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Since 1916, Clarke


quality products have helped you achieve your daily cleaning goals quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Clarke has been leading the way in the innovative cleaning equipment industry with such developments as the first walkbehind scrubber in 1956, the first extractor in 1968, and the latest BOOST


Technology in 2005. Today, Clarke products are manufactured by Nilfisk, Inc., but the philosophy is still the same: providing quality, durable and high-performing products from innovative engineering.


Clarke’s sales force combined with local distributors is one of the best teams in the industry. We train our sales reps to anticipate your needs, know the competition’s machines, and most importantly, know the Clarke machines. Clarke channels machines into the market through local distribution and we want to make sure you get the right machine the first time.


Located throughout the United States and Canada, there are over 400 service centers to assist you with upkeep and maintenance on your Clarke equipment. Your sales representative or customer service can help you locate the nearest center. Our Technical Service representatives can be reached at 1.800.253.0367 option 3


When you have a question or want to place an order, we want to make sure that you get the answers you need quickly. Even if we are not the right department, we will put you in contact with the person who can help. Our staff is fully trained to meet your needs. Customer Service representatives can be reached at 1.800.253.0367 option 1


Leasing offers you an alternative option to paying up front for your Clarke products. With some of the most competitive leasing rates in the industry, you may want to consider this option if you need to spread out payments for a large order or want the opportunity to make some money with your new machines before you complete paying for them. This option is only available to U.S. companies at this time. For more information, see the back cover.



Our dealers and service centers are experts in the cleaning industry. And to keep it that way, we offer constant training and re-training opportunities so that they can stay on top of the latest changes in the industry. Clarke Schools are detailed 3 day courses held in Brooklyn Park, MN that focus on hands-on product knowledge of the Clarke cleaning products.


Being a leader in the floor care industry for almost a century is hard work. It takes dedication, long hours, commitment, and, most of all, PRIDE. We take PRIDE in what we do and how we serve you. That’s why we introduced the Pride Program, the standard by which all other customer service programs are measured. We offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee with all our equipment. If you are not completely satisfied with your equipment, we will attempt to resolve the issue or take back the machine for a full refund.


If you have a quality complaint or concern, we need to know about it so we can address it immediately. Please contact Technical

Service at [email protected].


The new and improved Clarke web site offers several features, including enhanced product page displays, downloadable product brochures and operator’s manuals, videos, and surplus equipment for sale. Dealers can experience enhanced features with their login, such as price lookups, order tracking, demo reporting, online ordering, promotion bulletins, and more.

Log on to:


to find out the latest information about Clarke equipment.



Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4



. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-7

Sweepers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Floor Machines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8

Burnishers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

Hip Vacuums and Canister Vacuums 10-11

Upright Vacuums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11

Large Area Vacuums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

Extractors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13

Air Mover/Ventilation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

Tank Vacuums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14

All-Purpose Cleaners/Specialty Products . 15

Batteries & Accessories . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Green Clean . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16

Leasing Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16


Watch BOOST in action at: www.youtube.com

Search: Clarke BOOST





tional Scrubbing

Look for the BOOST logo on machines that feature BOOST Technology.

Multi-Direc by BOOST Orbital Pad Scrubb

Using BOOST Technology, cleaning solution is introduced in front of the rectangular scrubbing pad in controlled timed pulses. The orbital pad contains the cleaning solution and carries it for the full length of the pad. Compared to traditional disc scrubbers that output water continuously and sling water away from the pad, BOOST’s efficient use of

One Way Directional Scrubbing of

One Way Directional Scrubbing of

Conventional Disc Machines

the cleaning solution results in water and chemical savings of 50% to 70%.

tional Scrubbing of


Wa y Direc ntional Disc Machines

Co nve

Multi-Directional Scrubbing

Multi-Directional Scrubbing by BOOST Orbital Pad Scrubber

Using less solution during cleaning keeps the operator working productively rather than in the janitor’s closet emptying and refilling the scrubber tanks.

Cleaner floors allow for more effective burnishing. Dirt left behind by traditional disc scrubbers is often burnished into the finish, resulting in a yellowing of the finish. With more effective cleaning AND burnishing, the time between laborintensive strip-and-recoats can be extended, which means less money spent on floor stripper, finish, and labor. And,

BOOST pads clean right into corners and along walls, reducing labor time in additional cleaning.


• Uses 50-70% less water & chemicals than conventional scrubbers

• Strips floors chemical-free, using only water

• Reduces floor pad consumption/costs by 40%

• Lower pad pressure increases battery run times by 25%

• Multi-purpose machine - cleans, strips, and wet screens gym floors

• Cleans multiple surfaces and into corners, reducing the need for additional equipment or additional cleaning processes

• AGM batteries on all autoscrubbers (optional)


• Clarke Battery Maintenance System (CBMS)

• Full line of BOOST Pads

• Replacement Squeegee Blade Kits

• Chemical Mixing System Kit

• Off-aisle Wand Kit (Focus II Mid Size 32, Focus II Rider)

• Hour Meter Kit

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com






The Clarke MA10’s convenient, easy-to-use features make it perfect for cleaning small, high-traffic spaces quickly and effectively. The single-pass scrub and dry performance provides quick access to cleaned areas, and the comfortable, two-hand grip combined with its light weight make maneuverability and transport easy for any operator.


• Compact – Ideal design for scrubbing small spaces quickly

• Sanitary – Creates a cleaner environment compared to mopping

• Versatile – Cleans hard surfaces quickly and effectively

• Simple and intuitive controls

• Ergonomic handle for easy operations

• 4 inch cleaning clearance


• 12.2 inch scrub path

• Cylindrical scrub brush operates at 2,100 rpm

• Forward and reverse solution recovery

• Solution tank dispenses only clean solution

• 0.8 gallon solution tank / 1 gallon recovery tank

• Optional carpet kit



The battery powered Clarke MA30 ™ 13B micro scrubber delivers the cleaning performance you require in the compact size you need. Dirt and even small debris are easily removed from the floor with its single pass sweeping, scrubbing and drying capabilities, efficiently leaving your floors clean and dry.


• Pivoting wheels on the back ensure high maneuverability even in narrow spaces

• Two solution flow settings and low solution and battery level indicator lights ensure efficient cleaning

• Easy to maintain with tools-free brush and squeegee removal


• 13.5 inch scrub path

• 1.6 gallon solution tank and recovery tank

• Front squeegee can be raised to pick up small debris while scrubbing

• Tank-in-tank design for easy handling when emptying and refilling

• Dosing cap makes adding the right amount of detergent easier

Vantage 14

Combining innovation, reliability and performance, the Clarke Vantage 14 marks a breakthrough in daily scrubbing for small area cleaning. The Vantage 14’s integrated rotating deck enables complete scrubbing in both forward and backward directions, allowing operators to easily clean under and around obstacles.


• Patented, rotating deck

• Full battery-powered operation and onboard battery charger

• Compact, maneuverable design

• Brush-assisted operation


• Single 14 inch disc scrub brush

• 3 gallon (11 L) solution / recovery tank

• Sound level: 64 dB A

• Scrub width: 14.5 in (37 cm)



Experience convenient, intuitive scrubbing with the pad-assisted Clarke MA50 ™ 15B Walk-Behind

Scrubber—complete with a 15 inch cleaning path, an onboard battery lasting up to 2 hours and

3.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks. These convenient features equate to cleaning productivity of up to 8,000 square feet per hour. In addition, the MA50 ™ 15B’s curved squeegee helps pick up more solution and a low-profile, pull-down handle comes in handy for tight cleaning jobs and storage.


• Easy-to-use fingertip controls

• Low profile design for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas

• Onboard battery charger and auxiliary charging cable

• Rounded squeegee for easy and complete solution pick-up

• Fold-down handle for storage


• 15 inch scrub path (38 cm)

• 3.5 gallon (13.5 L) solution / recovery tank

• Sound level: 70 dB A

• Scrub width: 15 inches (38 cm)

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com







With the Clarke CA30

17E, you can experience the agility of a 17 inch wide cleaning path and the added convenience of a 65 foot safety yellow power cord to improve your cleaning productivity.

Engineered for heavy daily use in a variety of commercial applications, the CA30 17E features a heavy-duty cast aluminum assembly housing a rounded squeegee that delivers quick, complete solution pick-up day in and day out.


• Easy-to-use fingertip controls

• Low profile design for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas

• Rounded squeegee for easy and complete solution pick-up

• Long, 65 foot yellow safety cord for non-stop cleaning



The Clarke CA30 ™ 20B combines a 20 inch wide cleaning path with a long-lasting onboard battery and charger. That means you can clean faster without having to worry about the nearest wall outlet or looking for the charger when the job is done. In addition, the CA30 20B features a heavy-duty cast aluminum assembly housing a rounded squeegee that delivers quick, complete solution pick-up day in and day out.


• 120 V cord electric with 65 foot (20 m) cord

• Scrub width: 17 inches (43 cm)

• 13.2 gallon (50 L) solution tank / 13.2 gallon (50 L) recovery tank

• Sound level: 72 dB A


• Wide 20 inch cleaning path

• Long-lasting batteries and onboard charger

• Easy-to-use fingertip controls

• Low profile design for cleaning tight, hard-to-reach areas

• Rounded squeegee for easy and complete solution pick-up


• (2) 12 V batteries, 105 Ah AGM with onboard charger

• Scrub width: 20 inches (51 cm)

• 10.5 gallon (40 L) solution tank /

10.5 gallon (40 L) recovery tank

• Sound level: 70 dB A



II Compacts

No other manufacturer comes close to matching Clarke’s combination of serious cleaning ability and green benefits in autoscrubbers. All of the Focus II compacts feature important benefits such as low noise levels, improved user ergonomics, onboard chargers, breakaway squeegees, and more.


• Available with BOOST Technology or

Disc scrub decks

• Superior solution pickup

• Easy operation and low sound levels

• Efficient use of solution


• 12 V battery choices, wet or AGM

• 14.5 gallon solution and recovery tank (55 L)

• Sound level: 65.8 dB A

• Scrub width: Disc, 21 inches (54 cm);

BOOST, 20 in (52 cm)



II Mid Size

Available in disc, cylindrical and BOOST, the Focus II Mid-size models have many advanced features such as larger tanks, wet or AGM battery choices, optional chemical mixing systems, onboard chargers, one-touch scrubbing, and easy-to-adjust squeegees.


• Large tank capacity, longer run times

• Superior solution conservation and pickup

• Onboard battery charger

• Optional, onboard chemical mixing system


• Scrub width: 26 in, 28 in, and 34 in disc; 28 in cylindrical;

28 in and 32 in BOOST. (66, 71, and 86 cm disc, 71 cm cylindrical, 71 and 81 cm BOOST)

• 23 gallon solution and recovery tank (87 L)

For a detailed look at BOOST Technology, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com






The SA40 stand-on scrubber is designed to deliver reliable cleaning performance. It provides a flexible, extremely maneuverable and compact solution for small to medium-sized areas. The SA40 has a large 12 gallon solution tank and low flow rate, which can provide up to 75 minutes of scrub time without refilling, so you will spend more time cleaning.


• High productivity

• Excellent maneuverability

• Flexible cleaning to address varying soil levels

• Designed to provide maximum clean and safety

• Extremely quiet for daytime cleaning


• Scrub width 20 in (51 cm)

• 12 gallon (45 L) solution and 12.5 gallon (47 L) recovery tanks

• Two scrub pressures up to 75 lb (34 kg)

• 24 V battery choices, wet or AGM

• Wrap-around squeegee ensures 100% water pick-up and dry floors


Micro Rider

This compact, highly maneuverable 20 inch autoscrubber is designed to elevate the cleanliness, health and safety of your facility to the next level. Every cutting-edge feature-from the ultrasharp turning radius to the onboard chemical mixing system-has been engineered to the high performance and reliability standards you have come to expect from Clarke over the past 100 years!


• SmartFlow™ solution control system

• Excellent maneuverability

• Flexible cleaning to address varying soil levels

• Designed to provide maximum clean and safety

• Multifunction display with One-Touch control panel


• 24 V battery choices, wet or AGM

• 18.5 gallon solution and recovery tanks (70 L)

• Sound level: 68 dB A ±3

• Scrub width: 20 in (51 cm)



II MicroRider

The Clarke Focus ® II MicroRider ™ is everything you need in a compact rider, available in a unique 26 inch disc deck or 28 inch BOOST ® scrub deck for all of your scrubbing needs!



• SafetyGlide™ scrub deck

• Easy operation with Safe-T-Steering™

• Optional chemical mixing system

• Comfortable driver compartment


• 24 V battery choices, wet or AGM

• 21 gallon solution and recovery tanks (80 L)

• Sound levels: high setting 65 dB A / low setting 61 dB A

• Scrub width: 26 in (66 cm), 28 in (71 cm)



II Riders

The Clarke Focus


II Rider delivers cost-effective, sustainable performance while maintaining the highest expectations for your clean floors! A flexible and easy to use solution for both daily maintenance and difficult restoration work will change the way you maintain your facility.

Available with your choice of scrub decks - disc or BOOST




• Available with BOOST® Technology

• Tight turning radius

• Increased down pressure

• Quiet operation

• Optional Chemical Mixing System

• Flexible cleaning capabilities

• One-touch scrubbing with three pressure settings


• 24 V battery choices, wet or AGM

• 31 gallon solution and recovery tanks (117 L)

• 28 inch BOOST® or 28 and 34 inch disc scrub paths

(71 cm or 86 cm)

• Large recovery tank opening with debris catch cage and integrated squeegee hanger

• High traction urethane tires




BSW 28

Whether you are sweeping carpet or hard floor, the BSW 28 Sweeper from Clarke has the performance for both. This great sweeper is designed to be both rugged and versatile.


• Side broom for active sweeping into large hopper

• Sweeps up small debris, dirt and dust

• Indoor (carpet & hard floors) or outdoor use

• Quick and easy change out of filter and brooms - no tools


• 28 in (71 cm) sweeping path (with side broom)

• Gel battery power source with onboard charger

• 2.5 to 3 hour battery run time on carpet

• Electrical motor runs side broom - no belts

Floor Machines



Built on the legacy of its predecessor the BOS-18, the Clarke FM40 represents a significant step forward for Clarke orbital scrubbing floor machines. Available in a standard ST version and a feature-rich deluxe LX edition, the FM40 is engineered to deliver the ultimate combination of ease of use and versatility for unmatched performance in both wet and dry applications.


• 1.5 hp heavy duty motor driving a 3,540 rpm orbital deck

• 20 x 14 inch cleaning path

• Includes weight kit consisting of three 21 lb weights

• Quiet, low vibration design at 68 dB A

• Switchable wheels-up/wheels-down modes (LX model)

• Baseboard cleaner standard (LX model)

• Detachable handle standard (LX model)


3,540 rpm

1.5 hp motor and 160 lb of down pressure

Chemical-free floor stripping

50 ft, 14/3 safety yellow power cord (15 m)

Dust containment kit, solution tank kit, various scrub pads and sand screens available




Built with a rugged metal construction and a high-powered 1.5 horsepower motor, the CFP Pro


20DS delivers Dual Speed rotating action for heavy-duty performance in a wide range of applications. The fingertip controls, safety lock-out switch and accessible cord wrap for the 50 foot safety yellow power cord maximize safety, simplify use and expedite storage of this powerful machine.


• Switchable 185/330 rpm dual speed

• All-metal construction

• Pad driver included with universal clutch plate

• Easy-to-use, fingertip controls

• Safety lock-out switch


• 20 inch scrubbing and cleaning path (50.8 cm)

• 1.5 hp DC rectified motor with all-steel triple planetary gear box

• 5 inch (12.7 cm) non-marking transport wheels

• Powerful 1.5 hp motor

• 50 foot safety yellow power cord (15.2 m)



17HD & 20HD

The CFP Pro ® 17HD and 20HD floor machines are rugged, high powered machines built for years of use in a wide range of applications. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety features, such as handle-mounted safety switch, and a 50 foot yellow cord, these all metal construction machines are designed for heavy duty use.


• All metal construction

• 1.5 hp motor with all-steel triple planetary gear box

• Pad Driver included with universal clutch plate

• Easy-to-use, fingertip controls

• Safety lock-out switch


• Available in 17 in and 20 in sizes (43, and 58 cm)

• 5 in (13 cm) non-marking transport wheels

• Powerful 1.5 hp motor

• 50 ft safety yellow power cord (15 m)

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com



Ultra Speed



The Ultra Speed burnisher series is ideal for hospitals, schools and areas requiring dust-free, quiet and fume-free operation, while producing a brilliant high-gloss shine.


Indestructible Polydur® mainframe

• Self adjusting pad pressure

Lightweight and easy to maneuver

Very quiet for noise sensitive areas - only 66 - 67 dB A


• 20 in burnishing path (51 cm)

• 1500 RPM on the US 1500DC model;

2000 RPM on the US 2000DC model

• 3 handle positions - floating handle latches over for compact storage

Ultra Speed Pro



The Ultra Speed Pro


1500 features a powerful DC rectified motor that drives a consistent 1,500 rpm’s to maintain a wet-look shine on finished floors. With easy-to-use fingertip controls and multiple safety features, such as handle-mounted safety switch and circuit breaker, and a 50 foot yellow cord, this machine gets the job done fast.


• Easy-to-use, fingertip controls

• Safety lock-out switch

• Handle-mounted circuit breaker

• All-metal construction


• 20 inch path

• 1,500 rpm produces wet-look shine

• Safety lock-out switch

• Quiet operation - only 68 dB A

Ultra Speed


20 & 20T

When the job calls for restoring your floor’s gloss, the Clarke Ultra Speed


20 battery burnisher outshines even its updated look. It features self-regulating pad pressure and class leading passive dust control, while being easy to operate and maintain.


• Self regulating pad pressure

• Non-traction or power traction drive

• Class leading passive dust control

• Easy tip back feature for convenient pad changes

• Standard onboard battery charger


• 20 in burnishing path (51 cm)

• 20T model has traction drive

• Wet cell or AGM batteries

• Polishing rate: 24,000 sq/ft per hour (7,315 m/hour)

• Quiet operation - only 68 dB A

27 in model shown

PBU Propane



propane-powered burnishers are available in 21 inch and 27 inch path sizes, so you can choose the best match for your productivity needs. The Dust Control Series offers superb dust control which is often critical for retail stores, office buildings, educational institutions, supermarkets and sports facilities.


• 21 inch and 27 inch size configuration

• Clean and efficient catalytic converter

• Optional Dust Control models with electric clutch and CARB Gard

monitor emissions

• Durable, rugged cast aluminum alloy housing


• Electric solenoid shut-off shuts off fuel when engine stops running

• Powerful 603cc Kawasaki V-Twin engines

• Balanced pad drivers reduce vibration and are flexible to follow the contour of uneven surfaces over floors

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com



Hip Vacuum & Canister Vacuums

Hip Vac

Confined and cluttered areas are easy to clean with the Hip Vac. The powerful motor and ultra lightweight design increase productivity by up to 74 percent compared to traditional vacuums.


• Above the floor cleaning

• Clean tight spaces around obstacles

• One size fits all padded velcro waist strap

• Five tools for every surface


• 50 ft safety yellow cord

• 4 ft hose, 2-piece wand, tool kit

• 3-level filtration system

• H.E.P.A. filter optional

Comfort Pak

The Comfort Pak backpack vacuum features an ergonomic frame for support and stability.

It’s lightweight, easy to maneuver and has an easy mess-free bag change.


• Very comfortable and lightweight with lots of capacity

• Unique harness design dramatically reduces operator strain

• Exhaust is directed up and away - keeping operator cool

• Ultra quiet 62 dB A


• Available in a 6 or 10 quart model (5.7 or 9.5 L)

• Standard 5 piece tool kit

• 50 ft safety yellow power cord (15 m)

• 4-stage filtration; H.E.P.A. is optional



The Clarke Saltix

10 is a basic, well-built, thoroughly reliable machine that can be counted on to do the job day in day out. It provides superior performance on multiple surfaces with a lightweight, sustainable design.


• 900 Watt motor

• 50 dB A sound level

• Filter basket standard for bagless operation

• 33 foot cord, rotating dust brush and crevice tool stored onboard

• Telescopic aluminum wand optional


• 33 ft (10 m) safety yellow cord

• 12 inch multi purpose – multi-surface floor tool

• Secure accessory and power cord storage and rear mounted wand and floor tool storage

• 4-level filtration system including H.E.P.A.


The VP600 features an easy-access magnetic closing lid and a large, step-on power button that’s easily accessible. It comes with a telescoping wand that picks up accessory heads without having to bend over.


• Extra efficient 800 Watt motor

• Ultra quiet 47 dB A sound pressure

(Power Boost 54 dB A sound pressure)

• Three levels of filtration standard, H.E.P.A. filter standard

• Power Boost for increased performance


• 2.6 gal (10 L) container

• 33 foot cord, dust brush and crevice tool stored onboard

• Easy-access magnetic closing lid

• Telescopic aluminum wand

• Passive floor tool for both hard and soft floors

Euroclean GD930

The Euroclean GD930 is our biggest, most powerful canister vacuum. It features a large 4 gallon dust bag, so your customers can vacuum longer without having to stop and change bags. The Euroclean

GD930 canister vacuum delivers superior cleaning performance.


• 4 gallon (15 L) dust collection bag

• Injection molded cover

• Durable chrome plated steel tank

• Dual mode floor tool

• Foot operated on/off switch


• 1,000 Watt, 1.25 hp motor

• Waterlift 89 inches

• Air flow 67 CFM

• 66 dB A sound level

• Three levels of filtration standard

Optional H.E.P.A. filtration

Standard tools include a combination brush/nozzle, 6 foot suction hose, dual mode floor tool, two piece wand and crevice tool.

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com


Upright Vacuums



Single Motor

The ReliaVac single motor upright vacuums are easy to maneuver, strong on power, and designed for fast, low cost serviceability. The ReliaVac gives you the power and pickup needed for all applications. All models feature large rear wheels for easy maneuverability and a clear fan cover for ease of visibility of any blockage. The brush height can adjust to six settings to work effectively on a variety of carpets.


• 4 models to choose from

• 7 amp motor

• 50 ft safety yellow cord

• Low cost maintenance

• Exclusive green fan with lifetime guarantee against breakage


• 12 or 16 in cleaning path

• Durable steel brush roller (12 and 12DC models) or high performance aluminum brush roller (12HP and 16HP models)

• Replaceable bristle strips and beater bars for versatile cleaning

• Removable clear fan cover allows for identifying and removing clogs

• Headlight illuminates work area (HP models only)

• ReliaVac® 12 DC model has an easy to empty dirt cup



100 Series Single Motor

The CarpetMaster ® 12 inch and 15 inch single-motor upright vacuums deliver affordable quality along with a high level of cleaning performance with its exceptional dirt pick-up and filtration.

A full complement of tools and user-friendly design features makes the CarpetMaster easy to use and maintain.


• Standard H.E.P.A. filtration

• Easy accessible tools and quick-draw wand

• Convenient handle grip on front of vacuum

• Easy maintenance features

• Innovative quick cord clip for simple cord management


• Available in 11.5 in and 14.5 in cleaning path widths

(29.2 and 36.8 cm)

• Powerful 9-amp, 2 stage motor

• 50 ft safety yellow power cord (15 m)

• Low sound level: 69 dB A



200 Series Dual Motor

The CarpetMaster ® 200 Series vacuums feature a powerful motor, onboard crevice and upholstery tools, quiet operation, H.E.P.A. filtration, bag indicator light, and a light handle weight! The motor is also conveniently located at the base of the machine, which results in a lighter handle weight.


• Standard H.E.P.A. filtration

• Easy accessible tools and quick-draw wand

• Convenient handle grip o n front of vacuum

• Easy maintenance features

• Innovative quick cord clip for simple cord management


• Available in 12 in, 15 in, and 18 in cleaning path widths (30, 38, and 46 cm)

• Powerful 9-amp, 2 stage motor

• 50 ft safety yellow power cord (15 m)

• Low sound level: 69 dB A

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com



Large Area Upright Vacuum




The CarpetMaster 30’s unique combination of productivity, clean-air filtration and off-floor cleaning capabilities makes it THE choice for your large area carpet cleaning needs. The 30 inch cleaning path and complete onboard tool kit make quick work of even the most daunting vacuuming tasks.


• 20 ft long reach off-aisle vacuum hose

• Maneuvers well with large 10 in rear wheels and front swivel casters

• 5 position carpet pile height adjustment

• Quickly vacuums large areas (10,000 sq. feet/hr)


• Dual motor, 1 hp motor

• Powerful 7 or 9-amp continuous duty motor

• 75 ft safety yellow power cord (23 m)

• Enclosed 1 bushel capacity hopper holds large amounts of debris

BextSpot Pro


Carpet Spot Cleaning System

The BEXTSpot Pro


provides a compact, lightweight highly portable tool for quick carpet or upholstery spot clean-up. With a 1 gallon tank, there is plenty of solution capacity for the emergency small jobs that present themselves in schools, offices, food service areas or healthcare facilities. With a powerful pump and vacuum motor, this very convenient machine gets the job done fast, and can then be stored away out of sight.


• Compact and lightweight

• Built-in transport wheels

• 4.5 inch clear hand tool to view soil removal with 8 foot hose

• 1 gallon easy-fill solution tank

• Removable recovery tank for easy dumping and cleaning


• 4.5 inch cleaning path

• Optional 8 inch wand, or 15 foot solution and vacuum hoses

• 1 gallon recovery tank (3.8 L)

• Powerful 30 PSI pump aids in deep cleaning spots

Carpet Extractors




Portable Extractors


portable extractors are the culmination of a major engineering and design initiative of Clarke that emanated from direct field input of cleaning technicians who used high performance portable extraction machines every day.


• Ergonomic design

• Unique transport handle design

• Handle on top of the tank

• Wand caddy for easy transport

• Oversized, rubber grip rear wheels

• Two front panel roller wheels assist in loading/unloading

• Extension cord wraps


• 12.5 gallon solution tank and 11 gallon recovery tank

• 15 foot vacuum and solution hoses

• Heater has lifetime warranty (100SC & 100H)

• Cold water extractor (100C)

• Single 5.7 inch, 3-stage vacuum

• 12 inch stainless steel scrub wand standard

• AquaWand™ optional upgrade


Heated Portable Extractor

The EX30

is the result of years of extensive engineering and design experience coming together with customer feedback to create one of the most powerful and user-friendly portable carpet extractors ever made.


• Roller handles for easy loading

• Upright dolly design for easy stair climbing

• Wand caddy for easy transport

• Low solution filling area for easy filling

• Low noise day-time-quiet operation

• Low moisture design


• 50-500 psi

• 12 gallon solution tank and 10 gallon recovery tank

• 15 foot vacuum and solution hoses

• Heater has lifetime warranty

• Dual 5.7 inch, 3-stage vacuum

• AquaWand™ standard

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com



Clean Track



The small footprint and straight-forward controls make the Clean Track 12 easy to operate, maneuver, and transport. The 12 inch cleaning path allows extraction in tight spaces such as elevators. The laminar-flow shoe and controlled water usage assist with faster dry times so normal traffic can resume without extended interruption.


• Compact, yet professional grade

• Ergonomically designed control handle

• Laminar flow vacuum shoe recovers moisture effectively

• Easy to fill and clean


• 5 gallon solution & 4 gallon recovery tank (15 & 19 L)

• 1.2 hp, 2-stage vac motor

• 25 ft safety yellow power cord (7.6 m)

• Total weight: 68 lb (31 kg)


16ST & 18LX

Building on Clarke’s 100 years of building durable, robust and effective cleaning equipment, the Clarke EX40 ™ 16ST and 18LX self-contained extractors provide you with a proven ability to clean carpets efficiently and rapidly.


• Easy One-Touch™ controls located on panel

• Ergonomic handle for improved control

• Full rotating handle adjustment (18LX)

• Brush and vacuum shoe removal without tools

• Front mounted drain hose

• Removable tank with stowable handle

• CRI Gold SOA Approved


• 16 or 18 inch cleaning path

• 9 gal solution tank (16ST)

• 12 gal solution tank (18LX)

• 1.5 hp, 3-stage vacuum motor, 120 inch waterlift

• Laminar flow vacuum shoe

• 50 foot detachable safety yellow power cord

• Optional integrated hand tool


Clean Track



Clarke Clean Track


L24 battery walk-behind carpet extractor provides superior cleaning capabilities to ensure your carpets are clean and ready to use fast! Featuring LIFT

(Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning) technology, the Clean Track L24 utilizes a patented spray system to achieve dry times of 30 minutes or less.



(Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time,

True cleaning) technology

• Deep-cleaning restoration mode

• Deep Treat

single-pass, pre-spray feature

• Onboard detergent dispensing


• 24 inch cleaning path

• 20 gallon solution & 16 gallon recovery tank

• 93 cfm (44 L/sec)

• Waterlift 70 inches

• 69 dB A sound level

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com



Air Mover


Air Mover

The powerful yet compact AM2400D

air mover provides the power and versatility to quickly dry floors and circulate air. A 3-speed induction motor with thermal protection delivers up to 2,400 CFM air flow while minimizing energy usage. Four position settings provide flexibility for directing air movement while the built-in power outlet allows for daisy-chaining up to three units for maximum efficiency.


• Three speed settings up to 2,400 CFM

• Four angle settings

• Onboard outlet for daisy-chaining up to 3 units

• Lightweight, compact and stackable

• Rugged rotomolded design

• Optional trolley kit with wheels and retractable handle for easy transport


• Air flow: 2,000 / 2,200 / 2,400 CFM

• 1,000 / 1,200 / 1,400 RPM

• 0.33 hp, 115 Volt motor

• Thermally protected motor

• 21 foot power cord (6.5 m)

• Weight: 22 lb (10 kg)

Tank Vacuums

Maxxi II

The Maxxi II ™ 35 wet/dry vacuum exceeds cleaning expectations with increased versatility, enhanced power and cost-efficient performance.


• Quality 3-stage filtration

• Powerful motor maximizes cleaning performance

• Accessories to help tackle diverse cleaning challenges


• 9 gallon tank size

• 50 foot power cord

• 1,100 Watt motor

• Air flow: 101 CFM

Summit Pro



The Summit Pro


18SQ offers great performance and value in a wet/dry vacuum.

The high capacity tank and integrated front-mounted squeegee assembly with rear foot pedal actuator allow high productivity water pick-up for big jobs. When you need tools that can pick up dust and get into tight places, there is a complete tool kit with 9 foot hose and rugged stainless wand.


• High productivity

• Integrated 24 inch front-mounted squeegee assembly with pedal actuator

• Includes 5 piece tool kit, 9 foot hose and stainless wand with onboard storage

• 10 inch wheels permit easy stair climbing


• 18 gallon tank capacity

• 24 inch cleaning path

• 2-stage vacuum motor

• Airflow at orifice: 95 CFM

• 1.17 hp motor

• 50 foot power cord

For a detailed look at machine specifications, see the product’s brochure on our website at www.clarkeus.com


All-Purpose Cleaner

TFC 400

The TFC 400 is a powerful and versatile all-purpose cleaner. Charged with 400 psi of power-spraying punch, the TFC 400 cleaner gives you the ability to blast away grit and grime without actually having contact with the dirt. With the 20 gallon solution tank and

13 gallon recovery tank, the TFC 400 cleaner gives you the ability to tackle the really big cleaning jobs quickly and thoroughly.


• T

ouch-free, all-purpose cleaner

• Small footprint for easy storage

• Compact, maneuverable

• Optional front mount squeegee

• Simple storage for recovery and solution hose

• Removable pallet contains all electrical components


• Solution tank capacity 20 gal

• Recovery tank capacity 13 gal

• Application flow 400 psi (1 gpm)

• 2 Stage 900 W vacuum motor

• Vacuum exhaust blower motor

• Water lift: 81 in

• 25 ft (GFI) power cord

Specialty Products

Dust Magnet

The Dust Magnet dry dust mopping system is the simple and modern way to clean a floor. The standard Dust Magnet floor tool and shaft has single or multiple sheets that easily attach to the single frame. The telescopic handle extends to 79 inches (201 cm) making it ideal for all hard to reach and overhead areas. The entire set up weighs less than 2 lb (0.91 kg)!

Dust Magnet sheets holds more dirt and cleans more surface area than any other disposable, dry dust mopping system.

Batteries & Accessories

The Clarke Battery Maintenance System

(CBMS) is not a charger, but rather a performance device designed to help lead-acid batteries charge faster, provide maximum performance and power, and maintain run-time over a longer life.

Part #







12V, 130 AH Wet Battery

6V, 242 AH, Wet Battery

6V, 310 AH, Wet Battery

6V, 420 AH, Wet Battery

12V, 86 AH Gel Battery



6V, 255 AH, AGM Battery*

6V, 312 AH, AGM Battery*

56380239 6 V, 140 AH, AGM Battery*

* If replacing a set of wet batteries with AGM batteries, call Clarke Tech Service for correct charger algorithm settings.





Remote Shelf Chargers

36 Vdc, 25A Charger 120 Vac

24 Vdc, 25A Charger 120 Vac

Clarke Battery Maintenance System

24V Clarke Battery Maintenance System

36V Clarke Battery Maintenance System

Clarke will double the standard Clarke


Battery Warranty to Three Years when the Battery Maintenance System is installed!


Providing Green Equipment for All Your Needs.

As more and more facility managers realize the benefits of environmentally-friendly and health-conscious cleaning,

“green cleaning” is becoming a growing movement in the cleaning industry.

As a leading manufacturer of “green” floor-cleaning equipment,

Clarke is committed to offering products that meet or exceed industry and government standards for green cleaning. Clarke’s knowledge of equipment and the industry can help you interpret green cleaning standards and assist with:

• Increasing productivity and reducing the cost of labor

• Reducing impact on the environment

• Improving indoor air quality

• Helping people live and work safely

Leasing Program

Clarke has relationships with two leasing companies a Dealer may utilize to help its customers purchase Clarke cleaning equipment. These leasing partners can provide end-customers with convenient, flexible, competitive-rate financing designed specifically for them. To learn how offering equipment leasing can benefit the

Dealership, contact the Company’s leasing partners.

This leasing program is only available in the US.

Leasing Partners

Marlin Leasing

Lisa Haught

856-505-4150 www.marlintoolkit.com/clarke

All Lines Leasing

Duncan Leighton

800-477-5855 www.all-linesleasing.com

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