SPRAYIT SPRAYIT SP-54002 SP-54002 2500-psi 2.4-GPM Portable Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer Instructions

SPRAYIT SPRAYIT SP-54002 SP-54002 2500-psi 2.4-GPM Portable Cold Water Gas Pressure Washer Instructions | Manualzz
1. Remove Pump Oil Cap, check Pump’s oil level and add SAE 30W oil if low. Replace with Pump Breather Plug. (Figure 1)
Running without the pump breather plug can cause pump damage. (See oil fill instructions in manual or on product label.)
2. Check Dipstick for Engine oil level (Figure 2). Fill Engine with proper amount of oil if dipstick indicates
low oil (Figure 3). Use SAE 10W-30 oil for air temperature of 32° For above, SAE 5SW-30 below 32° F.
Fill Fuel Tank with 89 or higher octane unleaded gas mixed with fuel stabilizer (not included).
3. Connect and turn on water supply. Turn the pressure regulator counterclockwise to lower
the output pressure Point Spray Nozzle in safe direction and squeeze trigger to release
all pressure from the pump(Figure 4).
4. Turn the red ignition switch to ON position (Figure 5).
5. Turn the Fuel Valve Lever (Gas pump symbol) to its OPEN position (Figure 6).
6. Set Throttle to slow (turtle symbol) and turn the engine choke lever to its
CHOKE position for cold start. Set the choke lever in the 1/2 CHOKE
position when starting a warm engine (Figure 6).
7. Grasp the starter handle, and pull slowly until resistance is felt (Figure 7).
While holding the handle, allow the starter rope to rewind slowly. Then, pull
the starter handle with a rapid, full arm stroke. Once again while holding the handle,
allow the rope to rewind slowly. Repeat as needed until the engine starts.
8. After the Engine starts and warms up, slowly move the Choke Lever to its RUN position (Figure 6).
IMPORTANT: Allow the Engine to run at no load, low pressure for five minutes after each start-up so Engine can stabilize.
9. Move the throttle up to operating speed (Fast) EXCEPT DURING OPERATIONAL BREAK-IN PERIOD (Figure 6).
Turn the pressure regulator clockwise to raise the output pressure as needed.
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Breaking-in the engine will help to ensure proper equipment and
engine operation. The operational break-in period shall last about
3 hours of use. During this period: Do not apply a heavy load to the
equipment. Do not operate the engine at its maximum speed.
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