Panasonic MX AC300 Food Processor User manual

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Panasonic MX AC300 Food Processor User manual | Manualzz
Operating Instructions
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MIXER GRINDER 0,8 xy $bje 23400 145 y 2i9>Lh
| House Hold Use Ye delle Jil! lis Y |
Model No. yaa (Look! 3, MX-AC400 / MC-AC220
- MX-AC300 / МС-АС210$
Thank for purchasing Panasonic product. Please read these instructions before using
this Product and save this manual for future use, This product is intended for household
use only.
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Table of contents
Before Use
Safety Precautions
eer Eee Eee ee ee eee hee aera hee eee e nee eraeerareraeir adoro 2
Parts Identification... ——]] A arar e aIe О, 8
Safety Lock... a ear rare e erre TTrrra 10
How to Use
How to Assemble/Disassemble area rre rearme 11
How to Use ooo eee eee ee re era errar arriero. 12
Guide to FUNCtioNns errar rerere a e are erro. 13
To Use Long Life.
How to Clean... nin naaa ea ea e earrenerariarm arre eL, 16
Troubleshooting .................. ara aaa a ee raro ea raaraee arre ie 17
Circuit Breaker Protection aie 18
Specification a enenrrreraee eee aerea aran rrenerarreió, Back cover
Atlas ca
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=13925 Jas >
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Bnniniiirariareonenioreoeecrrerovenece race ear Orar nrnarerernarecere acero rare. > ás. 25
10 nnnnnninaonorenceneonranerreeareneeve reee near sance ane near ane na ca anne na aa nan den Мох! Lai
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[A ER EEE EEE R RR RER RER ER EER As gg SH aan lols ale
- Safety Precaution
or Se TL :
EA al Li OAV ILL: POPE | FEE в Le и 4 NE
CRE) La A. El lat NE OE E |
rm ae ma TT Be de dL PF ym me = — A TR ET ESS, | gam TEA A a пати
1 SE
tine... Æ TT
tio 15 > 7, A EEN ERT |
For your safety and in order to prevent the product damage and the danger to the users and others, please
read the following instructions strictly.
Malla pela gus ad cata à 8 25 Jas joa ya y Cars gra a Jia
Ada TIN ilo dal 861)8 a Desh ula gro sal Jal dao TNA elás yal, La Jad a
æ The signals indicate harm and damage when the product is used wrongly.
+ RÁ AI pa Pia bo alo 73 e SL PA N
Frl US Tal alasian! ar ag $1 LI ads lso M
Warnin ' Indicating “ it may cause severe injuries and death.”
9 | sb Mr Go) om om yr Zh SL Jos rate rot
y los ay
. fü 3 «olls dada s gram ¿A? LM des
‘ ) „М
Caution 1 Indicating “the user may get injured on the product
, may cause the property damage.”
| w | Sons co sala y EAT" Laso, a
. a "rtf us sd
pd dS
aia 28 оу ен a 4D Lei nin pedia
- «lia! cali a
E The symbols indicate specified items that must be followed.
SÓN Jan Nas a ue > Sl E
Lg£isl aa dista agis 781 590 foin ais M
This symbol indicates mandatory.
This symbol indicates prohibition.
N . MEN AS o dhe el O A DI OA SEEN
Agir Jlaël Hop lie pi ‚ALOE Led ol is puis
O This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for
their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
FEAT snl con seal lob ds can NOTA ee no @
Le Ina ya das es losa sE жа жид) ber Ea Edad malo AAA ALAN shay gp
(LADA gia) bagaro Asian 41 a gilLLI yola Lie plaid janis ‚её а Ко @
is ilo dd, lly BD! IN yg, 208s gf Bagadl Aulaell lila il сну yla Jo
lio cers god 2,2 Joana pasod ud oo leal АЕ of dull dl LE phase
bal gest pac plead Ab
e Never touch food in the Jar by hand. Always use a spatula.
AS Sy ES oa. dip es bb Jo 16 510 e
Ассы 2 АЗДИ разы! (ай а Ма oly 8,51 46 spell ale lat que liY Lillis ©
e Never open or close the lid when the Jar is placed on the motor housing. Especially never
open the lid when the Jar is still moving for a while after switching off.
EE ра DI losas. MS 55 >)» NP EA IT ®
ail JX Loses ¡lla ll pidsY hoguas а dole de 8,36 mig año el iN $135 ás e
AA) НА any Byung БУША al
® Do not push the safety lock pin with any implement, stick etc.
APR NDS ye AAN 3 Ll JB @
(OI. 096 Balo Al: ¿LaYI Lad quo. 23137 ©
® To prevent electrical shock, do not let the motor housing come in contact with water or any
other liquid.
HA ute bl 3 0 A LENA @
15,1 Liga Ad of ¿Lil za ¿ue igang AI det gi Al, 4S ioaco digas sli e
® Never leave the appliance running unattended.
May Mi gs Je pa O
alo ogo (70 s930 jg) Ну Lill @
e Do not bend or put excessive pressure on the power cord or let the cord hang over the edge of
the table/slab or touch any hot surface. Do not run the appliance with a damaged power cord.
al byenary Bl lau bean el AS aya Eagle SA об Lupe O
via о} Ао ПИБа dil> 395 dads of vlludly prams of Bask 3,239 Elus Le dadas dl E e
AH SAIS llas mo ¡L4DN cbigas read LA) bal
e Do not use any attachment other than those provided or recommended by the manufacturer.
It may cause hazards.
Salah ed KL aKa io TNA e Ly @
Hos Yl rs a8 [03% atin ll Jud elas robe) lé lo pastis @
e Don’t operate the appliance if it malfunctions or is damaged in any manner.
. Noia ANOTA da Kobe 30 3 e
Ball y ААУ АЙ, Aal gl El YI ye oyguad АЛ > LAN psi O
e Never attempt to repair the appliance yourself or allow any unauthorised person to do
A 6) asbl a ta | IL Cs peas dls go $n ®
boas Jape uti) oss gf Luis ¡gd! mass Lallso Joo ©
e |fthe supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a special cord or assembly available
from the manufacturer or its service agent.
ae МОЯ Fae boin af ST Sm LUPO a pdas E alo e ST o
2 y 2 La
Auot JSs 50 gi Rial 50 pâgio Gao gl als Elly alloys sl cosy bya dil squall cll ALÍ @
e If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or
similarly qualified persons in order to avoid hazard.
yen КОМО равны af Sr le I ST e
LAS payé) Laso yaaa gl diluall 1189 gl eialf Ji ce alicia an; Aya AN Ellas 1511 E
The supply cord cannot be replaced. If the cord is damaged the appliance should be
ls Nostra se ST abate AO e ST. 5 AS ANO pl o
SET go pall canny ELLI A513 Ba AL 19338 Mas Jlasiasl ySeY O
e Make sure that the voltage and the plug type of the appliance are the same as your supply.
ah alias port ее ааа зоб об nalga EA Ae E
Byadlly 595511 das 2a sled! pili ggg dudatg al dalla o jo SL E
e Keep clean to avoid foreign particles deposit on the safety lock pin of the motor housing and
the bottom of Jar handles.
AS piola Ea AAA LGA ely Vb lee e
ody LH les ¿Lodi 133 gas le Sh ya Le dif lan glas] Latas lg dl, tases! @
By] gaia Las
e Keep hands and utensils away from the moving parts while the appliance is in operation to
prevent the possibility of severe personal injury or damage to appliance.
SI ada a Ca Eo gai pacte sed, e
ASÍ blas ss
Enga ola Jada Dl ALA 59 Lasic AS >> el > UN ye baso: HL al há! E
1431 ча of das & gyn
e The spatula may be used to stir the ingredients only when the machine is switched OFF.
yt 3h gn 335m 61 S28) aly p OFF ECs 8G) al E
OFF 51421 zung 3 AP9N ¿95 Lasic Lig SENDA ita af AZ plas 5 Se ©
® Keep the appliance away from the source of heat like gas or electric stove.
COIN su ole gles sy @
larg sl e Jo BAN Janno oe faves slg dl ha! E
Do not place the appliance on an unstable surface.
shine put laa Slo slg dl pas O
Do not run the appliance without assembling the Jar unit.
AS he SL. e
BT da>g ted vo co ¡Lat! 9.33 O
The Chutney Jar is fixed with Chutney Blade permanently. Do not attempt to remove
A e Capua @
19533 Jol3¥ ela JS dy dual Вуз 1b colo dala Las O
Do not run the appliance with the Jar empty.
Alli 5,46 93 Loaic ¡931 JisisY E
Never load the Jar with ingredients beyond the maximum level (See "Guide to Functions" an
P. 13 for maximum capacity details).
Mb yy AS gl 13 amo y" ay EA A) ASÍ y olga 1 ¡ST ln ie beni ©
(aléas Sa
43,1 13 vo ¿Le «AH Jar ai a 3 señal yo ST 8,41 à cg So paix Lille @
Aspa AN is nd Luolis
Do not move the appliance during operation.
. 55 6513555 EIA 530880 ЛЬ 51 e
Do not use the power cord if the plug does not fit in the socket.
ALP e e Ly le TE
«AAN A al ASÍ Gallas @l 131 80d Elly pasizusy E
Do not overload the appliance with ingredients (See to "Guide to Functions" on P.13).
(alban 0 1B amid о "зу бой стоков) об y ey Ses) eos E
113 va ¿Le «cásliagl! Jo» ¿Ash eli, S но а edad; de pas O
Do not put a spoon etc. in Jar.
Se la plo 53265505 515 5 e
841 3 .(U.. ¿iso a O
Do not put hot ingredients in the Jar.
. Le Ar XL, y @
By disla clioLa a O
Do not use turmerics with the Jar for blending.
E DILO 350k 52355 Slag 305 bo Ji 6h VENA! o
SI „8 АМ валах @
Ensure that the correct blades are assembled on the correct Jar (See "Parts identification on
P. 8).
(. Aslan! Bass 53 nd a Lada) 3440313 15 Abe bie ys ST ©
18 ue Ae «gh XL A Re a dns || a+ rá Aouad Jara ch 4 sh e
e Care shall be taken when handling the sharp cutting blades, emptying Jars and cleaning
gala, AN 2,43 Bald! ela ad eras iLolza arc doy АСЯ МЗ о @
e Before plugging in/out make sure that the switch is off and each part is securely set in
ails gloss ho SG, a MS wy yb pales Ou 4 Los 25 5] ya Sy e
EY BEB 5 pom lon
Sono July avingo od gi DS py ya бо АЦ сабо сую SÍ dgliad/guei 13 O
e Be sure to switch off the appliance and unplug after each use.
ALA GS TL es gaste baya E
plañias! JS 137 alado Jud dill gc На! 2397 e 15h 8
e To disconnect the power supply, switch off, grip the plug and pull it from the wall outlet. Never
pull the cord.
. ÓN NÓ a fa y AN alas ATL IO O
Elland coo 38 5 dd isl 50 arovanly jul 2 Laa e df Ah A Al 0 il Lai] E
e Switch off the appliance and disconnect from supply before changing attachment or
approaching parts that move in use.
AN Na A 6 NA e eN 0
ELSE 0 Ay 39 y LAS e YN ys Jui ya IL 2932 ya alado lA Jud dis Cady! @
Alai Y
e Ensure that the Jars and lids are clean before using.
xl pk y hh Lea e @
‚AA ad a ag df ddl 50 AST @
e Please run the appliance for short duration. Pause for 3 minutes and then resume.
. 2 CTA pa ESCHE ‘ alien lt Sosa NT GERT Ls €
anis vof 3 AS B Bal (Bho Jubii Adol apena gls > @
e Use the recommended Jar only for the recommended functions like blending and Whipping,
etc. (See to “Guide to Functions" on page 13).
"2802" cada) lias pb 00508 b 33 Sof ala $b Sas gly bit os Y
[As tcaam 13 ama
AL Lam 1330) Fl. Godly ola! Joo Lay oo flia li Indi Lg cual! 511 prin! E
A3 Anis Le
e Blades are very sharp. Handle them carefully.
. Seca blo 1, And A les loas @
Adios [98 anal las Bsl> Jo.aill O
EL TENA TA A ALT PELA E еловые та желе ERA A RdA ae
pC JAR UNIT Stl PC 8,> bass |
(Applicable Tor AC300)
(AC300 “lu kB) (AC300 ¿Jragl jodas!) ALL)
Tu pllaë
Ud Gasket
ques: —
ME бр уе mg IN
MN a бо аля,
Aal id
y FÜ] dsl dos) vain
PRR JWR EN e y ye elas
©\ =
© Do noi use Шттейс with the Jar for blending,
® Do not interchange blades with other Jar
(Assembling a wrong blade will cause overflow
or leak.)
2 7 jr APP Lesbo! @
‚Ам А
o NATA) aS gee a e
[bala ah
(SSI y 58 5H pahiauiy 6
Jas po cara) 584 Jal Jj e
lg gl lig SIF pasts JS tals
Lid Gasket should be attached to <>
the lid with grooved side down.
Sp Ju Lau HLF неё ЗАЛ Бун Вана
(FOR LIQUIDIZING) {0&0 sl) (Бы эпос)
(Applicable for AC2108)
[AC210S Al asi k5) (АС2108 Дан! даа! 1419)
Lid Gasket —————n-—
Lid Gasket should be
attached to the lid with
grooved side down.
L 53 3) Se
Blada (For Jar) QA . y >
luto) as Sago kml 32а бе Blade (For Jar)
NE SNA uba) as
(8,22) Ja E L Le
Es 1 (>| Jus
PL dase
he sla all dba Jay) wane
itd] 59.5 of Le pla
Lia is E
a ' '
® Do hot uss tUurmaric with the Jar tar blending.
® Do not [nterchange blades with other Jar. (Assembling a
wrong blade will cause overflow or leak.)
AAN y el NE chy Lato! ®
Game LAS Dal aa). Le Lol slacks e
[ab ARA
[SI ado AA pai @
lb Jas pad anal 98,3 Jal ja e
Clos us al lis CAI alli
Sately lock =a J ¿LY Jas
TN Ksep clean ta avold foreign particles :
E e- deposit on the bottam of handles
| Е > a". * . `
у JAEN o NL y |
~ AS ato, Leo
(Bottom surface) Eo ы
Sh galas Lita; ay hdi]
Lal dea ALAN Jia ode el ete!
Ir mer rer re
Km теетя
E E . . жа e LE rar
го UN 7e Lo Lo TR TR A RT TA a
. Ta To ECO : Dé "US TT
Co. LL PA .. ROTEN : le Ко
2005 len MTS O EST BS Ib re E al
eo É Bd F 4 =}
Оу, a ‘el a :: NE. ее
RE a 5 S wi R= "Ш: Г | г. a {
2 = a. A a Я, - „Ш 4 2 .
- PU LEA AE TE mA TEE e ce
Do 1 "Te RUT Tea RA Na
1 г“. и
- A x.“ = - : e LC
ETL 4 20
Е " 2: =
: Fr. ñ. So.
. E
. 1 . ' 4
ERA A ie de
MILLJAR UNIT $274 diodalfá,> ad
(Ab, IA ALA)
{Applicable for AC300)
(AC300 gl palit Jo) (AC300 ной ны Jobs)
wh flat
Lid Gasket
Ñ US 31 Asis
‚7 Blade (For Mill Jar)
[ 1 ..
* (Hp оо
| {iota lf 8,33 Jung
Mill Jar
Sor play
(Bottom surface)
Aia placa
Safely lock la Let Jas
CHUTNEY JAR UNIT § 355k АЦ Бу bang |
(FOR DRYWET GRINDING) (555/26 slyn 35 i gh) cacas у
(Applicable for AC300 & AC2105)
[AC300 y AC2108 зо! Ja Juli)
Lid Gasket — <
when Sy
ells MF deudas
wh» slat
Chutney Jar
daa! 8,> bang
Kesp clean to avoid foreign particles :
deposit on the bottom of handles
db se da ah sou
Clash! Shi glas! Lia; a; Bit -
„ое алый Le dati
[левее кии нета
The safety lock has been designed to prevent the appliance from switching
on when the Jar [s not properly in place. Do not push the safety lock pin
with any implement, stick etc.
Keep clean to avoid forelgn particie deposits on the safety lock pin,
` apd Lab LL ai Lost Je pels. PA
. EEE Myung gelation oly basi pat LS lo
de <a yo
EA E A er a an
grunge od 8) 3 gay pac sic jlgdl Jad ds ala] yla) Li генной | „ей nn. i mm
Bl age Gols dub Law AR jugs a AF я | In
lod! Jad juga ple Spill ilps dd S15 alii] Calas .a: Jazz! й À E
| A NA, |
1 | i De a. f A
v ur A ——— UE ” Fe
Matar Housing о = В пел eT
athe = Ax pa
A dale
“ a
17 “ Bunions Ka
LES taal # És ПЗ
= FR NOA a
LI “али
While holding down the Pulse button, appliance wi operate,
{To stop, releass the finger.)
BLEW hd) Jats dan Laying PUISS ¿Ny Dirk Loza:
pl py Tate
Compa LITA egos”
CamoY] SL
Whipping Plate
(Applicable for AC300 2 AC?2105)
[ AC300 3 AC 105 sip 48)
m + A| 7 |
{AC300 a AC210S Jaan esa) ela
To uss for the Jar and the Mill Jar.
Hp ae
duel] By apd plain]
Spatula (Applicable tor AC300 % AC210S)
(AC300 , AC2105 el yasli..1 45) S587
(AC300 5 AC210S Juogh фана Lil)
To use for disassembling the blades or
Whipping Flate.
DAN a Te lern
NY oa 9 JaraN ab. SAi + alii
To use for removing contents from the Jar.
= а che vel Sha bldg >
yA uo lg ido Eh AH placa)
| Blade / Whipping Plate Gips 5 Jas gad) yy
(Jar, Mill Jar, Juicer Jar) (8. ih Hr wl)
i ( ГА darla 5,0 à
QQ Fut the blade inside the ab By Byer]
Jar, €) Tighten the blade knob (black) with the spatula
aminas (anticlockwise direction). (Chutney Jar)
ae N N { 1
Abate я Scies Ll ур (Erm)
SY ila MAL 9) Ja ae Li
(aslo ied el
паса Дата
The Chutney Jar Blade is fixed permanently, Do
not attempt to remove the blade.
N Atl $ Las
al 55) Ley as JaLE 2 alo Jay cado aa il by Jaci gi
со 5,4} A3, a 6 Slag) «Jai! EX
® Todisassembls, reverse the assembly instructions.
e A AA Teta e
€) Hold the Jar coupler
at the bottom.
How to Assemble / Disassemble —
Disassemble Sas Leas]
@ Lift up the lid,
bb оо
Ea] ais
@ Push the button.
. UE
\ ~ 2H] al
Top Yk ;
wl НН
Fix the Gasket to the lid in the Gasket ribs
bottom and plain at the top side direction.
‚ ® Set a hook on and make sure the lid
< mab 20 L TA is locked.
“ 13 Y so - ‘À La * * =
20 lp dl ya e ant ENDE At alas y aa | IO ® DESSIN 5 gp bl > Si
ЗБ; Да) Ца dc НЕЕ cado Jib Кое Leg
Ll ЗЫ И сне REIN E о el: LL ы . E da ‹ 292 5, aga
) 51 Hs 30 Sly À LE ® ra fla W prvi) Gedy Jakundl Allo +4
" eL AT a a8 I ze 092
LEN Ae ma
e In case the lid is forced to open without
pushing the button, the handle may break.
A вол op
[LP min arm rma arom 1 rare ma
TE A CE A MET TAE ATA AE E тен E NENA fm TE ST AE PE idem mm pp me Li
SS Jar PC Jar? Mill Jar/ Chutney Jar
$ эм 5 PEN END (5
Аза БАЗА ЛЕА РС 89-538 Ау
Put ingredients. Put the lid on the Jar first, then set it
Mak the butt t dd ‘
sn ror © "9 Messe down on the Motor Housing.
cap blast Seeded AS e ha!
ENT RPI IW 19.4 de y ud = AP os
sionals Las arin of Bol 8,41 ls glas ca
Lg SU u SS dle Le
A dike pl Lo daa nac ye Sl;
@ Une up the triangles, Tag
alan bebe р
Never open or close the lid when ths Jar is placed
on the Motor Housing as the blade is still moving
for a while after switching off.
3 302548 15 4 Gb Be Kn Lohse Fp
PSA lam gies Ele aS
Coby all
Le 5,41 ag sie el Alas gh riós% Lálla
By EAS ha JR Leia el, St dde
Ja II e Agfa
©тит ths Jar until it stop.
bois IATA a
Plug in and press the button. While Press the OFF button and remove
3 operating, hold the lid down. 4 the Jar. Then take out the contents.
>». das Saa yA > . №2) Lh geols Lis |, OFF 455
mé et eS; а ‘К Dal e
es Al ЯН! у da nly ue foi 7,1, OFF y азы
elle E <= 3,1 7,+19 33
When adding sxira ingredients, turn off the switch. Remove
the Jar from the Motor Housing and repeat step 4 +3. After use unplug.
1 ali jl J |, 1 3 lay Moa als El law St
Ae ie Jana, AAA wes
(FRE pee He yr oR per Af 519
Ja EGO AE re Fyre es So <r (8 ee soy ery Sv of orf
e 027 g-¢ FN Fe rev? руб Рети ero resid 5 00 © (Fe Siro
e 19-57 NAO yr AO DO Ev
Ans dn Бык! ЦА wo seua
JuessId yoÁ JO AUN e LISAS ie) 10 sesealb (0 601) pue Alp ÁjeIO) elé apejg pug Jer eu
JEUI GINEUS AOUSISISLOS yNiS E 0) dn dia 0) popesu oler salia 669 9-5 JO LINUIXEL! y e
e TE RAR yee merry A Re EE Y
E .
à AT Em a PO Ge A AE E NAO
Aou pue 1eNnq oju| ajeJedas ol
шее sesneo USIYA 'Wes)d BUu@IN0D SHULP 10 WeeIO diymieso 0) JOU eJeo ElXe eyEL e
e IT IEYIET TIT TE (Ny fs of Herp emg e
e sea REE y qe
"PAILS [OM S) Y EU) einsUe pue WeeJo Suxkidium LIGUM esing ey) es e
E ao
out baa я
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¿Ef eUl JO €/Z
ar re
epe|q eu) 01 dn
суд О Fa
зег ещ JO Ev2
Tana pa
wre eT
epe|q eu ej dn
gg ey eg pi qe
7 4 =r
“el A , «3 ._—
Wes SEE ‘isseT
“Xiu 18 ‘99,105 PIDO
Buddy aA
gal al
В эс to me eT For 40 A реб ERA
Ne mo ni PAS E AO A >
e AOS PT EAN ser mA eu so zy | - ea sua ОЛ semejefen oyo | Bune
"elsed e ojui estu su) Wn) ¡MA BULL ISAO e “efeqgeo 01129 'UoILIO
e mm FEY me 7 m
e Esper APLICO Ep Du pas еее FÜ Ear >
"fujouw 10} esing su esn e ep of + ГРИ #7 2 e
UL SR y . LEMS. °° Hider
ат, те rrr сете “A 5 el еб © а Fray Sally lc > Я
Tv g fre remedy Sis re бут erm ier mee | eN emogn | Peaeurordn sue on Buu
® 17 IETIET FIFTY LER (TST Ne [ет 18 59 98 ores jee? | pue sqegey ле) мен
HARE aren fC FOG ve ind:
Svar Af § Gfarm ord AFS QE (FFF ori gre of ¡en NT e NR
e e em LP GOA TE NE aL ATT =r ire vol ord e e +6 e e P
"ELIO |} puuÉ pue pi; eu esejdey | Te a / EC gir Cato -
‘BUIPUUÉ Ueemjeq UI eimeds e YM ejsed ey) edesos pue Iexiu eu) do1S @ posds 12 a ES De 1: ` Де , . «ft © сСибецеу
PpuuB pue pelinbel se 1sI2m ppy 'sueipel ful eu) ysni? ol 18 | peeds 10 esg sul es e NA ADA OT Ys ;;
Spelq eu 01 dn бириие) 19M
ler [jin egy JO €/L "29 ejsed
“091 10 [60 pexros
ARES . -
я Cl Da e бт fa = т Та - +" e La |
BUSSI Bu , » qe ae
19410 tuya SUSLUM PULÉ sÁEMIY SupuLf elojeg Wo | чем зетеше ори) оценит увела e TK "9145 во EN
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@ Unplug and handle the blades with care.
Elix: Ja Di Jalizg Lund] ®
© Use the liquid soap mixed with water and Soft Sponge.
Do not use benzines, thinners, cleansers, scouting pads, ete.. {Damaging the surface)
. A on Re Youd 33, dppb ®
(> 7 7 alo) . Deseo o ye boon Salgo ‘ AM A
Agel ricas! delas ell; Ca а ока sisi! @
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® Do not use hot water over 60°C or dishwasher.
. EE NA Lam :60 > tb .
« mal! Alk gl glg Asa GO to 19 5 Lus La passes E
Wash with soft sponge
= et get Pta IAW
TEMA dati quid at delà cils
— E
“To prewash before using Jar (Prewashing does not apply to the Mill Jar and \
с Chutney Jar.)
(сена оао оон) оо 5 J Bonk ands
8-29 оон в Цна она pol) El plaise! Ju Losio Ju a
Clas lo Lua SI
O Pour 250 mi lukewarm water in the jar.
Lib id J 250,50 @
BH SLA sll) yo Jo 250 Seu) ©
O Press button (*) and operate the appliance for about 10 seconds.
. La ja 100 el LA (5 O
AO TN Ji 95 hial O
"Ali ны)
© switch off and unplug.
AGAN hai idas O 070
© Disassemble and throw away water. io
. Be lay ga Li ©
Low; sn ЦИ ily ¿Lg lia © J
( | \
To clean blades Wash by a brush with handle.
(mani JA Ar ba De
” , - AA El “pe.
J . if ; Бо al ao Blan ds galas
Handle them carefully to avoid cutting hand or
a fingers.
Ma a Fr
VAT, LOT $ lay by by GT
« 2ibo¥i gl auth plod calas] hdi Sal
——> Wipe the Motor E with well wrung damp cloth.
5, y yla glas E, Ks IP
‚B)gua 309g duds; Sbled delay fair pd dole ramal
Possible cause
Jas oud]
How to fix
gals lage
adlsll A. 8.
Unit cahnot be tumed on.
> eng on
& Is Jar set propery?
® Tum the Jar until it stops.
Sl ll @
AA Ati @
Bagi aia O > omen gua 8,41 Lay Je e (| e Push iid down completely. (P12)
Unit stops operation. 2: ® |s the Lid set properly? Omid His may ME bz e
cites Sa GAS Vi plo re (124)
Sada ill ye bag Ada; Tea Jia glad ll gang 2 Ja @ Jel $ JLo JA glial] rif e
a ; ATE ya)
# Plug in properly,
| e Is the plug connected properly? A A O0 Ls @
Unit does not operate wher turned Sadia Joyas lana, nn e Ta Jal e
on. ; |
об ASA |
‚Lg nie ha3lf Jara
Toa JS de ul os 8
® Are Ingredients stuck?
Conf al lie a Ue
Sdänaile Dia St ja e
e Remove all the ingredients once and put)
them back in the Jar.
ma |, Flames $ Ji LS blue y te
. aio $ |,
Acho Biel Are lis SU 26 Ем! ®
Bd) ob Lge ng
Unit stops operation during use,
i E SUE y an
sll Jagat) ne Band] ideas
e |5 the circuit breaker protection active?
* Too much ingredients.
* Hard ingredients.
* Unit makes too much sound or vibration.
АЗ Lait Lisle We
Sed aby lhe Ny *
sel prin glib sg?
3a ok py bans es”
Salle d Ll, g SI BATE eli dos Jo @
fix Spd lig So +
Ali listet
3187 e) 815 сабо) ана Вано *
e Follow the instruction for “Circuit
Breaker Protection" (See below
JE ATI e lil. e
EU 5
SSP LB Анно ley let gi @
tells? 1246) «Al: a SCT
ingredients leak from top.
. ra lt bs Ay
le со 3 u ua}
® Is the Lid Gasket set?
Temas bosta lB cam 9 y SN Li .
Sela) dls gang 4 Jo @
e Hold Lid down,
„Jän ee den 6
e Set the Lid Gasket properly. (2.12)
(12 amao]. ah Le e
Tao JE Laa bile pin @
M2 yal
rar rar но
: 25e los !
.- e 2 i
г ло CC E
oo .. . Teo
E 8 Ea
- cre Ce
A ava ble
и ЗА; :
E — Et
FT e e. -
a) a
ña and
When circuit breaker automatically stops
motor due to overload, press the OFF
ANA ys yl SIE Lale alla
Aa Lis OFF 153 38 Ву
Slash, Aly 4 BASS ela pibe
AIgol! musas LÍLEL Ie E, Y
OFF ‚у 235 вая!
2 Remove the Jar unit and reduce its
contents to half.
Sle Ol an à; Play» Mya dats hm
LN Al cligi ét Lag 5,41 dag >
3 After 2 or 3 minutes, tilt the Motor Housing
and push the button of the bottom surface.
The appliance is now ready for reuse.
аб КЗ es 5 40 42353 52 51m
MET. Me y eo
aly tal hostal
ES dslc Allol; (qd 3513: 3 9) 2.8;
las pula sll Le a9> 910 5501 25019
plas] dale al jlgd ronan
x . E Te
! . + .
na rt bra rs À
12 ma de Yr
Model No.
Mixer _Approval.indd 1
de MX-AC400 MX-AC220
Jas! mB;
Power Supply 220-240 Y 220 — 240 V
pics =4,240-220 ‚=3,240-220
By AL 1935 ode 240-220 edad 240-220
Power Consumption 340 — 360 W 340 — 360 W
AA Ó y 360-340 1, 360-340
Spall ОМ ата lg 360-340 Ly 360-340
Protection Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker
ale ANA 5 JLS
slot di, SHE aol del gala ¿la
Housing Plastic (ABS) Plastic (ABS)
Ko (ABS) SI (ABS) Sh
Ala [АВ5) 4. «ты (ABS) 44 Sr ul
Jar PC Jar and Stainless Steel Not Available
ol ” a + - -
© SEN a NA med | AA A
a. Vaan ll ¿LL3 y. d.ivoig PCa,+ pata E
Mill Jar Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
| Hu Lao o Gao
Material > yr lauallt ALL3 ,.5 dei Yoó [PONTE TRESS #3 ь
aly Chutney Jar Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Ball To . SE .
Spar Ms Yo 13 42 3
dal 5. Isa] AL ЗИМНИЕ liald ALLE рай дном
Lid Plastic {Polycarbonate) Plastic {Polycarbonate)
wi» CE (ou AS
sla et) (бб Он) абы (бб) абы
Blade Stainless Stegl Hard Type Stainless °F Hard Type
Ja lA Ei) ceo FONT HE JW 3 + й AN Es (po lara ha 16 19,4
Speed Control 3 Speed wilh 1 Pulse & 1 OFF Button (piano Type Buttons)
Sb pen JHE (baaa) Ha y A io, ha Sa ela
aptly Sa (Es-L1 42.5, 5h OFF LY 39 1 43Lis ze cle ya
PC Jar / 85 Jar 1.0 L {Wet only) 1.0 L (Wet only)
SSE Set (Sod ks) 231.0 (Sts 12) 441.0
S5 PC (laid lay) ad 1.0 (add lay) 111.0
Mill Jar Max D.5 L (Dry) 7 0.3 (Wet) Not Available
Hr Fy (Lud) 0.3/{ S24) 10.5 ad Ferd 33
Ai ВЫ Ан a liado) > 0.3 3L=) J 0.5 gis ab
Chutney Jar 0.2L 0.2 |
Божа 410.2 3402
Loa 3p 30.2 A 0.2
Weight 4.6 kg 3.9 kg
зы 53946 59
¿je A539 +5 3.9
Accessories Spatula & Whipping Plate
lakes Des SE
сд SAL i>g) ¿mbr dile
08:30:41 PM
Model No.
дм” MX-AC300 MX-AC?108
Jagd! mB; _ :
Power Supply 220-240 Y 220 —240 Y
esa 21,240-220 21,240-220
By IL 195 =Jo3 240-220 =J3 240-220
Power Consumption 340 — 360 W 340 — 360 W
rad oly 360-340 =, 360-340
Bad fl ias! di, 360 —340 Ioly 360-340
Protection Circuit Breaker Circuit Breaker
tale $ LE ES Ja
dled! del gg SI NI PSH Adsl SH 55h51 a LU
Housing Plastic (ABS) Plastic (ABS)
e (ABS) Sth (ABS) Koh
dual (ABS) ds wi (ABS) Su
Jar PC Jar Stainless Steel
OL SCN ей) о
5,4] PCä,— PCa,>
Mill Jar Stainless Steel - Nof Available
| SA u LET
Material сы вн foun ll ALG E 1593 lanl] ALLE 16 d3Ygá
>” Chutney Jar Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Bal11 . . ro, .
боже ah y doo oY A Y
drole ès lial} ALLS 8 rit à NENE
Lid Plastic (Polycarbonate) Plastic (Polycarbonate)
who (lb SL) Soo, (bf) Sth
stad! baaa) Tal (slg) LSC Tay) dain
Blade Stainless Stegl Hard Type Stainless Steg! Hard Type
55 em ao Y Capo Y
Jail! LAN Es) ye face I ILE pui SHC S al ANN Ey ¿e fase) DE 8 SWS
Speed Control 3 Speed with 1 Pulse & 1 OFF Button (piano Type Buttons)
Ep (ga et 5 001 Le 0 3485 ll
HL] (£9) AA, ¡lil OFF LEI 5 9 1 АЯ $. po ley
dx sult
PC Jar / SS Jar 1.0 L (Wet only) 1.0 L {Wet only)
SSL Sl int) 531,0 (Sas L6) 511,0
55 > PC a+ [azi md), 1.0 (add Clay 11.0
Mill Jar Max 0.5 L (Dry) / 0.3 (Wet) Not Available
ÉS She (MW) 0.3/ (Kas) 210.5 aaa pt Ad 33
Аза АД ву adil ad) feuds) jad 0.301)! 0,5 pêgho put
Chutney Jar 0.2L 0.2L
Song 3302 #302
Ааа Йа». #02 30.2
Weight 4.6 kg 3.9 Ка
353 (53546 (F539
isd! ©2S3.9 3-5 3.9
Accessories Spatula & Whipping Plate
iba deso
eli Li SAS Аж) Ambas darlo
Mixer AC300-Final.indd 19
Panasonic Home Appliances India Co., Ltd.
Web Site :
Printed in India. VZ50-193-0


Key Features

  • Powerful motor for quick and efficient results
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Versatile attachments for a wide range of tasks
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Compact size for easy storage

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What materials can the MX AC300 handle?
The MX AC300 can handle a wide variety of materials, including fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, and ice.
How easy is the MX AC300 to clean?
The MX AC300 is very easy to clean. Simply remove the attachments and wash them in warm soapy water.
Is the MX AC300 dishwasher safe?
No, the MX AC300 is not dishwasher safe.
What is the warranty on the MX AC300?
The MX AC300 comes with a 1-year warranty.
Where can I buy the MX AC300?
The MX AC300 can be purchased at most major retailers.
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