automatic electronic bathroom scale

automatic electronic bathroom scale
Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing this product. Please
read these instructions carefully to take full
advantage of your product.
e Do not disassemble the scale as incorrect
handling may cause injury.
e This product is not intended for professional
or medical use; it is intended for private use
e Clean with a lightly dampened cloth without
allowing any water to get into the device. Do
not use solvents or immerse the product in
e Avoid excessive impact or vibration to the unit,
such as dropping the product onto the floor.
* Important : If the appliance is moved before
weighing or between two weighing sessions,
reinitialize the scale (See “Initialisation”).
* Once the display has disappeared, wait 10
seconds before stepping back onto the scales.
(Renew this operation between each weight
* Insert the battery(s) in the battery
compartment, making sure that the polarities
are correct, and/or pull the plastic tape to
initialise the batteries for the first time. Remove
the battery(s) if the product is not in use for
an extended period.
The scale needs to be initialised at the first
time of use, each time it has been moved
or after battery replacement. Place the scale
on a hard, flat surface. Press briefly and
sharply with your foot in the middle of the
platform. The display reads 0000 or - - - -, then
the scale automatically turns off. Your scale
is now ready for use.
If your scale has a conversion switch, you can
change the measuring units from metric to
imperial or vice versa (i.e. KG/ST/LB) by simply
adjusting the conversion switch located on
the under-side of the scale.
e = Autostop =
Warning indicators
----|Overload; remove weight immediately
Lo |Battery failure: replace it.
Dispose of used batteries in a designed
container so that they can be collected and
recycled. Do not mix different types of batteries.
Do not mix new and used batteries.
After life, dispose of this product at a
designated waste recycling point.
This product is guaranteed against defects in
materials or manufacturing. During the
guarantee period, any such defects will be
repaired free of charge (proof of purchase must
be shown in the case of a complaint under
guarantee). The guarantee does not cover
damage resulting from improper use or
negligence. In the event of a claim, first contact
the shop where you purchased the product.
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