 YDP12IS-0CEUVTH
Verifiable strip/label printer with date
and time functions and statistics program;
power cord required: YCC03-D09F6
Plate for attaching a printer to the
floor-mounted column or bench stand
We offer an extensive range cables for various requirements
Sartorius AG
Weender Landstrasse 94–108
37075 Goettingen, Germany
Phone: +49.551.308.0
Fax: +49.551.308.3289
Sartorius AG reserves the right to make changes to the technology, features, specifications and design of the equipment without notice. Printed in Germany. Printed on paper that has been bleached without the use of chlorine. W/sart-241 · G
Publication No.: WCO1008-e08022 · Order No.: 98649-006-36
Combics Pro terminal: high-contrast, backlit,
color graphic display with 320 + 240 pixel
resolution, alphanumeric keypad with ABC input,
5 soft keys, RS-232C, Ethernet and PS/2
standard interfaces. Optional: 6 additional
interfaces can be plugged in
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