Resetting Firmware Guide for SmartLink and TMax Tuner Software

Resetting Firmware Guide for SmartLink and TMax Tuner Software
Resetting Firmware Guide
for SmartLink and TMax Tuner Software
If you have observed a new or unusual performance anomaly with your ThunderMax equipped
motorcycle, there is a possibility that the module firmware or map has become corrupt. Module
firmware or map corruption can occur during ThunderMax installation or operation of the
motorcycle, when there is a surge or spike in power voltage.
The following procedure should be performed to determine if additional troubleshooting is
required. This process will fully re-program the ThunderMax ECM and clear any learned changes
the system has stored. Our experience has shown that this “clean sheet” approach will resolve
many performance anomalies related to the ThunderMax system on a motorcycle.
To perform this process, you must have the most current software version installed on your
computer, and the latest firmware file downloaded into the software. You will need an internet
connection to update the software and download the firmware.
Please Note: Use of a computer with strained resources or insufficient free memory will increase
the possibility of data corruption when communicating with the ThunderMax ECM. It is the
responsibility of the user to ensure that the computer used for map loading, map adjustment or
firmware installation meets the minimum system requirements.
First, confirm that you have the latest software version. From the toolbar, click Configure >
SmartLink Update or TMaxI Software Update > Check. The system will inform you if a later
version is available. If so, download and install the software update by following the on-screen
Second, verify that you have the latest firmware stored within your ThunderMax software for
transfer to your module. Follow these steps: Click Configure on the toolbar, then Firmware >
Check for Firmware Upgrade. Highlight the firmware file with most recent date and click OK.
The firmware file will be downloaded.
Third, Update your base maps library by clicking from the main toolbar EFI Maps > EFI Map
Listings / Definitions. Close the Base Map Definitions window and select Check Internet for
Updates from the next window. If new base maps are found, follow the prompts to download.
You are now ready to refresh the firmware and module map in your ThunderMax module. An
Internet connection is not required for this task. You must be linked to the module to perform
these steps. Close any open programs on your computer except for your ThunderMax software.
If any of these processes are interrupted for any reason, start over at Step 1.
Step 1. Make a note of any Diagnostic Trouble Codes & then Clear the codes. From the
Tuning Maps Tree, click Module Configuration > Diagnostic Codes > Clear
Diagnostic Codes.
NOTE: For motorcycles with cable operated throttle, it is normal to see a code counting for
EGO Front & EGO Rear when the engine is NOT running.
Step 2. Load the latest version of firmware to your module. From the main toolbar, click
Configure > Firmware > Upgrade Module Firmware Now (follow the prompts exactly).
Step 3. Install the correct Base Map from the software (see tuning manual for further
instructions to choose the correct map).
1. Go to “EFI Maps” in the Main Tool Bar, then click “EFI Map Listings and Definitions”.
2. To locate the closest matching Base Map, sort by Map element specifics using the right click
function of your mouse (see installation instructions located in “Help” menu).
3. Select the desired map by double clicking anywhere on the base map definition line.
4. Select “Load Base Map” from the Base Map Name Encoding window.
5. On your motorcycle, turn the Run switch and the Ignition switch to the “On” position.
6. In the Main Tool Bar, go to “Map Editing” and then “Write Module Maps and Settings”.
7. Go to “Map Editing”, then “Clear Learned Idle Control Adjustments”.
This step does not apply to Throttle-By-Wire systems.
8. In the “Tuning Maps” tree, go to “Module Configuration” and then “Basic Settings” to
confirm the correct Speedo-Cal value for your year and model motorcycle.
Initializing the Module
For ThunderMax Systems on Motorcycles with Cable-Throttle Control
1. With the Run switch in “On” position, cycle the Ignition switch 30 seconds on and 30 seconds
off - 3 times.
2. Start the engine. Allow the engine to warm up to operating temperature, without touching
throttle (around 250 degrees).
Click above to watch the video on-line!
For ThunderMax Systems on Motorcycles with Throttle-By-Wire Control
1. Turn the main power and run switch “On” for 20 seconds, uninterrupted.
2. Cycle the main switch “Off” and “On”, and then start the engine.
3. Let the motorcycle idle on its own for 15 seconds and shut off. Restart and allow engine idle to
operating temperature (around 250 degrees).
Click above to watch the video on-line!
During engine warm-up, remain linked to the ThunderMax module to monitor the engine
temp. When finished, (1) un-link the software, (2) turn the engine off, and then (3) disconnect the
cable. The motorcycle is now ready for a test ride and review.
If you have questions or require additional assistance, start by reviewing the condition of your
new tune in the TMax Control Center (on the software’s Main Tool Bar) or you may transmit
the module data through the TMax Auto Support function (on the software’s Main Tool Bar).
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