Brochure - 6204 Wide Format Solution

Brochure - 6204 Wide Format Solution
Xerox 6204
Wide Format Solution
The ideal fit for
small spaces
and big projects.
Spanning the gap
From construction sites to crowded offices, now it’s easy to print, copy, and scan mission-critical documents
with the fast, affordable Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution.
The speed and quality you need . . .
The Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution
prints and copies up to 5 D prints per
minute—an amazing speed from an amazing
small printer. Need to turn hard-copy
drawings into electronic files? The Xerox
6204 provides scanning options that enable
the most complex documents to be
automatically converted to electronic formats
and stored where you need them—anywhere
on your PC or on your network.
Crisp, accurate copies and prints are critical
to your business. Innovative Xerox toner and
drum technologies deliver outstanding
image quality at 600 x 600 dpi for both
copying and printing operations. Although
the Xerox 6204 is a state-of-the-art, hightech wide format solution, it does not require
a high-tech operator. Even casual users can
easily navigate its intuitive menus and
touchscreen with minimal training.
With benchmark features, extraordinary
durability, rock-solid reliability, and a
competitive price, the Xerox 6204 offers
extraordinary value. You’ll maximize
productivity by doing more in less time.
. . . right where you need it.
The Xerox 6204 Wide Format Solution is
loaded with power, yet it requires very little
space. Roll the 6204 where you want it, even
up against a wall. The Xerox 6204 workflow
is fully operational within virtually any
environment. It is built to industry standards
and can be integrated with your existing
workflow and work processes to enhance
your productivity quickly and seamlessly.
A choice of
print servers
The Xerox 6204 gives
you a choice of print
servers that allows
you to create an
ideal solution for
your business—today
and as your needs
continue to grow.
The Xerox 6204 combines high performance
with the flexibility to handle just about any
job. It produces up to 5 D-size ppm. Output
size is 36 inches wide by up to 49.2 feet.
New drum and toner technologies produce
extremely uniform grayscales and solids.
With its rugged design and simple,
customizable touchscreen user interface,
the 6204 supports even the most demanding
copying requirements. Select collated sets,
choose between nine levels of copy density,
and save time with Job Recall.
The fastest on-board scanner in its class at
3 ips can save hours over the life of a project.
But scanning is just the beginning.
Optionally, the 6204 can provide conversion
of scanned files to electronic formats
enabling you to share, store, or print files
anywhere on your network. Save documents
in industry-standard formats: TIFF, PDF,
or CALS Type 1. Improve the look of
your scanned documents with automatic
de-skewing and de-speckling— even a less
than perfect original can be straightened
and cleaned—automatically.
Basic Print Server
The Basic Print Server is
integrated into the system
and gives you the power you need to productively print,
copy, and scan in an affordable and compact solution.
• BT Plot Assistant—Submit document sets with ease.
• Virtual Printers—Set up parameters to be used for every
job submitted to up to 100 Virtual Printers.
• Commonly used print settings do not have to be
re-entered into BT Plot Assistant.
FreeFlow® Accxes®
Print Server
• ScanTools, TWAIN Driver, and ScanViewer (with the
Scan-to-Net option) provide efficient and fast scanning
The FreeFlow Accxes Print Server adds
productivity-enhancing features to make the
6204 a more powerful solution than ever.
The Xerox 6204 makes it easy.
Simple, intuitive menus turn casual
users into experts. The touchscreen can
be customized to maximize productivity
in any workflow. And the 6204 features
keys that can be assigned to call up a
variety of specific menu functions with
a single keystroke.
• Concurrency—Receive and RIP a job,
print, scan, retrieve a previous scan,
and view the Web Printer Management
Tool simultaneously.
• Easy-to-use client software—Boost
productivity with tools such as the
Document Submit Tool, which makes
it easy to print complex, collated sets.
• Media mapping/auto rotation—Copy or
print any image onto any loaded paper.
• Copy from memory—Reprint the last
scanned job without rescanning.
• Sample copy—Print a portion of an
image for validation without printing
the entire print.
• Image Overwrite—Image files are
automatically erased for security.
Designed to work the way you work
Choose the Xerox 6204 that best fits your specific job and workflow requirements.
Printer only
Digital Copier/Printer
Change as your needs change
The Xerox 6204 is fully upgradeable so
you can minimize costs. Choose only
what you need today, then add capabilities
later as your business needs grow.
Printer options:
• Upgrade from one to two rolls
• Increase speed from 4 to 5 D ppm
Outstanding image quality and big
productivity in a small footprint—all at
an affordable price.
Digital Copier/Printer with Scan-to-Net
Adds copying capabilities through intuitive
menus and an easy-to-use interface.
Digital Copier/Printer with the Wide
Format Scan System
Basic Server options:
• Adobe® Postscript®
• Scan-to-Net
FreeFlow Accxes Print Server options:
• Adobe Postscript
• Scan-to-Net
• DWF Printing
• Accounting
• Image overwrite
Xerox Wide Format Scan System options:
• Increase scan speed from 2 ips,
to 4 ips or 7.3 ips
• Scan-to-Net
• Scan-to-Print
• Scan-to-FTP
• Color Scanning
A complete multifunction system that
offers full mobility of documents—from
PC to Printer and from Printer to PC.
Adds significant scanning capabilities
with options for color scanning.
Xerox Wide Format Supplies
Xerox Service and Support
Xerox wide format media and supplies are
designed to provide superior quality, performance and reliability. Because they are
optimized for use with state-of-the-art
Xerox digital printing technology, they are
the ideal choice for the Xerox 6204 Wide
Format Solution.
A team of Xerox-trained service and
support professionals are always standing by
to help you meet the toughest challenges
and make the most of your Xerox products.
Of course, the Xerox 6204 is covered by our
unmatched Total Satisfaction Guarantee, as
well as a number of innovative service programs and tools.
For more information on the Xerox 6204 Wide
Format Solution, call 1-800 ASK XEROX or visit
us on the Web at:
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