Datasheet - Full Compass

Datasheet - Full Compass
Data Sheet
SMS3, SMS3-250
The SMS3 or SMS3-250 Smart Media Server is an intelligent audio source that plays music stored on its hard
drive and Internet radio in three independent output
streams. Through a multiroom audio system, it can play
the same or different selections in different rooms at the
same time.
The Media Server also stores and organizes digital photographs for presentation on a video display. The photos
can be shown individually or as slide shows and can be
combined with music.
An easy-to-navigate graphical user interface is used to
create themes and organize the music and photos. The
interface can be viewed on a TV screen or within a web
browser on a networked computer. It displays album covers, artist and album information, and song names.
TV or browser display of music selection screen
As an ideal music source for a Russound RNET® system,
the Media Server can be controlled from the system’s
UNO keypads or touchscreens, which display theme,
artist, and song title information. It can also be controlled
by IR remote control, from a computer, or through an RS232 serial port.
The listener loads music from CDs into the Media Server
through a built-in CD-ROM reader or transfers music files
from a connected computer. The listener can then organize the music into themes by genre or artist for random
playback or put songs in playlists for playing back in a
specific order. As the Media Server is used, its unique
Personal Media Assistant learns the listener’s music preferences for each theme and applies those preferences to
its automated song selection.
The Media Server has a schedule feature that can be set
to play themes at specified times. It can also pick up an
Internet radio feed at scheduled times of the day for news
or favorite programming.
With an Internet connection, the Media Server obtains CD
information from Gracenote® music recognition service
and album cover art from Muze® entertainment information service. This information, called metadata, includes
song title, artist and album name, and genre (rock, jazz,
etc.). When no Internet connection is present, the Media
Server checks the database loaded into its firmware for
CD information.
The Media Server is available with either a 160 GB or a
250 GB hard drive. To preserve catalogued music and
server configurations, Russound recommends making
periodic backups of the Media Server’s hard drive. An
external hard drive connects to the rear panel using a
USB 2.0/1.1 or FireWire IEEE 1394 interface.
Supported Media Formats
• MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV music, JPEG image
• Hard drive capacity:
• Compressed music:
• Uncompressed music:
160 GB
2650 hours
240 hours
SMS3 250
250 GB
4140 hours
375 hours
Audio Specifications
• Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.5 dB
• Signal-to-noise ratio: > 96 dB
• Total harmonic distortion: < 0.05%
• Audio outputs: 3 independent stereo streams
Included Accessories
• Power supply with universal input
(100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz)
• SMS3-RC infrared remote control
• 1 RCA composite video cable
• 3 RCA stereo audio cables
• Rack-mount ears
Physical Specifications
• Dimensions: 17” W x 1.75” H x 12.9” D
(430 x 44 x 343 mm)
• Weight: 12.02 lb (5.4 kg)
Video Output Formats
• Composite, S-video, VGA
Power Requirement
• 12 VDC, 6 A
Communications Ports
• RNET link in and out
• Front-panel IR receiver, rear-panel IR jack
• Mouse and keyboard ports
• Ethernet LAN port
• RS-232 control port
• FireWire IEEE 1394 port for external backup drive
• 2 USB ports for external backup drive
link ports
Media Server
theme selection
on the UNO-TS2
data port supply jack
Remote Control
video output
S-video RS-232
Organize and select music in a variety of ways
Image viewer controls display of photo albums
Since 1967, innovation, quality and reliability have been the core of the Russound product tradition. Today, Russound offers everything for
enjoying multiroom audio-video in your home. All distributed audio-video solutions are built to high standards and designed with the unique
consideration of making products that are a pleasure to live with and enjoy.
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