Every Station Needs a High-Quality PA System…or Two

Every Station Needs a High-Quality PA System…or Two
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Every Station Needs a High-Quality
PA System…or Two
Fender Passport Deluxe 250-Watt PA System
If your promotions department is going to keep clients happy and get noticed at local events, you’ll
need a couple of professional PA systems. The Fender Passport Deluxe PD-250 is a totally self-contained
sound system complete with a self-powered 4-channel mixer, 2 full-range speaker units, 2 microphones
and all the necessary connection cables. Setup takes no more than five minutes and the audio
performance is excellent. The Deluxe system now sounds more like a home theatre than a PA system.
It features a speaker array co-developed with the Bose Corporation, with four speaker drivers per cabinet.
pd250 Features:
• 250 watts of pure stereo power at 8 ohms (125 WPC)
• 6-input mixer: four mic/line, two mono/stereo line
• Sophisticated one-touch equalization and digital reverb with remote bypass
• Tape out jacks for performance recording; onboard storage for mics/cables
• Auxiliary send and return jacks and amplifier send and return jacks
Our Fender monster package (#PD250PACKAGE) starts with the PD-250 PA system and adds two Fender
speaker stands and two microphone boom stands with their own carrying bag, two additional straight mic
stands, two additional P51 Fender mic/cable kits, and foam windscreens for your mics. An incredible deal!
250-watt Deluxe PA system
250-watt Deluxe PA package
List $999.99
List $1,555.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Fender PassportDeluxe 150-Watt PA System
The smaller Passport P150 (not shown) provides 150 watts of power (75 watts per channel) complete with
a self-powered 4-input mixer, 2 full-range speaker units, one dynamic cardioid microphone and all the necessary
connection cables. And it only weighs 28 pounds! The PD-150 system features the same technology as the larger
PD-250 (above) with incredibly detailed sound. Features include: three mic/line inputs plus an additional mono/
stereo input; sophisticated one-touch equalization; digital reverb with remote bypass; and more. Check it out at
150-watt Deluxe PA system
List $699.99
only $49999!
Your System
with Passport
Fender Passport
Deluxe Plus
PA Systems w/ CD Player
Fender Passport PA Accessories
Brand new, these Fender PA systems build on the same Deluxe systems above and
include a built-in CD player. Choose either the 250-watt PD250PLUS or the 150-watt
PD150PLUS. With the PD250PLUS you get all the same controls that made the
Passport PD250 the best-selling PA around, such as a 6-channel mixer (4 Mic/Line, 1
Stereo, 1 CD-Player), a docking connector for passport wireless receiver (not included),
controls on mic channels 1-4 (Level, Low, High, Rev/Aux, Pan), master reverb control
and more. And of course, incredible sound co-developed with the Bose Corporation.
The new CD player includes all the controls you need to incorporate it into your gig:
Level, Low, High, Rev/Aux, Balance, Eject, Play/Pause, Stop, Mode, Previous Track/
Rewind, and Next Track/Fast Forward. Along with the PA system, you get two P-51 mic
kits, each featuring a professional cardioid low impedance dynamic microphone, 18 ft.
microphone cable, mic clip and carry pouch; two 27 ft. speaker cables (extraordinary
feedback rejection in the PA system allows the speakers to be placed behind the user,
eliminating the need for separate monitor speakers. The speakers come with 1-3/8"
speaker stand adaptors built-in). Note: The Passport PD250PLUS and PD150PLUS will
not operate with the optional 12VDC-DC converter and BATTERYPACK.
PD250PLUS 250-watt system with CD player List $1,149.00 $84999
PD150PLUS 150-watt system with CD player List $849.99 $59999
from $599.99 ea!
For mounting speakers up high, order the ST275 black aluminum tripod stands
(extends to 8 ft.) Pair with travel bag. Fender also offers a ST280 package of two
speaker stands and two microphone stands at a great low price.
The P51 (not shown) is a cardioid dynamic handheld microphone with cable.
The 12VDC-DC converter enables the Passport system to operate on 12-volt battery
power – use with the BATTERYPACK rechargeable 12-volt DC battery pack for the
ultimate in portability.
The TRAVELPACK consists of a specially fitted luggage cart and padded travel
cover to make transporting a snap.
The PDBRACKET is a wall mount speaker bracket (sold as each).
The PDCOVER is a padded, water-resistant cover for PD250 or PD500.
Speaker tripod pair
List $169.99
Speaker tripod/mic stand pairs List $229.99
Handheld mic and cable
List $69.99
12-volt adaptor
List $149.99
BATTERYPACK Rechargeable 12-volt power
List $199.99
Cover and travel cart
List $119.99
Wall mount loudspeaker bracket List $29.99
Padded, water-resistant cover
List $49.99
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Fender Passport Deluxe 500-Watt PA System
Here’s the latest and greatest Fender PA System! This 500-watt stereo system offers an
8-channel mixer, one-button Feedback Killer to eliminate feedback on all channels, 48-volt
phantom power on six mic channels!, and selectable digital effects in a portable 53 lb.
package. Both of its speaker cabinets feature two 8" woofers, a titanium compression driver,
and a horn for a wide frequency range, and it contains all the mics and cables you need to
quickly get the show on the road.
• 500 watts stereo, (2 X 250 Watts) 8 ohms per speaker cabinet; 8-channel mixer
• Mic channels 1-6 controls: Level, FX send, Monitor, Pan, Treble, Bass, 20dB Pad
• Line channels 7-8 controls: Level, FX send, Monitor, Balance, Treble, Bass, Mono
• Monitor Out (1/4") with level control; Tape Out (dual RCA jacks) with level control
• System includes 2 cardioid dynamic handheld microphones and 18 ft. cables
List $1,999.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Fender Passport Economical 80-Watt PA System
The Fender Passport P-80 portable sound system is packed with easy-to-use features at a low price.
Weighing in at only 27.5 lbs, it’s easy to carry, and set-up is a snap. The Passport P-80 provides dependable
high-quality sound in an affordable, portable package. Highlights include a Vocal Input Priority circuitry
that automatically lowers all other signals in the system when you speak into the microphone; One Touch
EQ; and specially designed speakers that maximize projection and clarity without feedback.
ocking connector for Passport
• 80 watts output at 4 ohms with included speakers • D
wireless receiver
• 2 mono microphone/line inputs with XLR and
• 1-3/8" stand adapters provided
1/4" balanced input connections
• 1 cardioid dynamic microphone, one 18 ft. mic
• Tape input with 1/4" TRS and RCA connections
and two 20 ft. speaker cables
• 16-bit digital pro reverb
• Microphone/cable storage compartment
Portable PA system
List $599.99
only $36999!
Kustom Profile 2RB 300 Watt PA System
This powerful PA System is loaded with tools to sculpt your sound and comes with a roller bag
for carefree travel. Boasting a 5-channel, 300-watt powered mixer (150W per channel stereo),
an 8-band master EQ, a 24-bit digital processor with 16 effects, and an innovative cabinet design for
enhanced sound projection, the Profile 2RB can handle most any sonic situation to come your way.
All 5 mixer channels sport balanced XLR and 1/4" combo inputs (with stereo inputs on channel 5),
along with monitor volume and stereo panning controls. Each speaker cabinet features 2 heavy-duty
8" speakers, plus a neodymium compression driver for crystal clear projection.
• 300W (150W per channel stereo) 5-channel
powered mixer
• 8-band master EQ with sub frequency and
subwoofer controls
• 2-band (bass and treble) individual channel EQs
• Discrete Stereo AUX channel with 2-band EQ
Kustom Profile One
100-Watt PA System
Similar to the Profile 2RB above, you’ll appreciate the
comforting, compact size and incredibly big sound in
the Profile One (not shown). In addition to its 100-watt
amp, the 24-bit digital system includes easy-to-use
special effects. Four balanced XLR inputs, with phantom
power, allow you to use every type of microphone
available, even condenser microphones. Five line level
inputs accommodate instruments or other audio feeds.
Load everything into the included Profile One roller bag
and you’re off! Speaker stands available separately.
List $649.99
only $44999!
Speaker stands (each)$2399 ea.
PROFILE1RBPKGBSW PA system package with
4 mics, 4 stands, 2 speaker stands, cables and more
List $1,099.00
List $949.99
• Stereo Mic/Line-In Inputs (1/8")
on AUX channel
• 24-bit effects processor with 16 effects
• Double Take vocal-doubling effect
• Phantom power, effects loop
• 2 heavy-duty 8" speakers per enclosure
only $66499!
Speaker stand (each) $2999 ea.
So Good, It Took 3
Manufacturers to
Put it All Together
JBL ESystem15 Complete PA System
The ESystem15 is a complete 8-channel powered sound system so
good that no one company could build it all! Start with a pair of
JBL EON15-G2 speakers, featuring 400 watts of biamplified
power (300 watts LF and 100 watts HF). Then add a
Soundcraft EPM8 mixer, featuring 8 mono input channels
plus two stereo inputs; 2 aux sends, each globally
switchable pre- or post-fader; 60 mm faders; 3 band EQ;
precision GB30 mic pre-amps; and individual channel mutes. To
complete the system, a pair of AKG D88S dynamic hypercardioid
microphones are included. Rounding out the package
are four 25 ft. XLR cables for hooking it all together.
List $2,729.00
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Take a Yamaha
PA With You.
Save a Bundle.
500-Watt PA
Yamaha StagePAS
300-Watt PA System
Yamaha’s StagePAS 300 PA system has the power to go with you no matter where your gig takes you. By
combining a built-in powered mixer and two PA speakers it lets you set up a professional sound system
in minutes! Crisp highs. Punchy mids. Big, fat bass. The StagePAS 300 delivers a remarkably clear, powerful sound.
For minimum stage clutter, the built-in powered mixer can be left inside the storage compartment of one speaker
during operation. Speaker cables are included, too. There’s even a convenient storage compartment in the other
speaker box for packing the included power cable. The built-in amplifier puts out a full 150 watts of power into
each channel. This provides you with the sonic muscle you need to fill small- and even medium-sized venues. The
mixer also provides connections for two sets of stereo inputs for keyboards or CD/MP3 players, as well as a digital
reverb for adding a rich ambience to your voice.
BSW’s StagePAS 300 Package adds four Audio-Technica ST95MKII dynamic microphones, four mic boom stands
and four 25-foot XLR cables. To conveniently mount the StagePAS speakers, you get two Yamaha ADP138 stand
mounts along with two of our best-selling On-Stage Stands speaker stands (with carry bag). This package also
includes the handy Yamaha BMS10A adaptor to give you the option of mounting your StagePAS mixer unit to a
mic stand for quick accessibility. It’s everything your remote gig needs except the high price!
List $699.00 $54999
STAGEPASS300PKG List $1,355.76 $79900
ADP138 Special stand mount for affixing StagePAS speaker $1500 each
package only $799!
Yamaha’s new
StagePAS 500 is a
lightweight, easyto-use 500-Watt PA
system boasting
a pair of highperformance
2-way passive
speakers and a
built-in 10-channel
mixer powered by dual 250-watt
amps. It sets up in seconds,
while offering excellent sound
quality and versatility with plenty of advanced
features to make the most of your performance.
• Complete 500-watt PA system: weighs less than 53 lbs.
• 2 top quality speakers with 10" LF and 1" HF drivers
• Detachable 10-channel powered mixer
• 4 mono mic/line inputs (XLR and 1/4") with switchable
phantom power; 3 stereo line inputs (RCA and 1/4")
• Main speaker, Monitor and Record outputs
• 2-band EQ on every channel; Limiting/Compression
on channels 1 and 2; Reverb on channels 1-4
List $1,249.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
YBSP500 Rolling soft case for STAGEPASS500 speaker $
7900 each
(need to buy 2)
300 PLUS
PA System
The 300 PLUS
portable PA by
Califone delivers
30 watts and a
2-way speaker
for enough volume to reach a small indoor
audience. Balanced XLR and 1/4" mic inputs,
along with 1/4" and stereo RCA line ins, let
you use just about any audio source. Just grab the builtin handle and go! The optional MB350 wall or tripod
mounting bracket easily adjusts to multiple angles.
List $200.00
only $149!
Mounting bracket
Mackie SRM150
150-Watt PA System
This ultra-compact PA system features a 150-watt amplifier for
loud sound, a 5.25" full range, weather-resistant neodymium
driver, and a built-in three-channel mixer with two combo
XLR/line inputs (with true 48V phantom power). In addition,
you get a stereo channel for CD/MP3 players, and a powerful
3-band Active EQ. It’s perfect for small venues, or taking along
with you as your personal PA system. You get all this and more
in a unit that’s only 8x11 inches, and weighs less than 8 lbs!
List $389.99
only $29999!
Galaxy Compact PA System
Galaxy Audio’s compact 100-watt PA system is small but LOUD. It has line
and XLR mic inputs and a built-in compressor/limiter. 5" driver; 3-band EQ;
1/4" speaker out; post-EQ/level RCA out; built-in mic stand mount.
PA5X140 List $399.95
only $299!
Fender Personal PA System
This highly portable, personal sound system
is ideal for paging applications, tour guides,
classroom activities, crowd communications, jam
sessions and all situations where you need small,
portable voice amplification.
P10 Features:
• Portable – battery operated and only 6.5 lbs.
• Handheld dynamic mic and 3 ft. cable
• Battery, recharger and shoulder strap
• Power output is 27 watts mono
List $299.99
from $20999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Portable PA Systems
The EON15 G2 is a full-range professional
powered speaker with an integrated
amplifier with mic and line level inputs and
a Loop/Mix output. The 15" woofer has
more than 300 watts amplification and 100
watts are dedicated to the HF horn. Input 1
offers balanced XLR mono input (female).
Inputs 2 and 3 each offer a balanced 1/4" TRS jack. A loop/mix out connection is
included via balanced mono XLR output (male). The EON15 G2 also has built-in
limiting via a low-frequency amplifier controlled by dynamic filter.
The smaller EON10 G2 version features a 10" woofer and the same 3-input mini-mixer
as the larger EON15G2, with 125/50 watts biamplification.
Easily add the EONSUB G2 subwoofer for greater range of sound. It conveniently
accepts both balanced line-level input thru XLR and speaker-level input through a 1/4"
jack for use with amplified systems, making it an extremely flexible subwoofer ideal
for just about any setup. It provides 250 watts of low-end power to the 15" woofer
with a frequency range of 40 to 200 Hz. The SUB's cabinet was specifically designed to
securely hold the EON10 G2 using receptacles built into the top of the SUB.
EON15G2 15" woofer
List $929.00 $72900
EON10G2 10" woofer
List $669.00 $54900
LowestPrice from $549!
EONSUBG2 Subwoofer
List $849.00 $67900
The JBL EON 1500 passive PA speaker combines
incredible sound quality with easy transportability.
The 1500’s multi-angle enclosure lets you use it as a
front-of-house PA speaker or floor monitor with
dual angles.
only $410!
Road Ready
Get yourself up
off the ground!
Featuring modular
platforms and
8 inch risers that
easily fasten together using a unique
internal locking system, these stage setups can handle
weights up to 185 lbs. per square foot. The 6x6 ft. and 6x9 ft. platforms are
perfect for your marketing promo, road gig or any broadcast remote. Call and
get one or two set-ups for your station today. Larger stages available. Call for prices.
List $1,749.00
List $2,649.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Yamaha EMX
Powered PA Mixers
Yamaha’s EMX Series powered mixers deliver
powerful performance (dual 200, 300 or 500
watts) in compact and economical units. All
three mixers offer 12 input channels: four for
microphone (includes phantom power) or line
input, plus four pairs that can function either
as monaural microphone inputs or stereo
line inputs—providing you with a versatile
mix of input capabilities for a wide range of
applications. You also get 16 top-quality Yamaha
special effects – including reverb, echo, chorus,
flanger, phaser, and even distortion – that can
add the final touch to your live presentation.
EMX212S Dual 200-watt List $449.00 $36900
EMX312S Dual 300-watt List $559.00 $46900
EMX512S Dual 500-watt List $679.00 $56900
from $369!
SKJ-425 Speaker cable, 25 ft.,
1/4"-to-1/4", 14 AWG x 2 $2199 ea.
Yamaha crafts the new BR line of sound
reinforcement loudspeakers for both great
sound and affordability. High power woofers
provide amazing punch, and a pure titanium
1" compression driver assures excellent high
frequency performance. Each model’s large steel
handles, corner protectors, and built-in pole
sockets assure both durability and flexibility. BR
cabinets are carefully designed for the best
balance of small, easy-to-handle size and great
low-frequency response, using Bass Reflex
technology. High-frequency response is also
enhanced with a new titanium HF driver and 90°
by 40° non-resonant horn. The BR10 features a 10"
woofer and 250 watts power handling capability.
The larger BR12 has a 12" woofer and increased
power handling to 300 watts. Sold as each.
10" woofer List $249.00 $18900 ea.
12" woofer List $279.00 $21900 ea.
EON1500 List $510.00
6x6 ft. stage, 8" high
6x9 ft. stage, 8" high
from $299 ea!
Yamaha BR Series
Passive PA Speakers
• 15" 2-way speaker system
• 225 watts continuous power handling
• Parallel 1/4" and NL4 input connectors
• Fly points for wall or ceiling mounting
• Integral pole mount with securing
thumb screw
The Yamaha Club V Series speakers
up the ante with larger enclosures
for improved low-frequency
performance, improved drivers
for higher power handling,
redesigned crossovers, stronger
grilles, and dual Speakon and
1/4" connectors. The S112V has
a 12" woofer and 2" tweeter with
250 watts of power handling.
The S115V has a 15" woofer and
handles 500 watts. Both sold
as each. Then add the SW118V
18" subwoofer for more bass. It
handles up to 600 watts.
Sold as each.
S112V List $419.00 $29900 ea.
S115V List $479.00 $32900 ea.
SW118V List $649.00 $39900 ea.
JBL EON1500 Passive Loudspeaker
Yamaha Club V
Passive PA Speakers
from $189 ea!
Add Heavy-Duty
PA Stands
Ultimate TS80B Loudspeaker Stands
The Ultimate TS80B heavy-duty tripod speaker stand
adjusts from 3'8"-6'7" and features aluminum and steel
construction, and accommodates both 1-3/8" and 1-1/2"
sockets. 150 lb. capacity. Priced as each.
List $129.99
only $7999ea!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Build Your Own
Mackie PA System
Mackie Mixers with Built-In
Graphic EQ/FX
Perfect for taking with you on the road,
these popular CFX mixers have been
updated with an even more rugged
chassis and smoother Onyx knobs. You also
get built-in effects such as reverb, delay
and modulation for live applications. These
are passive mixers designed for powered
loudspeakers, such as the SRM450.
Available in 12-, 16- and 20-channel
models. See more product details at www.bswusa.com.
CFX12MKII 12-channel - 8 mic/line, 2 stereo line
CFX16MKII 16-channel - 12 mic/line, 2 stereo line
CFX20MKII 20-channel - 16 mic/line, 2 stereo line
List $649.00 $49999
List $779.00 $59999
List $899.00 $69999
from $49999!
Inclement Weather? Mackie’s
Got You Covered!
Mackie PA Speakers
Mackie Powered PA Mixers
Mackie has several tough, hit-the-road mixers with
plenty of power. Choose from the 6-channel mono
406M, the 8-channel mono 808M or the 808S, a
stereo model with 8 channels (6 mono, 2 stereo).
All are constructed with rugged injection-molded
chassis to resist virtually any impact, and each
features a real Mackie mic/line mixer section based
on their 1202 VLZ series (meaning more ways in and
out than, well, you make the simile). Each channel
has channel inserts, and there are two overall 9-band
EQs – one for mains, one for monitors. As with all
Mackie gear, the design and layout of these mixers is
absolutely straight-forward. Just grab ’em and go.
• 32-bit effects processor with 16 effects each with 2 controllable parameters
• Input gain control and inserts on channels 1-6
• 3-band EQ on each channel and phantom power
125 watts @ 8 ohms/6-channel mono
300 watts @ 8 ohms/8-channel mono 300 watts @ 8 ohms/8-channel stereo List $619.00
List $899.99
from $47999!
You’ll see Mackie loudspeakers
almost anytime you go to a outdoor event. That’s
because they’re built to handle the rigors of live sound
and road travel, but still offer the listening quality of
high-end studio monitors.
Mackie’s powered SRM450 features 12" LF and 1.75"
HF drivers, with 450-watts of bi-amplification (300
watt LF/150 HF). Dynamic Bass Boost delivers rich
lows even at reduced volumes. It additionally features
built-in electronic crossover, EQ, phase alignment and
protection circuitry. The SRM350 is a smaller powered
loudspeaker with a 10" woofer, and 165 watt LF/30 watt
HF bi-amplification. Priced as each.
Mackie’s passive C300Z features 12" LF and 1.75" HF
drivers, with 300-watt power handling capability. The
C200 is a smaller passive speaker with a 10" woofer.
Priced as each.
List $899.00 $69999 ea.
List $699.00 $54999 ea.
Passive/12" List $559.99 $42999 ea.
Passive/10" List $389.00 $29999 ea.
from $29999 ea!
Soundcraft GigRac 8-Channel Powered Mixers
GIGRAC 1000ST Features:
The powerful GigRac 1000 features expanded 3-band EQ on the
• Combined 1/4" jack/XLR inputs,
inputs, two 7-band graphic equalizers and 10 high-quality preset
four with phantom power and
digital effects. You can send its 1,000 watts of power to the mains in
20 dB pad; RCA inputs for
stereo, or split it 50/50 between the mains and the monitors (2x500W
CD player
power into 4 ohms). It’s packed with other features such as 8 main
• Studio-quality digital effects and
channels, pan controls for the inputs to the stereo bus, a stereo
musical graphic EQ
graphic EQ on the main output, and a 7-band mono graphic EQ on the • Independent main and
monitor output. It also sports 12-segment bar graph meters for
monitor mixes
both main and monitor outputs, and a stereo playback input. The
• Effects can be added separately
GigRac 600 features 2x300 watts of power into 4 ohms.
to the mains & monitors
GIGRAC1000ST List $636.00 $49900
LowestPrice from $399!
List $499.99 399
Rolls MA2152 Mic/Line Mixer with Built-in Amplifier
The Rolls MA2152 mixer/amplifier provides a compact and efficient way to mix up to
three RCA or 1/4" TRS line sources with one or two microphones (phantom power
included). Priority talkover is provided on mic 1 for paging, and on source 3 for a
jukebox, telephone, etc. The stereo power amp provides 70 watts/channel into
8 ohms, or can directly power a 25/70 volt line without an external transformer.
RCA record outputs and 5-way binding post speaker outputs.
List $558.00
only $385!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Behringer Loudspeakers and Powered Mixers
Deliver Maximum Bang For The Buck.
Behringer Passive Loudspeakers
Behringer makes really loud loudspeakers at a
price any organization afford. The B1220PRO
(12") and B1520PRO (15") loudspeakers are
geared toward professional PA applications,
but can also be used as floor speakers. Their
extremely versatile enclosure profile allows
different positioning: 10 & 35 degree cluster
and stacking mode or stand mounting
with 1 3/8" pole socket. Each with 800 watt
power handling.
If you want to add amazing low-end punch
to your sound, than look no further: with
the ability to handle 1,600 watts of bottomend grunt, there is no better way to create
that full live performance sound than
adding the B1800XPRO 18" subwoofer .
If you require a little less power handling,
the even more economical Performer E
series provides a similar set of speakers with
400 and 800 watt power handling and the same rugged
constructed to withstand years of road abuse. All priced as each.
B1220PRO 12"/800 watt power handling List $339.99 $22999 ea.
B1520PRO 15"/800 watt power handling List $369.99 $24999 ea.
B1800XPRO 18"/1600 watt handling subwfr List $439.99 $29999 ea.
12"/400 watt power handling List $219.99 $14999 ea.
15"/400 watt power handling List $249.99 $16999 ea.
18"/800 watt handling subwfr List $369.99 $24999 ea.
Behringer Powered Audio Mixer
from $14999 each!
Combine your new loudspeakers with Behringer’s
PMH1000 12-channel mixer for a powerful, full-featured PA
system. This mixer deliver 2x200 watts amplification (into 4
ohms) with all the functions of recording consoles: built-in
effects processor; stereo 7-band graphic EQ; and monitor/FX
sends/inserts on each mic channel and more.
PMH1000 List $379.99
Behringer Powered PA Mixers
The Behringer PMH880S features 10 channels
(6 mono + 2 stereo) plus stereo tape returns,
with 2 x 400-watt (into 4 ohms) amplification,
plus onboard digital effects!
• Two 24-bit effects processors with 99 effects
• 7-band EQ and Speakon outputs
• 8 mic preamps and balanced 1/4" line inputs
• Monitor send and two FX sends per channel
ono channels include a switchable
-30 dB pad
The PMH2000 provides 2 x250 watts of power
(into 4 ohms) at less expense.
PMH880S List $439.99 $34999
PMH2000 List $379.99 $29999
2-Pack Stands
Only $99 at BSW!
On-Stage Stands 2-Pack of
PA Speaker Stands with Bag
Get these rugged, adjustable speaker stands for your
PA system or stage speakers. Each will hold up to 120
lbs. The On-Stage Stands SS7761B is an all-aluminum
speaker stand so it’s extremely lightweight, yet durable
enough to be tossed about in the back of the road
truck (but you’ll be glad you got the FREE bag to
carry them to and from the stage). The reversibleshaft design may be used with either 1-3/8" or 1-1/2"
speaker cabinet inserts. Stand adjusts from 44"-80"
height. Base spread adjusts from 32"-48".
List $204.00
2 for only $99 !
from $29999!
only $29999!
Gator GPA720
Rolling PA Mixer Case
Gator has come up with a way to easily
move and protect your expensive powered
mixers such as the Behringer PMH880S or
Mackie 406M. The case is constructed
of 1/2-inch plywood then covered
with 600-denier ballistic nylon.
To protect the amp the interior
has been lined in a tricot material.
Large industrial size wheels and
pull-out handle give this case
the ability to move with ease.
Accessory compartment. Interior
Dimensions: 13" x 13-1/2" x 20";
Exterior 16" x 17" x 24".
GPA720 List $149.99
only $9999!
Behringer PA Speakers
Behringer now offers your choice of passive or active
PA speakers in these rugged stage speakers.
The passive models deliver excellent sound, even at extreme
SPLs. Both boast a powerful long-excursion driver (12" or
15") for super-low bass, a 1.75" compression driver for strong
yet crisp high-end, and a wide dispersion horn, as well as
comprehensive overload protection circuitry to keep them safe
from harm. You may stand mount them with 1 3/8" pole socket
or side-tilt position for use as a floor monitor. The B212 handles
125 watts continuous power into 8 ohms, and features a
12-inch woofer. The B215 handles 150 watts continuous with
a heavy-duty 15-inch woofer that will get any room throbbing.
The B212A and B215A active models add a built-in 250-watt
power amplifier (bi-amplified 200 LF/50HF).
B212 12-inch passive
List $219.99 $14999
B212A 12-inch, 250-watt amp List $339.99 $22999
B215 15-inch passive
List $299.99 $19999
B215A 15-inch/250-watt amp List $409.99 $27999 LowestPrice
from $14999 ea!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Electro-Voice ZX1
Passive PA Speaker
JBL MRX500 Series
Passive Loudspeakers
Lightweight. Heavy-duty. These loudspeakers
have the traditional quality you expect from
JBL as well as a few new tricks to make even
the oldest audio dogs sit up and beg. Sporting
powerful drivers and rugged enclosures with
16-gauge steel grilles, they offer professional
sound to the budget-conscious musician and DJ.
MRX512M: a two-way, bass-reflex speaker
for main PA /monitor applications, with a 12"
woofer, 1.5" neodymium compression driver,
70° x 70° horn, and a dual-angle pole socket for
applications requiring tripod mounting. 400
watts continuous power handling; frequency
range: 60 Hz–20 kHz; weight 33 lbs.
MRX515: a 15" version with 400 watts power
handling and frequency range
52 Hz - 20 kHz.
MRX518S: an 18" bass-reflex
subwoofer with extended lowfrequency output and a top
pole mount for satellite speaker
mounting. 500 watts continuous
power handling; freq. range: 40
Hz–200 Hz; weight 72 lbs.
MRX525: a two-way dual chamber,
bass reflex speaker with two 15"
woofers, and a 1.5" neodymium
compression driver mounted to a
70° x 70° horn. 800 watts continuous
power handling; frequency range:
40 Hz–20 kHz; weight 84 lbs.
MRX528S: a dual bass-reflex subwoofer with two 18" woofers, 1000 watt
continuous power handling; frequency range: 35 Hz–250 Hz; weight 121 lbs.
12"/400 watt power handling 15"/400 watt power handling 18" subwoofer dual 15"/800 watt handling
dual 18" subwoofer List $799.00 each
List $819.00 each
List $799.00 each
List $1,159.00 each
List $1,159.00 each
from $309 ea!
ZX1 List $340.00
only $285!
Electro-Voice SX300E
Compact Full-Range
Passive PA Speaker
The SX300E by EV is a compact
two-way 12-inch mediumthrow full-range PA speaker in
a rugged, black polypropylene
enclosure. You get 300 watts
continuous/1,200 watt peak
power handling and the SX300E
delivers over 125 dB continuous
audio. Proven, reliable EV components
including DL12BFH cast-frame 12-inch
woofer and DH2010a pure titanium compression driver provide longevity and
consistent audio performance. Parallel Neutrik Speakon input connections. A built-in
stand mount and inserts in enclosure allow the system to be safely suspended and
arrayed using a wide range of optional cost-effective hardware. Sold as each.
only $580 ea!
Gemini GX Series
Powered PA Speakers
The affordable Gemini GX450 PA speaker has lightweight
construction for easy transport and a trapezoidal design
for increased definition on vocal frequencies. 61.5 lbs..
JBL JRX Series
Passive Loudspeakers
JRX112M 12" woofer, 2-way stage monitor List $379.00 $30900 each
15" dual woofer, 3-way
List $569.00 $45900 each
18" subwoofer
List $569.00 $45900 each
• Extremely smooth, wide frequency response
• 8" high-output LF transducer /1" HF driver
• 200-watt continuous, 800-watt peak
power handling
• High sensitivity, 123 dB maximum SPL
• Built-In pole mount
SX300E List $665.00
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
The JRX series delivers the performance and
prestige JBL is known for at an affordable price
point. JBL kept everything that makes a speaker perform
and sound its best and eliminated anything else that was
unnecessary. The JRX112M (not shown) is a portable, 12",
two-way speaker designed specifically for live performance
stage monitoring applications. With enough sensitivity and
power handling to cut through the performance volume
onstage, the JRX112M has a smooth response so it can
deliver maximum gain before feedback. It also includes
JBL’s dual-angle pole socket making it equally at home as
a front-of-house speaker. 250 watts power handling and
frequency response 60 Hz to 16 kHz.
The JRX125 has dual 15" woofers. It’s actually a
"quasi three-way" design. This means that the upper
woofer covers lows and mids. The bottom woofer
uses a lower crossover frequency and covers only
lows, acting as a built-in subwoofer. So you get the
extra low-end of a dual 15" rig while maintaining
the superior mid-frequency performance of a
single driver system. 500 watts power handling and
frequency response 36 Hz to 16 kHz.
The JRX118S is an 18" subwoofer with 350 watts
power handling capability. Sold as each.
The ZX1-90’s unique port design gives rich low
frequency response without vent noise. Its high
output 8" woofer with a weatherized treated cone
delivers reliable low frequency performance. Its horn
gives 90° x 50° coverage with the added feature
of rotation, which lets you orient the ZX1 either
horizontally or vertically.
GX450 Features:
• Two-way loudspeaker with 15" LF driver
• Powerful 300 watts amplification
• Compression driver with 1.75" titanium diaphragm
• XLR input/output with a 1/4" line output
• Built-in mixer with 2 XLR mic and 1 RCA line inputs
The smaller GX250 has a 10" woofer and 150 watts
GX450 15" woofer List $499.95 $29995 each
GX250 10" woofer List $299.99 $17995 each LowestPrice
from $17995 ea!
Galaxy Micro Spot and
Hot Spot Compact Passive Speakers
The Galaxy Micro Spot was originally designed
for courtrooms and paging, but is perfect for
newsrooms. Its small size and vocal clarity allow
it to be placed in even the tightest areas and still be
heard clearly. The Micro Spot VC model features a front- HOTSPOT
panel volume control knob. Features: one 5" driver; 100
watts power rating. Yoke bracket stand mount included
for easy mounting. Two 1/4-inch jacks wired in parallel.
The Hot Spot and Hot Spot VC step up to two
5" drivers for 200 watts continuous power handling.
The Hot Spot VC adds a volume control. Stand adaptor
included. 1/4" and Speakon connectors.
Micro Spot w/volumeList $99.99 $6999
Standard Hot Spot List $169.99 $11499
HOTSPOTVC Hot Spot w/volume List $179.99 124 LowestPrice
from $6999!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Yamaha MSR400 Powered
PA Speaker and PA Subwoofer
If you look through
most audio catalogs,
you won’t find many
portable three-way
sound reinforcement
systems. Moreover,
there aren’t any
active three-way
systems designed
for smaller venues.
The unique Mackie
SR1530Z three-way
system can deliver
enhanced fidelity
and detail to vocals
and instruments
that fall in the critical
midrange frequency
spectrum. A three-way
system is perfect for
everything from live
pop performances, churches, or acoustic groups with vocal ensembles or string and
woodwind instruments – anywhere that accuracy and fidelity are important. Go online
for more details on the SR1530Z and the rest of the Mackie line. The SR Professional
Active models provide 300 or 400 watts low-end amplification. The SA Super Active
models provide up to 1,100 watts amplification. Both series with birchwood cabinets.
Two powered subwoofers are available to complete your system.
15", 3-way active speaker, 300W/100W/100W
15", 2-way active speaker, 300W/100W
dual 15", 2-way active, 400W/100W
dual 12", 3-way active, 1,100W/100W/100W
15", 2-way active speaker, 400W/100W
15", 3-way active, 1,100W/100W/100W
dual 15", 3-way active, 1,100W/100W/100W
15" subwoofer, 500W
18" subwoofer, 800W
List $1,299.99
List $1,029.99
List $1,549.99
List $2,059.99
List $1,159.99
List $1,699.99
List $2,299.99
List $1,259.99
List $1,699.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Tapco TH-15A 240-Watt
Powered PA Speaker
This bi-amplified active loudspeaker dishes
out 180 watts of low frequency oomph and
60 watts of high frequency zing along with
superb response from 20 kHz all the way down
to 40 Hz to give you great sound with plenty of
punch. Class D circuitry drives its custom, highprecision 15-inch woofer to great volume with
less heat, and its onboard electronics include
full system protection. The two-way bass reflex
(ported) design generates ample quantities of
chest-pounding bass, and its 1" compression
driver ensures smooth, wide dispersion. There’s
also a 3-band equalizer at the input to give
you plenty of tonal control, with an available
15 dB boost or cut at 80 Hz (for the Lows), 100
Hz to 8 kHz (sweepable Mids) and 12 kHz (for
the Highs). It also features Active crossover for
lightning quick accuracy, active compression
to protect the drivers, and thermal circuitry to
protect the amplifiers. XLR Mic/Line input and
pass thru. Weighs only 36 lbs.
List $469.99
only $34999!
BSW Offers Package Pricing.
Call Us For Your Discounted Price!
Here’s a new and powerful Yamaha PA
loudspeaker system! The MSR400 powered
speaker can be used alone or in combination
with the MSR800W powered subwoofer to
assemble sound reinforcement systems from
modest to massive. The MSR400 provides
225 watts to the 12" LF driver and 75 watts to
the 1.75" HF driver. It accepts nominal input
levels ranging from 36 dB to +4 dB, meaning
that you can directly connect any source from
microphones to professional line-level gear. Three
parallel-connected connectors are provided
– two balanced XLR-type connectors and one
balanced phone jack that can be used as either
inputs or parallel outputs. The MSR400 also
features an input level control for
matching with the source signal.
Low and high EQ controls can be
used to adjust the respective bands
over a plus-or-minus 3dB range.
The MSR400 can be stacked or
The MSR800W provides 500 watts
of power to the 15" LF driver to
deliver the elusive 40 Hz through
120 Hz frequency range with
precision and authority.
Both sold as each.
MSR400-CA List $699.00 each
MSR800W-CA List $1,099.00 each
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
Yamaha MSR100
100-Watt Powered PA Speaker
Compact in size but big in sound and versatile
features, the MSR100 packs a powerful sonic
punch – making it ideal for a wide range of
applications and fitting anywhere in your
stage setup. As a mixer, power amplifier, and
speaker system combined in a single, compact
unit, it’s perfect for small events. The 100-watt
power amplifier built into the MSR100 delivers
plenty of output, ensuring that you’ll be heard
with full dynamic range and clarity. An 8"
custom woofer handles the low end, while
a 1" pure titanium diaphragm compression
driver delivers the high frequencies. The horn
of the MSR100 provides a wide 90° x 40° sound
dispersion for optimum audience coverage. A
simple but effective mixer built into the rear
of each unit provides 3 inputs with master EQ
for precise sound control. The Input 1 mono
XLR connector accommodates almost any
microphone or line input (with a -50dB/+4dB pad switch), while
line sources can be connected by 1/4" phone jack to Input 2 and
Input 3 connectors. A variety of mounting options also let you
place it on a pole, suspend it from the ceiling, attach it to a wall,
or even safely stack multiple units on the floor. Sold as each.
List $479.00
only $369 ea!
On-Stage Stands Crank-Up
PA Speaker Stand
If you’ve ever had to set up a speaker stand by yourself,
you’ll definitely appreciate the Crank-Up speaker stand.
Height expands to 80 inches while holding speaker weights
up to 110 pounds. 1-1/2" top cap included. It can even be
raised/lowered with an electric drill. Fits most PA speaker
cabinets. Priced as each.
SS8800BPLUS List $161.00
only $10095!
order/info: 1·800·426·8434 • www.bswusa.com
Crown XLS Series Power Amplifiers
QSC RMX Series Power Amplifiers
The QSC RMX series amplifiers deliver high power to drive on-stage
loudspeakers. Features: front-mounted gain controls; independent,
defeatable clip limiters to reduce distortion; low-frequency filters (30 Hz or 50 Hz);
signal and clip LED; variable-speed fan cooling; balanced XLR, 1/4" TRS and barrier strip
inputs; binding post and Neutrik Speakon outputs.
The flagship of the RMX line, the RMX 5050 provides extremely high power
(1050 watts/channel into 8 ohms) and tremendous value, with advanced thermal
performance that delivers high continuous power; a dual mono, high-current power
supply for increased reliability and performance; a 3RU chassis that’s only 16" deep.
Note: the RMX 5050 runs on a 20 amp AC circuit.
200 watts/channel into 8 ohms
List $430.00 31900
280 watts/channel into 8 ohms
List $550.00 42900
RMX1850HD 360 watts/channel into 8 ohms
List $650.00 52900
475 watts/channel into 8 ohms
List $780.00 62900
1050 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $2,550.00 CALL
The XLS power amplifiers from Crown represents a new era in affordable, quality
power amplification. Choose from 200 to 500 watts of power at the best prices in the
industry – from a company you know and trust, Crown Audio! The XLS amps feature
efficient forced-air fans to prevent excessive thermal buildup; electronically balanced
XLR inputs; touchproof binding post and Speakon outputs; and six new LEDs which
indicate signal, clip and fault for each channel. 2 RU each model.
xLS202D 200 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $460.00 $29900
xLS402D 300 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $556.00 $39900
xLS602D 380 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $742.00 $49900
xLS802D 500 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $995.00 $59900
from $299!
from $319!
Mackie Power Amplifiers
These high-efficiency stereo amplifiers maximize every speck of power from standard
120/240v power outlets, delivering staggering wattage to your loudspeakers with
unsurpassed sound quality—up to 650 watts into 8 ohms. Boasting Class-H power,
built-in limiters, and Mackie’s acclaimed Fast Recovery and Adaptive Slew circuitry,
these amps will deliver the goods while being pushed to the limit hour after hour.
Alesis Power Amplifiers
The Alesis RA Series studio reference power amps feature convection cooling, low
distortion, 10 Hz–70 kHz frequency response, innovative styling and high-quality
amplification at a low cost. Stereo or bridged mono operation; rack-mountable. The
RA150 and RA300 are 2 rack spaces; the RA500 is 3 rack spaces.
RA150 45 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $259.00 $19900
RA300 90 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $359.00 $27900
RA500 150 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $459.00 $37900
• High-efficiency Class-H circuitry for more clean power and less destructive heat
• Adaptive Slewing Technology for fast transient response with minimal distortion
• Switchable 150Hz LPF/HPF for instant 2-way loudspeaker systems
M-2000 375 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $899.99
M-3000 475 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $1,099.99
M-4000 650 watts/channel into 8 ohms List $1,299.99
Call BSW For Lowest Price: 800-426-8434
from $199!
100-Watt, 1RU Power Amp
Behringer Power Amplifiers
ART Single-Rack-Space Power Amps
The ART SLA-1 is a robust yet compact 1 RU power amp engineered to provide clean,
quiet power with ultra-low noise and distortion. The SLA-1 is rated at 100 watts rms/
channel into 8 ohms, with hum and noise >100dB, and has an input impedance
of 22k ohm unbalanced (44k ohm balanced). It features a Toroidal Transformer,
XLR & 1/4" inputs, ground lift switch, fan cooled design, and power, clip, signal and
protect LEDs. In addition to a standard cooling fan, the oversized convection heat
sinks located on each side of the SLA-1 silently direct heat flow outside the chassis.
Temperature-controlled variable speed operation keeps the amp quiet and cool while
performing at lower output.
The SLA-2 delivers 200 watts of power. A tamper-proof faceplate is included for fixed
• Toroidal transformer
• Single-rack, rugged steel chassis
• Frequency response of 10 Hz-40 kHz
within 1 dB
100 watts/chnl into 8 ohms
200 watts/chnl into 8 ohms
• Power, clip, signal and protect LEDs
• Fan cooled
• XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs
List $299.00
List $399.00
from $199!
From the deepest bass all the way up to the most subtle highs, you will be amazed
at the clarity and rich sound from the Behringer EP series power amps. They have a
massive power supply with a low-noise toroidal transformer and lots of headroom.
Add an effective cooling system and you have trouble-free amps. The EP1500 offers
260 watts into 8 ohms. The EP2500 offers 450 watts into 8 ohms.
EP1500 260W/ch into 8 ohms List: $439.99 $29999
EP2500 450W/ch into 8 ohms List: $519.99 $34999
from $29999!
Behringer A500 160 Watt Power Amp
Don’t let the surprisingly low price fool you. This reference amplifier will give you true
audiophile performance while delivering up plenty of power for your speakers or studio
monitors. The A500 comes equipped with an independent thermal overload protection
system that automatically safeguards both your amplifier and your speakers. 160 watts
into 8 ohms, 2 x 230 watts into 4 ohms, 500 watts into 8 ohms in bridged mono operation.
List $299.99
(For studio monitor amplifiers, see page 143)
only $19999!
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