Getting Started
advanced Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Plug in AC adapter or insert four AA batteries (not included) into bottom of unit. Plug arm cuff into the main unit.
Date and Time Setting Option
To Set Date and Time Go To A. Or To Bypass Date and Time Go To B.
A Press START/STOP button once. The year will flash. Press MEMORY button to advance to current year, then press
to confirm.
Change month, day and time the same way. Unit will shut off when complete. BPress START/STOP button to turn unit on. The year will flash. Press START/STOP again
to turn unit off. You have now bypassed setting the Date and Time. Go to STEP 3 .
For more information on date and time setting, see pages 17-20 in the instruction manual.
Place cuff directly on bare skin of upper left arm, with cuff edge 1/2 inch above elbow.
Align cuff so the blue arrow is centered on the inside of your arm
with the tubing pointing down toward your hand. Close cuff snugly.
To use on right arm, see page 23 in instruction manual.
To turn unit on and take a measurement, press START/STOP button once.
The cuff will inflate automatically. Hold still until cuff deflates and results are displayed.
frequently asked questions
Q.W hy are my blood pressure readings sometimes different?
A. Your blood pressure changes constantly based on your daily activities
and time of day. Because of this, some fluctuations can be expected.
That’s why it is important to use averages over time to compare
readings. Because each person is different, it’s important to consult
with your doctor about what your numbers mean to you.
Q. W hy could my doctor’s reading be different than my readings
taken at home?
A. H aving your blood pressure measured by a healthcare professional in
a doctor’s office can cause nervousness and may result in an elevated
reading. Because these readings can vary considerably, you should
take your blood pressure on a regular basis at home and share your
results with your healthcare provider.
• F or accurate readings, sit quietly with feet flat on the floor and
rest for five minutes before taking measurements. Do not measure
within 30 minutes after eating, exercising, bathing, smoking or
drinking alcohol.
• To review readings, press the MEMORY button to scroll through
• To use the Advanced Averaging function and display averages,
see page 28 in the instruction manual.
• To keep your monitor in the best condition, follow the Care and
Maintenance directions on pages 31-32 of the instruction manual.
other important tips
The American Heart Association’s guideline for upper limit of normal home blood pressure is1:
135 mmHg
Please read the instruction manual for complete product information. Call our Toll-Free Consumer Help Line at 800-634-4350 for assistance with
your Omron product. www.omronhealthcare.com
1. Hypertension. 2008;52:10-29.
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