Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide
Bluetooth® Headset
Before using your headset
Check the accessories
Charge your headset
Thank you for purchasing the Samsung Bluetooth
Mono Headset WEP185, we hope you will be
delighted with its operation.
Take a moment before you get started to
familiarize yourself with your new headset.
Make sure you have the following items with your
Charge the headset's battery fully before using
the headset for the first time.
User’s Guide, Cover
1 Plug the travel adapter into the jack on the
Adapter jack
The items supplied with your headset and the accessories
at your Samsung dealer may vary, depending on you
country or service provider.
3 Remove the travel adapter from the headset.
• The headset cannot be used while charging.
• Use only a Samsung-approved charger or adapter.
Get connected in 4 quick steps
Charge your headset
Put your headset in pairing mode
Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and
pair with headset
Test and use
Volume control
Indicator light
• Bluetooth version: 2.0 (compatible with devices of
Bluetooth version 1.1 or higher)
• Supported Bluetooth profiles:
- Headset profile
- Hands-free profile
Start here
1301 East Lookout Drive Suite 150
Richardson, TX 75082
Internet Address:
Customer Care Center:
Put your headset in
pairing mode
Turn on Bluetooth on your
phone and pair with headset
Before you can use your headset, you must pair it
with your phone.
1 Set your Bluetooth phone to discover the
1 Ensure that the headset is off (see Turn
headset on/off on the reverse side of this guide).
2 Press and hold the Multi-Function button until
the indicator light turns on in blue
(approximately 8 seconds).
headset by following your phone's guide.
Typically, the steps involve going to the Settings,
Connection, or Bluetooth menu on your
phone and then selecting the option to discover
Bluetooth devices.
Your phone will find the Samsung WEP185
headset. Your headset will be displayed as
Samsung WEP180/185.
2 Select your headset.
3 When the phone asks if you want to pair with it,
confirm by selecting Yes or OK.
Guide No.: GH68-12655A
09/2006. Rev. 1.0
4 Enter the headset passkey or PIN, 0000.
2 Plug the travel adapter into the electrical
• Charge the headset until the red light on the
headset turns to blue.
• The headset will be fully charged in
approximately 2 hours 30 minutes.
Test and use
Your phone and headset are now paired and
ready to make and receive calls. To confirm
they are operating properly, make a call:
Using your WEP185
1 Place the headset over your ear.
See Wearing the headset on the reverse
side of this guide.
2 On your phone, make a call to the number
you want.
3 If your phone and headset are successfully
paired, you will hear ringing on the headset.
After you have successfully paired your phone
and headset, you do not need to repeat these
initial setup steps each time you use the
See Features and Functions Guide
on the reverse side of this guide
for information on using your
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