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Switch TV input
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why can’t I see anything on the TV, or my ScreenBeam Mini 2 keeps
Make sure your ScreenBeam Mini 2 and all its cables are securely
connected, as shown in the diagram. If this problem persists, connect
the USB power cable to the provided power adapter. Some USB ports
on certain TVs may not supply enough power to properly operate
ScreenBeam Mini 2.
How can I upgrade the firmware and/or configure my ScreenBeam
Mini 2?
Go to and click on “ScreenBeam Mini 2.”
Download and install the Configuration Utility, then connect to your
ScreenBeam Mini 2. Once connected, then you can perform a firmware
upgrade or configure settings for ScreenBeam Mini 2. Why is the quality of my video poor and/or I keep seeing skipped or
frozen frames?
This problem occurs when the wireless signal is weak or of low quality.
Try to change the orientation of your mobile device or position it closer
to ScreenBeam Mini 2 until you see the performance improves. If this
problem persists, unplug ScreenBeam Mini 2 from the HDMI port and use
the provided HDMI extension cable to connect ScreenBeam Mini 2 to the
TV, making sure that it’s no longer hidden behind the TV. P/N: 0530-0745-000
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