HeatSeaF H535 Turbo

HeatSeaF H535 Turbo
Product Data Sheet
HeatSeal H535 Turbo
Effectively bridging the ‘gap’ between classic ‘Office’
use and those who demand much more of
Features & Benefits
a Pouch Laminator! 1 Pouch thickness: laminates up to 500 Micron (2 x 250
Variable speed & temperature via easily controllable and adjustable Micron per side)
settings on the electronic display, the HeatSeal H535 Turbo produces 2 Speed up to 1000 mm/min
excellent laminates of all thicknesses of Pouch up to 250 micron per
side. At speeds of up to 1000 mm/min or approximately 200 A4's per 3 ‘Ready Glow’ light
hour or as many as 277 A4's per hour with GBC High Speed Pouches. It glows red when correct operational temperature is
® Lamination width* from ID size to A3 Max (324 mm
( ) 4 Digital Display: Pre-set temperature settings and 6
® 4 Roller design (2 Heated + 2 ‘Pressure’) speeds.
Keeps users constantly in control of speed and
temperature, the key factors of successful lamination.
Reverse mode: Anti-jam function to solve any miss-
feeding problems.
6 Large Exit Tray
Keeps the laminated product straight on exit minimising
curling and warping.
7 Only 3 to 4 minutes ‘Warm up’ period
8 Pouch Counter
® Variable Temperature (up to 2 x 250 Mic. (500 Total)) + ‘Cold’
setting 5
Variable Speed: 6 settings
Auto switch off
Digital display with 4 pre-set temperature & 6 speeds
* Lominoton Width is the maxinmem insert width
Use GBC Highspeed Pouches
up to 3 0% more speed
Pq 3
Technical Specifications
Photo quality Yes Pouch counter Yes
Heat-up Time (75 mic) — 3-4 min. Auto switch off Yes
Speed mm/min. 1000 Time to laminate 1 A4 sheet with 18 sec.
Temperature control Variable (Display) Standard Pouch
Cold Lamination Yes a an shal E80
Spesdoontrol | MC MA MS A4 Laminates / hr 200
Rollers 4 High Speed Pouches Yes
Max. Document size A3 Laminates / hr* 277
Max. pouch thickness 2x250 Micron (500 Total) Dimensions TBC
Ready Lamp No Certification GS / ТОМ / СЕ
Ready Glow Yes Weight TEC
Release Function No Power Consumption TBC
Reverse Yes Watts / Amps
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