Speco LS DVR Video Export
Speco LS DVR Video Export
1) Select the camera you want to record and press the COPY button on the
front of the DVR.
2) Log-in using Admin as the name and 1234 as the password (Names and
passwords may be changed by installer at initial installation.)
3) Close the Clip Copy screen when it appears.
4) Use the ◄◄ or ►► to go to the start of the video to be exported. Once you
determine the beginning of the video clip, press the copy button on the
front of the DVR. Forward the video with the ►► button on the DVR to
the end of the video clip (Press the ►► button to speed up the video if
desired.) The Clip Copy screen will be displayed with the date and times
you selected and the camera(s) you have selected.
5) If you want to export additional cameras, press the ◄❙or ❙► button until
the „Channels‟ button is highlighted and press the >/❙
❙button. Press the
◄❙ or ❙► to highlight the desired camera(s) and press the >/❙
❙ button to
select the highlighted camera(s). Click on “OK” when finished selecting
the cameras.
6) Click on the Start button at the bottom of the screen. Press Start when
the DVR warns you that the recording speed might decrease.The DVR will
then initialize and calculate the size of the video to be exported.
7) The DVR will prompt you to “continue”. Selecting “continue” will start the
recording of the requested video to the CD/DVD burner in the DVR.
8) Once complete, the DVR will eject the CD/DVD. You should be able to play
the exported video in any PC.
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