thermo-hygro weather station 1

thermo-hygro weather station 1
instruction Manual
Congratulations on purchasing the Thermo-Hygro Weather Station asan
example of superior design and engineering. The operation of this product
simple and straightforward and by reading this operating manual, users wil
gain the optimum benefits of all its features.
The Weather Station
4 ———Hanging hole
— Battery cover
Кеу у E 07 | \.
== LT =; Detachable stand
Temperature probe
. Indoor temperature reading with MIN/MAX recording
. Relative humidity reading with MIN/MAX recording
Weather forecasting with 3 weather icons
Weather tendency indicator
Outdoor temperature reading with MIN/MAX recording
Outdoor temperature probe with 3-meters cable
Wall mountable or table standing
Battery compartment
1. To set up, firstly open the battery cover at the back of the unit as
indicated above.
2. Checking the correct polarization, insert 2 x AA, IEC, LR6, 1.5V batteries
into the battery compartment and replace the cover.
3. Now check the Weather Station has received the temperature and
humidity readings on the LCD (the outdoor temperature reading will be
received from the temperature probe).
4. Once the readings are received, carefully thread the cable outdoors to a
suitable location and fix into place.
Now place your Weather Station onto a flat surface or hang it onto the walt of
your choice (see Wall mounting the Weather Station below).
Indoor o a
temperature С RH Indoor relative
in Celsius humidity in%
Weather Me Weather
tendency — € C3 ST forecast
indicator /TA |
{ Je |___ temperature
| . in Celsius
Immediately after inserting the batteries, all the segments in LCD screen will
light briefly, before displaying the indoor and outdoor temperatures and
humidity readings, and the sun with cloud icons.
Indoor temperature © a
. . RH |
in Celsius |
On the top line, left hand side of the LCD is the indoor temperature reading
and the Weather Station will automatically start measuring the indoor
temperature once the batteries are inserted.
o E
The indoor relative humidity display is next to the indoor temperature reading.
With this feature, users can determine how comfortable the relative humidity is
within their current indoor surroundings. Again, readings will automatically be
taken once the batteries are inserted.
Relative humidity in %
There are 3 weather icons on the second line of LCD, which can be displayed
in any of the following combinations:
-Q a
Sunny Cloudy with sunny intervals Raining
ohm Fo
For every sudden or significant change in the air pressure, the weather icons
will update accordingly to represent the change in weather. If the icons do not
change, then it means either the air pressure has not changed or the change
has been too slow for the Weather Station to register. However, if the icons
displayed is a sun or raining cloud, there will be no change of icon if the
weather gets any better (with sunny icon) or worse (with rainy icon) since the
icons are already at their extremes.
The icons displayed forecasts the weather in terms of getting better or worse
and not necessarily sunny or rainy as each icon indicates. For example, if the
current weather is cloudy and the rainy icon is displayed, it does not mean that
the product is faulty because it is not raining, it simply means that the air
pressure has dropped and the weather is expected to get worse but not
necessarily rain.
After setting up, readings for weather forecasts should be disregarded for the
next 12-24 hours. This will allow sufficient time for the Weather Station to
operate at a constant altitude and therefore result in a more accurate forecast.
Common to weather forecasting, absolute accuracy cannot be guaranteed.
The weather forecasting feature is estimated to have an accuracy level of
about 75% due to the varying areas the Weather Station has been designed
for use in. In areas that experience sudden changes in weather (for example
from sunny to rain), the Weather Station will be more accurate compared to
use in areas where the weather is stagnant most of the time (for example
mostly sunny).
If the Weather Station is moved to another location significantly higher or
lower than its initial standing point (for example from the ground floor to the
first floor of a house), remove the batteries and re-insert them after about 30
seconds. By doing this, the Weather Station will not mistake the new location
as being a possible change in air-pressure when really it is due to the slight
change of altitude. Again, discard weather forecasts for the next 12 to 24
hours as this will allow time for operation at a constant altitude.
Working together with the weather icons are the weather tendency indicators
(located on the left hand side of the weather icons). When the indicator points
upwards, it means that the air-pressure is increasing and the weather is
expected to improve, but when indicator points downwards, the air-pressure is
dropping and the weather is expected to become worse.
Taking this into account, we can see how the weather has changed and is
expected to change. For example, if the indicator is pointing downwards
together with cloud and sun icons, then the last noticeable change in the
weather was when it was sunny (the sun icon only). Therefore, the next
change in the weather will be cloud with rain icons since the indicator is
pointing downwards.
Note: Once the weather tendency indicator has registered, it will remain
permanently visible on the LCD.
| , ——— Outdoor temperature
| in 3 С in Celsius
———. ss +
The outdoor temperature reading is located on the bottom row of the LCD and
will automatically be displayed a few seconds after the batteries are inserted.
Temperature readings here will be from surrounding environment of the
outdoor temperature probe.
With each press, the LCD screen will alternate between the current, minimum
or maximum indoor temperature readings.
When this key is pressed and held down, both the minimum and
maximum recordings will be reset to the current indoor temperature
With each press, the outdoor temperature will alternate between the current,
minimum or maximum temperature readings.
When this key is pressed and held down, both the minimum and
maximum recordings will reset to the current outdoor temperature level.
1 70) The Weather Station comes attached with a removable
e table stand which provides the option of table standing or
wall mounting the unit.
For free standing, please attach the stand to the Weather
station base. Remember to ensure that it is locked into
place before releasing. Before wall mounting, please check that the outdoor
temperature probe can be placed outdoors from the desired locations. To wall
1. Fix a screw (not supplied) into the desired wall, leaving the head
extended out the by about 5mm.
2. Remove the stand from the Weather Station by pulling it way from the
base and hang it onto the screw. Remember to ensure that it locks into
place before releasing.
From time to time, resetting of the Weather Station is necessary, for example
if used batteries need to be changed, when the unit is moved to a new
location. To reset:
1. Open the battery cover and remove batteries from the Weather Station's
battery compartment
2. Wait at least 30 seconds and then repeat the procedures specified in
Setting up (above).
For best performance, batteries should be replaced once a year to maintain
optimum running accuracy.
Please help in the preservation of the environment and return
used batteries to an authorized depot
Extreme temperatures, vibration and shock should be avoided as these
may cause damage to the unit and give inaccurate forecasts and
When cleaning the display and casing, use a soft damp cloth only. Do
not use solvents or scouring agents as they may mark the LCD and
Do not submerge the unit in water.
Immediately remove all low powered batteries to avoid leakage and
damage. Replace only with new batteries of the recommended size.
Do make any repairs to the unit. Return it to its original point of purchase
for repair by a qualified engineer. Opening and tampering with the unit
may invalidate its guarantee.
Do not expose the unit to extreme and sudden temperature changes,
this may lead to rapid changes in forecasts and readings and thereby
reduce its accuracy.
Recommended operating
0°C to +50°C
Temperature measuring range-
Indoor -9°C to +69°C with 0.1°C resolution
(“OFL” displayed if outside this range)
Outdoor -30°C to +70°C with 0.1°C resolution
(“OFL” displayed if outside this range)
Relative humidity measuring range: 25% to 95% with 1% resolution
Temperature checking interval
Power source
Battery life cycle
(“---" displayed if outside this range)
every 10 seconds
: 2XAA, IEC LRE, 1.5V
о approximately 12 months
(Alkaline batteries recommended)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Weather Station
Detachable stand
Temperature sensing probe
160 x 30 x 99 mm
67 x 60 x 15 mm
3 meters (approx.).
The manufacturer and supplier cannot accept any responsibility for any
incorrect readings and any consequences that occur should an
inaccurate reading take place.
This product is not to be used for medical purposes or for public
This product is only designed to be used in the home as indication of the
future weather and is not 100% accurate. Weather forecasts given by
this product should be taken only as an indication and not as being
totally accurate.
The specifications of this product may change without prior notice.
This product is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children.
No part of this manual may be reproduced without written consent of the
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