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Intelligent Platforms

Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX 5.5

Innovation that drives results


• Integrate standard operating procedures

(SOP) into clients to guide consistent operator actions

• Enhanced decision making with improved out-of-the-box analytics

• Develop solutions faster with new core iFIX tools & templates

• Reduce complexity of systems by easily integrating with third-party software

• Lower your total cost of ownership by expanding use of the system to new web-based users

• Scale iFIX projects to new levels and reach more users

New features

• Proficy Workflow Trigger

• .NET Component Hosting

• Over 500 dynamos and pictures

• Enhanced Charting Features

• WebSpace Relay Server & Client Options

• Proficy Historian 4.5 Support

• Proficy Historian for SCADA

Drive results faster by building and enhancing your HMI/SCADA solutions more rapidly than ever! At GE Intelligent Platforms, we’ve packed in over 20 new features into

Proficy * HMI/SCADA – iFIX * 5.5 that deliver faster development, superior performance, enhanced reliability, expanded Proficy integration, new runtime options and more.

With version 5.5, iFIX continues to deliver more core features, which enable you to build simple and/or comprehensive intelligent control and achieve high-visibility solutions for your operations.

Faster time to solution iFIX 5.5 continues to build upon its comprehensive library of pre-built components with the addition of more than 500 newly updated components from our previously separate vertical solutions packs and new chart enhancements. iFIX 5.5 brings a breadth of components to enable developers to create and/or update projects faster.

Its new prebuilt components reduce the time for tedious creation of simple objects such as pipes, valves, buttons, and data displays to more complex components such as touch-screen friendly trends, numeric entry interfaces, pie/bar charts, pumps, PID faceplates and historian export/write. These can be used ‘as is’ or as a blueprint for your specific needs.

Chart enhancements include a new thumbnail and expandable modes that enable your pictures to display multiple live or historical enhanced charts to which the user can dynamically expand and collapse. Many other aspects of the enhanced charts have been updated for rapid development and ease of use such as a configurable time cursor style, support for multiple Y axis in the XY chart (with different plotting styles), run mode options, EGU limits for legend column widths and more!

With these features in addition to iFIX’s existing charts and powerful dynamo management functions, your engineering team can reduce its project timelines, perform easier system maintenance and create more innovative solutions.

Build your solutions faster with over 500 newly added standard dynamos and pictures, which can be used “as is” or as blueprints to tailor to your specific needs.

Proficy HMI/SCADA – iFIX 5.5 Innovation that drives results


GE’s ongoing commitment to an open and layered philosophy is showcased with iFIX

5.5, delivering two new features that enable easy integration with Proficy Workflow and third-party .NET components to further expand on iFIX’s ability to be a single operator viewpoint across your facility.

Proficy Workflow Trigger From within iFIX

5.5, users can easily view and/or trigger schedules associated with workflows configured in any Proficy Workflow Server.

For each configured Workflow server, you can set the connection time-out to control network traffic and throttling time to ensure that the triggering start time overlaps the next scheduled instance. Using Workflow

Trigger scripting functionality, you can get the list of all schedules that are configured in a particular Workflow Server, utilize filters to find schedules quickly, and retrieve parameters of the schedules along with configuration details.

.NET Component Hosting - iFIX 5.5 now enables you to host .NET components within your iFIX pictures. These .NET

Components include pre-selected ones from the .NET Framework, samples from GE, custom ones that you develop on your own, or from third- party solutions. This further enables you to utilize iFIX to converge data from a wide variety of systems, providing an information hub for enhanced real-time and historical decision making.

Scalability & Stability iFIX continues to be used in many large-scale applications where systems typically have

100+ clients with multiple server architectures and failovers on standby. Given this, the ability to add clients easily, increase system tag counts, view failover status and perform operations on these systems is a must. iFIX

5.5 delivers key improvements within its networking and failover components—continuing its legacy as a system that can scale for the largest applications in the industry.


Increase the number of casual users with the new WebSpace Options!

• Increase your number of clients with the

WebSpace Relay Server option. The relay server automatically spreads the load across two or more dependent application servers, delivering enhanced client scalability and session balancing features.

• Utilize a new “loose” mode for clients, including those that require more screen real estate and a Windows Desktop Client option, which enables WebSpace sessions to be created outside a web browser.

More Connectivity Now Standard iFIX 5.5 delivers more connectivity out of the box by now including the Industrial Gateway

Server (IGS) Basic and iFIX Basic Drivers (MBE,

ABR, GE9, MB1, SI7, EGD) as standard. IGS is a standalone application that includes a base set of 100 industry standard common drivers― enabling you to connect to thousands of different devices by way of multiple protocols for your new or existing applications.

Proficy Historian v4.5

iFIX 5.5 provides support for Proficy Historian v4.5. In addition it also includes Proficy

Historian for SCADA v4.5 which supports a local Proficy Historian Server, the iFIX Collector,

Historian Client Tools, and the Historian OLE

DB Driver for easy out of-the-box historical data collection and retrieval.

Technical & Other Updates

• SQL Server 2008 R2 and Native Client

Driver Support.

• Updates to the DA, AA, and DO blocks to improve their reliability for staying in sync with a PLC. The blocks have additional new fields that can perform three functions:

Continuous Output, Suppress COMM Alarm and/or Write If Different.

• New option in the FIXUserPreferences.INI file that allows you to control whether a warning prompt appears in run mode when closing a picture with changes.

• Updated Discovery and Auto Config v4.3, which supports Windows 7 and 64-bit operating systems.

• The 5.5 release of iFIX supports the Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Embedded operating system, with Service Pack 3.

• And more! iFIX WebSpace

Relay Server

75 Clients

25 Clients 25 Clients 25 Clients iFIX 5.5’s new WebSpace relay server option enables you to increase the number of fully functional web clients and balance across multiple servers .

For more information, visit

GE Intelligent Platforms Contact Information

Americas: 1 800 433 2682 or 1 434 978 5100

Global regional phone numbers are listed by location on our web site at

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01.12 GFA-1884


Key Features

  • Faster development
  • Superior performance
  • Enhanced reliability
  • Expanded Proficy integration
  • New runtime options
  • Pre-built components
  • Over 500 new components
  • Chart enhancements

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Frequently Answers and Questions

What are the new features in iFIX 5.5?
iFIX 5.5 includes over 20 new features, including Proficy Workflow Trigger, .NET Component Hosting, over 500 dynamos and pictures, enhanced charting features, WebSpace Relay Server & Client Options, Proficy Historian 4.5 Support, and Proficy Historian for SCADA.
How does iFIX 5.5 help to build solutions faster?
iFIX 5.5 includes a comprehensive library of pre-built components, including over 500 newly updated components from our previously separate vertical solutions packs. This allows developers to create and/or update projects faster. iFIX 5.5 also includes new chart enhancements that can be used as-is or as a blueprint for specific needs.
How does iFIX 5.5 integrate with other systems?
iFIX 5.5 allows users to easily view and/or trigger schedules associated with workflows configured in any Proficy Workflow Server. It also allows users to host .NET components within their iFIX pictures, including those from the .NET Framework, samples from GE, custom ones that they develop on their own, or from third-party solutions. This enables users to utilize iFIX to converge data from a wide variety of systems, providing an information hub for enhanced real-time and historical decision making.
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